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  1. First many thanks for all advice and feedback. Today my wife went to do my 90 day report at Udonthani Immigration and she asked if when we return from holiday in the UK if it was necessery to fill out a TM30 form. The Immigration Officer informed my wife that it is not necessary and that it is only required if we move permanently to a new address. We are both glad for this advice given by Udonthani Immigration. Good luck to all with eventual TM30 reporting.
  2. First many thanks to all for great help. I have decided to get a fully refundable onward ticket from Thailand to the UK and then when I get my Thai Elite Visa I will get the money back, I will aso get necessary documentation from Thai Elite to show in Singapore just in case. My reasons for getting the 20 Year Extension for 1 million THB (50000 THB/year) are as follows: I can thank God afford it, for me it is less than half of one months monthly pension based on a bad exchange rate. I have experienced and learned that Immigration Officers can make up their own rules and can ruin a persons life or cause significant hassle and stress, I believe that this type of Visa will limit this significantly. I am 65 soon and have had 20 years of terrible stiffness problems and stress so I want to use now every opportunity to have a happy, stress free comfortable life (the unlimited meet and greet service for international flights and fast track certainly helps with this). I am a Dowser and it pendles that my soul still desires for me to be in this class room (Mother Earth) after I am 85 years of age (each to their own in what one believes of course and I realise that this may sound crazy to some). I like discounts and a lot are provided with this Visa. I dont like going to Immigration Offices so now I will not have to do this for the next 20 years (my wife will do the 90 day reports for me). The present new Retirement Extension laws locks between 400000 and 800000 in a Thai Bank for 365 days, I now have the freedom of using this money as I see fit. I believe the laws will continuously change or be changed by the will of the Immigration Officer and I do not want that stress any more. If my dear wife passes before me when I have a Marriage Visa Extension I can still stay here with no stress. Good luck to all with your Visa Extensions. My 2 Cents
  3. Many thanks Ubonjoe and all others for all help. I did consider doing a border hop however the thought of having to go to Chaeng Wattana to get the Visa as opposed to a nice one night stay in Singapore with the Thai Elite meet and greet service at Suvarnabhumi Airport and getting the Visa at Suvarnabhumi Airport made me go for the latter option. To be even more on the safe side I will contact Thai Airways and see if they can put a message when I book the tickets that can be read by Thai Airways in Singapore explaining why I do not need a return ticket from Thailand.
  4. I am a British Citizen at present living in Udonthani (approx 15 years) on a Retirement Visa Extension and will be getting later this year a Thailand Elite Superiority Extension valid for 20 years (5 year renewable Tourist Visas x 4). To be able to get my present Single Non-O Visa and Retirement Visa Extension cancelled I plan to travel to Singapore (Thai Airways) to stay one night from Suvarnabhumi Airport and be met by the Thailand Elite meet and greet staff both during departure from Suvarnabhumi Airport and return to Suvarnabhumi Airport with my Thai wife. When I check in with Thai Airways at Changi Airport in Singapore I will no longer have a valid Visa to stay in Thailand and I will also not have a return Ticket from Thailand so my question is will I be allowed to board the flight to Thailand? I plan to take with me documentation (approval letter for 20 year Thailand Elite Superiority Extension, confirmation email for the meet and greet service at Suvarnabhumi Airport, etc) proving that I will be getting the first of four 5 year renewable Tourist Visas in my Passport. Many thanks in advance for any help.
  5. I am a British Citizen married and living in our own house in Udonthani which I have a Superficies for life (obtained a long time ago) registered on the Title Deed and I also have a Yellow House Book. On the 28th June we arrive back in Suvarnabhumi Airport from a UK holiday and we will stay then 1 night in the Airport Novotel Hotel to relax before travelling back to Udonthani on the 29th June. My question is do we still need to fill out a TM30 form. or is it sufficient that the Hotel does this? Many thanks in advance for any advice.
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