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  1. I've driven the Everest- it's a nice vehicle, but I don't want a pick-up based SUV as I want a different suspension and a benzine engine option (I believe the Everest only comes with a 2.0 diesel these days)- it's super-roomy, but a but bigger than I need (it's closer to the CX-8).
  2. There are also some leftover, never-been-registered (meaning the warranty starts as if new) 2018 CX-5 top-spec models (with the 2.0 engine) in the dealer network- except for some minor changes (like a sunroof, which appeals to me in Thailand about as much as a robotic arm that pops out of the steering wheel and hits you in the nuts), it's nearly identical- I'm also looking at one of these if I can work a steep enough discount. If not, I'll go for a 2020. I should note I also drove the top-spec MG HS (a friend just bought a base HS and said I should take a look as he really likes it), which is aimed at the CX-5, but for just over 1m- the interior was really good- the two-toned seats looked great (the Mazda interiors are kind of dead looking), the electronics and large touch-screen were excellent, and the engine was actually better than I expected (the turbo-lag mentioned in many reviews wasn't bad at all)- that said, it's sprung so soft I couldn't deal with it, and the wife in the (extremely roomy) back seat practically got tossed to the opposite side from which she was sitting during fast lane changes- I took one quick turn, and the body roll was significant- where the Mazdas were 'tight', the MG was 'loose'. It's too bad, because for the price I REALLY wanted to like it... With better suspension, the HS might be worth buying at its current price (though that's said without the benefit of knowing how the HS holds up after a few years)- MG has upped their game a bit with it, though they're still behind Japan in overall quality. If you're out kicking tires and you're near an MG dealership, take it for a ride just for the hell of it. The CX-5 is way better, but it should be for another ~500k.
  3. Yeah- I test-drove the top-spec CX-5 with the 'big' engine (231hp) as well, and I definitely agree that the 1.85m price was way more than it was worth (though it was nice, of course). I'm gonna try to get them to deal a bit on the 'Skyactiv 2.0 SP' version currently at 1.56m (I need all the safety bell-and-whistles, though more for the wife than me). They're not selling many SUVs since the shutdown, and they might give a bit more than they usually would. While the atmosphere the last few months has been pretty bad, it's a good time to buy a car as dealerships are pretty hungry.
  4. I test-drove the CX-30 today- I really liked it, and the top-spec (~1.2m) has a really good safety/electronics package- the issue I had with it was the same thing that's noted in the reviews (which are mostly very positive), which was the small rear seat. My wife is only 155cm, and she wasn't able to get comfortable in the back (and she's not a complainer). If I were single or didn't have a kid to transport (as well as the occasional full-sized adult) in the back, I think I would have bought it- it handles well, the 165hp the engine puts out moves it along just fine, and overall it feels 'tight'- it was just too small for my needs. I'm likely going to buy a CX-5 (I like Mazda and have owned them in LOS before with good results) as I need a bit more space, but that CX-30 is a really nice vehicle (much better than the CX-3, IMHO)- it looks good, too.
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