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  1. I could kinda see Doi Suthep from the Night Safari area about 20 minutes ago, but it's disappeared again. At least the air quality has gone down to a mere bright-red 'unhealthy' level- the wine-colored 'hazardous' reading was getting old.
  2. I didn't know- I just happened to notice it and thought I'd give a head's up to anyone who might be interested (it seemed like a good deal- had it been one of my rarely-seen faves like Rold Gold pretzels I would have just bought all of them). The shelf was full, so it looked like it was fresh stock.
  3. This is from the Mae Hia Market Rimping- they had about a dozen 2-packs. I didn't buy any (the sign could have said, 'Free- help yourself' and I wouldn't have taken any...), but I know the stuff is popular among some people on TV.
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