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  1. Vietnam is progressing very quickly. No doubt about it. I think the "no visitors after 10pm" rule is to stop what the Chinese and Indians do in Thailand. That is, one person checks in, and then 10 people sleep in the room. Also, to stop the young guys having balcony parties and making noise.
  2. The topic is Pattaya v Sihanoukville, and there have been many posts and photos showing have quickly Sihanoukville has changed, and not for the better. Although a little off topic, I would like to say, the new kid on the block, as you describe Vietnam, is also changing quickly, but they are building it bigger and better in Vietnam, which also includes infrastructure, to support there rapidly increasing tourism industry. The growth in sihanoukville Cambodia should not be compared to the growth in Danang Vietnam.
  3. Some of the older Vietnamese guest house or hotel management may put the girl's name in the book, under a different room number, but you don't book two rooms, and more importantly, you don't pay for two rooms. I was in a relationship with a Vietnamese girl for a while. We traveled around Vietnam a little. Not once was I told I had to book and pay for two rooms. The subject never came up. We did both have to show our ID, which neither I, or my girlfriend, had a problem with. In the past, what you describe did happen, but I have never experience it.
  4. Check out my thread on the Cambodia Travel Forum.
  5. Amazing photos. I only saw minor flooding when I was there, and I suspected it wasn't rain water, it was sewage. Lucky I wasn't trapped in a flood like in your photos. I frequently had to shower with the bucket and scoop because of water shut offs, and had some sleepless nights in a hot bedroom without even a fan, due to power blackouts. Both of these were normal for Sihanoukville in the past, but now they are longer, much longer, and a lot more frequent.
  6. This link should work. https://www.smh.com.au/world/asia/china-s-takeover-of-sihanoukville-is-almost-complete-despite-base-row-20190805-p52e44.html
  7. This link should work. https://www.smh.com.au/world/asia/china-s-takeover-of-sihanoukville-is-almost-complete-despite-base-row-20190805-p52e44.html
  8. Many expats in Vietnam are married to a Vietnamese national. They get a 5 year multiple entry visa for around $50USD, no other hoops to jump through. For those not married, a short visa run once a year, which is usually back to one's home country, or a nearby country for a sporting, cultural, festival or shopping event, is a small price to pay for not having to put up with Thailand's bureaucratic, time consuming, and expensive visa crap, and yes, I count the wasted 800k / 400k in the expense, not just the 1900 baht. The visa run cost is well and truly covered, and then some, by the lower cost of living in Vietnam.
  9. A recent article in an Australian newspaper. https://www.smh.com.au/world/asia/china-s-takeover-of-sihanoukville-is-almost-complete-despite-base-row-20190805-p52e44.html
  10. A recent article from an Australian newspaper. https://www.smh.com.au/world/asia/china-s-takeover-of-sihanoukville-is-almost-complete-despite-base-row-20190805-p52e44.html
  11. A recent article from an Australian newspaper. https://www.smh.com.au/world/asia/china-s-takeover-of-sihanoukville-is-almost-complete-despite-base-row-20190805-p52e44.html
  12. How hard would it be to have the rule, "No Passport - No Entry." All foreign passports gain entry, all Thai passports refused entry.
  13. The thing is, it's not happening slowly. It's happening extremely fast.
  14. I was last in Sihanoukville about 18 months ago and I am familiar with the place. I have heard all about the over development by the Chinese and the infrastructure that can not keep up with the development. I have heard about all the extra casinos being built and the associated money laundering, or getting the money out of China that is happening. I have read and heard that the Chinese have basically taken over Sihanoukville and how the place has changed dramatically. I have decided to go and see this destruction with my own eyes. I am prepared to be shocked by what I will see, and what I can no longer see there anymore. I have been told that many bars, casinos and restaurants do not allow westerners inside. I'm not a gambler, so going to a casino is not an issue for me, unless there is a nice bar or restaurant inside that a member may recommend. Can anyone recommend some places that do offer a cold beer and a decent meal to westerners? I have booked a hotel but it's not the place I usually stayed at when in Sihanoukville. It is, or was, on Serendipity Beach. In fact, a lot of nearby places are also either fully booked out by the Chinese, or have been knocked down and redeveloped, so I am staying Downtown. I am only staying for a few days, just to see what has become of the place. Any current advice would be appreciated. Things like, what's the best beach, if any, for a swim now. What bars are still around, normal bars or girly bars. Maybe the name of a reputable motor scooter hire place. Yes, I have heard the roads are terrible now. Perhaps some information on what or where to stay away from now, as I have heard that crime has gone up as well. Also, any hotel that has a swimming pool and/or a gym that charges a fee for a non guest to use for the day might be handy to know. Please don't post things like "don't bother going." I have booked my air tickets and hotel, so I am going. I do not look upon it as a holiday, more a been there, saw it for myself, never going back type trip. I don't expect to be having a relaxing time there. Thanks in advance for any advice, current information and suggestions. KH
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