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  1. flare


    Well, it looks like that worked, and sooner than they expected.
  2. flare


    I'm friendly with the owner of my gym, so he keeps me informed. If it weren't for that, I'd (like you) have little info as he hasn't updated his FB page either. I do know he's gone from mai pen rai/jai yen yen to angry over it, as he and others expected to be allowed to open (at the least with a lower capacity of members able to use the gym at any one time) with the most recent order, and they were very surprised when they were still told to close.
  3. flare


    Gym owners (and I'd imagine owners of other businesses still not allowed to open) met with CM officials today to plead their case- they hope there will be new rules allowing them to open on the 15th. Who knows how it's gonna go...
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