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  1. If the belief that charging 5000Bt in fees/duties is the reason why people are not buying 5,000,000Bt properties, I think they may be barking up the wrong skyscraper.
  2. It was an analogue display (see pics above) although it is a bit odd that the rev counter did not get stuck
  3. Unless they get distracted by the even cheaper labour in Vietnam... And VN has nearly 50% more people. The competition is still nipping at Thailand's heels..
  4. And if you asked those same 12 million people the same question a year ago, you'd probably have got exactly the same response.
  5. The city of London has a Lord Mayor, separate from the London Mayor. And Westminster is not in the city of London, it is a London borough.
  6. Yellow and purple must be livid at being missed out in this panoply of colour.
  7. You need to sack your researcher as they are giving you some very crook figures. Here are the figures you should have read... https://fingertips.phe.org.uk/static-reports/mortality-surveillance/excess-mortality-in-england-week-ending-18-Sep-2020.html Note that from June 19 to August 7 there were negative excess death and since then the figures have been essentially back to normal. I expect the very recent spike may affect the figures but it appears that the lower numbers in hospital, better treatment (through greater knowledge) and better testing (even though still haphazard) has meant th
  8. So if the protests stopped tomorrow, the tourist industry would immediately recover then? Or is there something else affecting tourism currently? I think we should be told....
  9. Which has no bearing on pension taxation as it is not levied on pension payments. Pensioners pay no NI contributions on their pensions.
  10. You forgot to mention the thousands in tax they avoided by off-setting their pension contributions against tax (often higher rate tax). You also forgot to mention double tax agreements whereby you get to pay no tax on the pension in the resident country, if it is taxed at source. Such is the case with Thailand. Without that agreement, you can end up being taxed twice - at both ends.
  11. Do you get a free 747 with every 12 doughnuts?
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