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  1. This is the part I don't get. Say there's a wall plate with with an LAN port on the wall in a condo. I would have expected that you plug this product into that wall plate, and then coming out of this product is a LAN port that you plug your computer or a router into. That's not the case. This just plus into your router. It's not in between the internet feed and the router or computer. It probably has software inside directing all traffic through it, but I would have expected it be a pass through type device.
  2. I don't think so. It plugs into a port on your router and you are good to go.
  3. Ok, but connecting the 64 port switch doesn't in itself overload the router or harm the system. Is this right? Is all that will happen is slow speeds, with no harm being done to hardware?
  4. I can get one for cheap, with some subscription. I run antivirus on my devices that have operating systems, but with things like the CCTV NVR and the like, you can't run any antivirus on them. I thought this is where this thing would come in, or so it advertises. I have a question for you. If I was to plug one of these into a router in a condo, that gets its internet from a main hub downstairs, will it just scan my condo's router / network, or scan the whole condo block's network? Maybe a question I need to ask Trend Micro.
  5. Are you sure it's not some sort of trial? I thought the free Windows 10 promotion ended a long time ago. As a side question, does Windows 7 Home upgrade to Windows 10 Home, and Windows 7 Pro upgrade to Windows 10 Pro? I am putting off my upgrade until later in the year, but have thought about upgrading earlier.
  6. So I've heard, but was wondering what they have by way of long term accommodation, restaurants, and bars down there, for expats. None of them are posting on TV.
  7. After some thought, if you don't have to go inside the bank, they would probably send an OTP to your old number, to effect the change to the new number, so I'd still be in trouble. Do you you if any banks in Thailand have those little dongle things that you press a button and get an OTP code number? 'm wondering if these can be used as a back up.
  8. Have the businesses that were in SHV moved down there to cater for them? What sort of accommodation are they in down there? Where are you going in India? Goa, perhaps?
  9. Update: I eventually found the other switch. I plugged it into a second port of the router and plugged some devices into it and everything worked well. Thanks for the information. In one switch I connected all the devices I need connected 24/7, and in the other switch I have the devices that I would unplug if I were going away for a while, so this makes unplugging those devices simple because there is only one ethernet cable to disconnect them all. Just so I know, OneMoreFarang said you can have as many ports as your like on a small domestic purpose router, it's just the ammout of data flowing through the network that matteres. Is this correct? Like, can I connect a 64 port switch if I wanted to, and connect 64 devices to it, but if all of those 64 devices downloaded very little data, or were not going to be used at the same time, would the system still work?
  10. They do look cheap and nasty, but being so cheap I have ordered a couple. I'll test the speed with one connected and if there is little or no drop, I'll leave it connected. Who knows, it might do something. If there is a big drop in speed, I will throw them away. I have already lost a ethernet card during a storm on a cheap Chinese android box, but it could have easily been my computer, or modem. I don't have any available structure going to ground. Even the plumbing goes into plastic. I gather the power boards with the ethernet surge protector work in the same way as these units, so probably no good either.
  11. What about I have2 pre paid sim cards. One is my main sim card, with all my contacts, and for daily use. The other one I keep as a spare, just will little money on it. If the main sim card is lost or stolen, doss any one know what is involved with changing your phone number in your online banking? Do you have to go into the bank to do it? I am only think of when I am outside Thailand and need the online banking with OTP to pay bills.
  12. I've been getting into bit of home automation, with a lot of these devices that are connected to the internet, being unable to run any anti-virus software. I am using ethernet cable for as many devices as I can, but some are also connected via Wifi. Trend Micro have a new hardware product that covers the whole network. I was just wondering what the members that know a lot more about computers and the internet than me may think of it. Is it a gimmick, or worth the money? This is a link to the product. https://www.trendmicro.com/en_us/forHome/products/homenetworksecurity.html This is a Youtube explanation. Any thoughts?
  13. I have an 8 Port switch connected to my router. I'm actually running out of ports. I prefer to be cabled than use WiFi. Everything from an android box to a CCTV DVR, plus the usual desktop computer and a few other bits and pieces. My switch, and the other 3 ports on my router, are nearly full. My question is, just how many ports can you put on a good domestic purpose router? I have been to some small hotels where I can see they have a pretty standard router, and it goes into a 16 or 24 port switch. Is this ok? I mean, the internet worked fine, but the hotel wasn't full. I don't need that many ports, but I think I will be a couple of ports short in the future, when add another smart TV. If they make a 12 port switch that will be fine, otherwise I will get a standard 16 port switch and have a few ports free. At what stage do you overload the router and effect performance? I have heard of a load balancing with the internet. Is there a problem plugging 16 ports into one port of a router? Is there such a thing as port balancing? Is there anything else I should consider?
  14. I was last in Sihanoukville about 18 months ago and I am familiar with the place. I have heard all about the over development by the Chinese and the infrastructure that can not keep up with the development. I have heard about all the extra casinos being built and the associated money laundering, or getting the money out of China that is happening. I have read and heard that the Chinese have basically taken over Sihanoukville and how the place has changed dramatically. I have decided to go and see this destruction with my own eyes. I am prepared to be shocked by what I will see, and what I can no longer see there anymore. I have been told that many bars, casinos and restaurants do not allow westerners inside. I'm not a gambler, so going to a casino is not an issue for me, unless there is a nice bar or restaurant inside that a member may recommend. Can anyone recommend some places that do offer a cold beer and a decent meal to westerners? I have booked a hotel but it's not the place I usually stayed at when in Sihanoukville. It is, or was, on Serendipity Beach. In fact, a lot of nearby places are also either fully booked out by the Chinese, or have been knocked down and redeveloped, so I am staying Downtown. I am only staying for a few days, just to see what has become of the place. Any current advice would be appreciated. Things like, what's the best beach, if any, for a swim now. What bars are still around, normal bars or girly bars. Maybe the name of a reputable motor scooter hire place. Yes, I have heard the roads are terrible now. Perhaps some information on what or where to stay away from now, as I have heard that crime has gone up as well. Also, any hotel that has a swimming pool and/or a gym that charges a fee for a non guest to use for the day might be handy to know. Please don't post things like "don't bother going." I have booked my air tickets and hotel, so I am going. I do not look upon it as a holiday, more a been there, saw it for myself, never going back type trip. I don't expect to be having a relaxing time there. Thanks in advance for any advice, current information and suggestions. KH
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