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  1. dotpoom

    What island is closest to the mainland?

    If not Samer....then maybe Goh Lan (from Ballyhigh Pier).
  2. Up until about 2 years ago a Pizza big enough for one person cost me 79 Bt. in Bang Saray...in a very nice restaurant.
  3. You can have your name added to the Chanote stating that you are a "sitting tennant", say for 20 years or whatever. That way she cannot sell the house without your signature (within that 20 yrs.).
  4. Quite a few "holier than thao" posters on here. I'd gladly fork out 200 Bt. to avoid all the messing of having to go to a police station to pay a fine before having the clamp removed?
  5. "but i think you need to declare it coming back to the USA because more than $10k, if traveling with friend or family you can divide it up. " I had thought it was up to $20K without declaring it....then was corrected on here that it had changed to $15K....now you say it's $10K...?
  6. dotpoom

    User Site Issues 2019

    Very good....I probably would be considered "old" at 69 but not doddery...thank God. If you live to reach the same age as myself you may realize that is a cause for celebration (rather than derision) considering the fact that you will have most lightly overcome many tough obstacles along the way....and more sadly....lost a few friends who were not so lucky.
  7. I would have assumed the OP doesn't have all the finance available to him to pay off the loan in one lump sum...that's why they are paying it in instalments?
  8. dotpoom

    Stray dog/puppy what should I do?

    "Do you know what that’s called in China? Dinner... Joking" Not only China...look closer to home?
  9. dotpoom

    Time To Call It Quits.

    I must be half asleep....here 18 years (one day at a time) and see no difference to my daily life from day to day?
  10. "I’d like to remind all foreigners that their stays and businesses in this country have to be legal,” Surachate said. “We’re watching you." While I understand the sentiments....IMHO...the tone of it wouldn't exactly make a person thinking of coming here for a long or short stay...feel very comfortable.
  11. Methinks your "alert" should have been placed at the top of your piece...rather than at the bottom.
  12. dotpoom

    Cycling and Health

    Is'nt there "cycling" shorts than many cyclists use...with extra padding around the crotch area?