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  1. That works well until you meet someone who actually complies with the UK driving ways. In the Highway code it states Rule 111 Never assume that flashing headlights is a signal inviting you to proceed. Use your own judgement and proceed carefully. All you need is 2 people, going in opposite directions, both thinking "what a nice polite man... CRUNCH".
  2. Never mind the cotton industry, check out Randolph Hearst and the story of his newsprint empire. Hemp makes nice paper, and is cheaper but Hearst already produced all the newsprint for the whole of the US and he wasn't going to let any competition even start...
  3. Lets do some sums... 1st 3 years to get 40 bailiffs costs 22.18m - cost per bailiff 184833 p.a. years 4 and 5 recruit a further 69 bailiffs to make 5 year total 316.98m. Cost of each of the new 69 bailiffs for 2 years = 2136232 p.a. - over 10 times the original. Using the first figure of 188K for all , 40 bailiffs for 5 years and 69 for 2 years totals 62.47m, making a nice spare 254.50m left over which could be returned to central funds
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