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  1. KhunHeineken

    Security Monthly Quality Rollup will not install.

    Not interested in W10 until the stop support of W7.
  2. KhunHeineken

    Security Monthly Quality Rollup will not install.

    The laptop doesn't have a DVD drive. I tried repair off microsoft's website, but it said I had to contact the manufacturer, despite entering a legitimate license number. I tried with a USB stick, but I think you have to uninstall SP1 before you can go down the upgrade path. The laptop came with SP1 preinstalled, so i wasn't keen to uninstall it. Not that I could find it in the list. You are right, a fresh install would have taken less time, but I took it as a challenge and didn't fancy reloading everything.
  3. This one is for the IT gurus. I have conceded defeat. For three months I have not been able to install the Microsoft Security Monthly Quality Rollup. Other Windows Updates install fine. It's only the monthly roll up that will not install. I have Windows 7 Home Premium on a 3 year old laptop. The computer is running fine, except for this problem. I have tried resetting windows updates, repairing windows, and uninstalling all windows updates for 2018. SFC / Scannow found a corrupt file. SFCFIX named that file as iesysprep.dll. I have read I can replace this file with a good copy from another machine, but I do not know how to do this. I have turned off Firewalls and AV and tried to install, but this did not work either. I have tried a manual install from the Microsoft Update Catalogue, but this didn't work either. I have three computers. They all have pretty much the same software. It's only the one laptop that has this problem. The Windows Update Error number I receive is 80073701. Other information on the internet is to uninstall language packs, When I go to lpksetup.exe I get a Runtime Library error that doesn't let me see what language packs are installed. If there is another way to view language packs, and uninstall languages that are not needed, please let me know. I only see English through the control panel. I tried this lpksetup.exe method on another computer and found Hindi was installed, which surprised me, and I uninstalled it. I can not use a system restore because about 2 months ago I thought I had fixed it, so deleted previous restore points and created a new one with the fix. Then, the problem comes back. I haven't seen the green colour Windows is up to date box for a long time. I have spent hours on this, and tried so many things. So many, I can not remember to list them all. I would like to find a fix, other than a fresh install. I am open to all suggestions. Thanks. KH
  4. KhunHeineken

    Home CCTV what type to buy?

    Do you own your property, or is it rented? If you own it, you can go for a hardwired set up. If you are renting, I would go with a wireless set up. A wireless system is easier when it comes time to move, and doesn't involve drill holes and running cables in someone else's property. Swann Security have a lot of DIY kits.
  5. KhunHeineken

    Skype update awful

    I had to concede as well, but not before trying for a good hour to remain on Skype Classic. I liked the interface where those contacts who were online were at the top of your contact list, followed by phone numbers and those offline. Now, you have to select these different categories separately. Strangely, I have an android phone that I did something to months ago, but I forget what, and the Skype update doesn't even appear in the Google Play Store updates anymore. I wish I could remember what I did, because I have a new phone and would like to stay on Skype Classic for as long as possible.
  6. KhunHeineken

    Skype update awful

    So, I woke up this morning and booted up my desktop computer and signed into Skype. I could not get any further than a forced upgrade pop up. I Googled around, but there was no new hack to remain on Version 7. I am now on Version 8, and I don't see any difference to the woeful Version 8 that was released last year. I then booted up my laptop, signed into Skype, and the exact same process started. It appears Microsoft had started the roll out back in November 18, and are in fact, stopping the use of the older versions, as they said they would do. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, does anyone have the hack to remain on Version 7? (Skype Classic)
  7. KhunHeineken

    Hotmail on a smart TV?

    Does he have a flat screen TV? If so, it will have a HDMI Port. What about he keeps the TV, and just adds a cheap Chinese android box for around 1500 baht? He can plug in a keyboard / mouse combo, also cheap, connect via WiFi, and he's good to go. If he's not on the internet much, why do an expensive upgrade on a TV? Also, the android box it portable, so he can take it with him if / when he moves. If he's due to upgrade his TV, sure, get a new smart TV, but if his current TV is fine, why not just add an android box?