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  1. I thought one of the early replies would have been to check the batteries in the remote? Too obvious...I suppose?
  2. "I don't really want to move as I am happy where I am and why should I move anyway???" You might want to re-think that statement. 1 1
  3. Why do you think an open and public forum is the correct platform for discussing this personal and private matter...not sure the good lady would be too impressed?
  4. I'v seen many an episode of programmes like "Kitchens from hell"...in the West that would make urine in the cooking look pretty mild (particularly in food that was handed back with complaints).
  5. You can get the form to do the "change of ownership) at the Friendship store (beside Tuk Com) if you don't want to go out to the DLT. Some other book stores stock them too.
  6. I was given a website address for the same query for Ireland.. www.mywelfare.ie Maybe have something similar for the UK like... www.mywelfare.co.uk
  7. Reminds me of the years I spent in bars (before I had to give up the booze). When we had run out of stuff to talk about somebody would pipe up..."What was your favourite movie" ...That would keep us going for about another 4 hours. My other half was always asking me.. "What you guys talk about all day in the pub"...and I'd tell her..."We're sorting out the problems of the world".. To which she'd reply ... "Why don't you start by sorting yourselves out first" ? Just shows you how little the other half understands the important work we men have to do while down at the local.
  8. I took it the OP meant that he has no way of knowing if his landlord actually did bother to do it online....Too late finding out if he hadn't when standing in the IO.
  9. The more similar another person's... "Sense of Humour".. is to my own.. the closer the bond is between us... That goes for G/F.. Wife...or just male and female friendship. I miss my Ex. desperately because she grew to know, share and understand my S.O.H totally (even though she eventually did the dirt on me big time).. I really miss the constant, almost all day, laughing together. I had a male friend who died last year here. Even now, he's almost daily in my mind. When I hear of see something funny that I know he would have loved too. Sometimes, I automatically think..."I'll msge. him that tonight later. PS.. I'v heard people say "Thai people would never understand Farang's SOH ...Wrong!.. they can pick it up if that way inclined to begin with. My type of humour is full of "Ironary"...but still "she who had to be obeyed at one time".. still picked it up.
  10. Why do people ask questions like this...for what purpose do they seek to know the answers?
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