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  1. + taxes, of course!! They can hide all sorts of additions in there.
  2. Some years ago, they tried to organise a public bus system, which lasted for only a few months. I can't see this huge project getting off the ground with any success either but they did it in Bangkok, so maybe there's some hope?!
  3. Ah! Yes!! First let's get our sweaty little hands into the 70 million baht 'feasibility study', then we'll find a way of making 'real' money from this huge project!!
  4. I'm always sceptical of forecasting figures, especially to be so precise as 1.69 Trillion Bt. It is obvious this is just a mathematical figure that someone's calculator just threw out without any common sense being applied. I don't believe the figure but would it not have been more acceptable to put 'approximately 1.70 Trillion'? No one can be so precise about a future figure! Round it to the nearest 5 - would be much more believable.
  5. Well, he's got nothing else to do!!!????
  6. How did you know?? Yes, exactly the same!!!!!
  7. You are so right! Do you think the criteria has anything to do with brown envelopes?? Just a guess, of course & it just might be what you're thinking of??!!
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