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  1. Hello Alf Huy sorry this was meant to be a reply to your Post. Very sorry to hear this I recommend keep trying my wife really struggled first with getting the address on the ID Card, also she had to put my first name first in Thai and then in English in Brackets and then do the same with my surname, she also used her mobile number and not mine (she owns both numbers as amazingly I cannot have a post paid with no work permit) however with perseverance she managed. Good luck.
  2. Many thanks for all help when we go abroad hopefully next year I can still use my Norwegian Driving License if problems with the Thai License.
  3. My wife fortunatley after many attempts, bouts of impatience and anger managed to book my appointment on 24 June in a goverment hospital using my Thai pink ID Card. She was asked which hospital I had previously used and selected one of these. Thai pink ID Cards now serve an additional purpose good luck to all.
  4. I will be renewing my 5 year Thai Driving Licence this month in Udonthani and was wondering if any members with Thai Elite Visas have managed to renew and get a 5 year Thai Driving Licence. Many thanks in advance for any help.
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