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  1. I imagine it will be dealt with like the UK. First they deny it, then they try and justify it, then they try to shut down any discussion by saying that they 'know' the public doesn't want to hear about it and lets move on.... Same words as Nixon used during Watergate and Blair after the illegal Iraq invasion.
  2. Not if you take no baggage and are prepared to take any seat.... I had a look and found some 99bt tickets around late July. There is a mystery 'Charge' of 254Bt and tax of 17.71Bt. Total 370.71Bt 15kg luggage - 355Bt extra, 'normal' seat reservation - 50Bt. Their price is their fare, without taxes, luggage allowance of 0kg and sit where they put you.
  3. https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/06824659/officers https://commandojoes.co.uk/ Been going 10+ years with nothing apparently untoward.
  4. a) You can get tested in UK b) There are thermal imaging cameras checking temperatures. Rather more accurate than a 20baht plastic toy thing.
  5. The UK never owned Hong Kong, it was ceded to Britain as part if the reparations of the First Opium War when the British took China to war as it didn't like them trying to stop the massive trade in Indian opium the Brits had established. Being pretty greedy, the Brits didn't like that so started a second opium war (in conjunction with the French) which they also beat the virtually unarmed Chinese again. Britain was later given a 99 year lease which ended in 1997 when HK was returned to China, who then established the one country/two system.
  6. Perhaps its the proposed new exchange rate - 193.88 to the $
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