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  1. 1 hour ago, Peter Denis said:

    TM30 compliance has NOT been cancelled.

    According to thai law, the owner or possessor of a place (be it hotel, guesthouse, rental condo, girlfriends house, etc.) has to notify Immigration within 24 hours of a foreigner arriving and staying at the place.  Failure to do so can result in a fine of 2.000 THB per foreigner/night not reported.

    But this is seldom enforced (I have not seen any reports of owners/possessors being fined for not having reported a foreigner).

    HOWEVER, some IOs require that this TM30 notification was done (providing evidence of the place where the foreigner is staying) when the foreigner applies at the IO for a service that requires his address (e.g. an extension of stay).  And some even go so far as to deny the service requested as well as fine the foreigner (800 THB to 1.600 THB) when the owner of the place where he is staying has not filed that TM30.

    So you can be in trouble when your local IO enforces TM30 compliance (not all of them do) and the owner of the place where you are staying has not filed the TM30 of you staying at that premisse (e.g. the house owner being abroad or in another province, and cannot be reached).

    But fortunately there is also the option that you can register on the IO TM30 website ON BEHALF of the owner, or as TENANT of the (rental) place, and filing the required TM30s yourself.

    It is not difficult to do (if you know how) and doing so you would be in compliance with the TM30 law.

    But obviously if your local IO does not enforce TM30 compliance there is no need to do this.

    Here is just 2 examples of the Thai property owner being fined 


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  2. Just last month i had cataract surgery on my right eye , Rutnin eye hospital wanted 160000 baht for the Symfony multi focal lens and extra 25000 baht for the actual surgery and follow up . I went off to Chulalongkorn hospital and for the same procedure with the exact lens etc the total including everything was 63000 baht . Top class service and at a very good price . Cheers 

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