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  1. If those numbers are correct, this demonstrates that UK really is not a democracy anymore.
  2. ...perish the thought .... Krungsri have been very good to me over the years. Opened savings account on retirement extension without raising an eyebrow. Not sure about your 30 day exempt, maybe better if you had the non-O at least. No matter what your situation, get internet banking sorted immediately - before you walk out of the bank. That might be the only way to get your money out as your circumstances change and new, previously unknown rules come into force. If you end up with a savings account, make sure you do at least one credit and one debit transaction per month to stop it being "frozen", possibly when you are out of Thailand and unable to attend personally to reactivate it - a trap I fell into.....
  3. Ask the person asking for the reference letter what he wants it to say, then find a way to comply, or change banks
  4. Change your bank, rinse, repeat to avoid further headaches
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