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  1. Don't think one has to carry passport anymore everywhere they go.
  2. "In a restaurant, i do not penalize the server if the food is crap." Not what the conversation is about here. People are suggesting if the caddy is "not up to par" then maybe give them a bit less than the average. They are not suggesting if it is a bad golf course then give the caddy a bit less?
  3. Isn't he saying that it is tourist shops restaurants that have been targeted?
  4. In my country too (next door neighbour)..we called it the "Holy Hour"...and 3 hours on a Sunday.
  5. Never used them myself, but I agree with you ..the price quoted by the OP seem very average ...if not even a bit on the low side from what I've heard from people who use agents.
  6. I am so glad I read this lenghtly OP...but not for the reasons one might think. It has brought home to me how much I owe to the fellowship that I have been a member of for the past 47 yrs (at times I take it for granted). One of the most beneficial principles I learned was how to live my life "one day at a time"...(in the present moment). I try to never forget that every new day is the beginning of a new life for me..to be loved, enjoyed and cherished...every day above ground is a gift (for me)...I try not to keep one eye in the past and the other in the future...leaving me "crosseyed" today. The 2 nd. most valuable lesson I learned was "not to take myself too seriously". ...As the man said about life..."Don't bother taking off your coat...we're only here for a short time". What I'm saying is...of course I wonder if I will be affected by whatever comes down the line...but situations are not the problem ...it is my attitude towards them that can be the problem. I can make them as big as I want or as small as I want ...depending on my attitude towards them. Either way ..I do not worry about controlling situations I have no control over...I "adapt" to them ...and let the "law of the Universe" guide my way (some people may call that God).... Just like the birds know when to migrate and the leaves know when to fall from the trees...in the same way I am confident that all will be ok. PS...I also am aware that for me, Immigration concerns are "luxury problems" when one considers the plight of the hungry, sick and impoverished that try their best to exist from day to day in this world of ours. PPS ..Appologies for my own not too short post...a wave of "gratitude" came over me for all those people I owe so much to.
  7. Looks like the 800,000Bt. only has to be lodged for 5 months according to everything I have read, not 6 months. Under the old rules it had to be lodged for 3 months prior to the application being made (except for 1st. time applicants, which was 2 months). Now that appears to have been changed to two months (which surprised me) and for the next 3 months after receiving your extention.
  8. Is this really a thread about someone putting too much air in your tyres?
  9. Problem might be that many of the guys who bought the houses are older men (young wouldn't have the money). Probably won't be around for another 20 yrs. (including myself).
  10. "It's just like christmas that is abused for sales purposes only." There's your answer?
  11. The opposite sinario.... A friend of mine died recently. He was told by the medical professionals here that there was nothing wrong with him (had been feeling poorly). Felt so bad he flew home ..was dead a few weeks later ...cancer....RIP.
  12. You were certainly blessed. Reported on here recently that a man died having done the exact same thing.
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