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  1. I'm normally very positive, but I think the number of "129,000 foreigners to visit Phuket" is little over reality, when taking the facts into consideration, hereunder wristband and other limitations. The expected visitors are supposed to come from mainly USA and Europe, as Chinese are more or less out of the question due to their 3-weeks quarantine upon return to their home-country, and the Russian vaccine is not yet approved; and with the long distance from Europe and USA the airfare is not among the cheapest. Most European people that I know wish a holiday to be a slightly better
  2. Wow... When looking at the picture from the rehearsal, do they really expect that many incoming foreign tourists from Europe and USA to come on holiday in July to wear tracking wristband; and no alcohol served; and no pubs open; and with Covid-19 test on arrival, and two more within a fortnight...
  3. No, I'm smart enough... Just like prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha that stated on national TV this evening that Thailand will fully open in October, he also didn't mention a year...
  4. According to the news articles, you don't have a choice other than accept what is offered. At the moment only Sinovac and AZ vaccines are available. If you wish to choose another, then Moderne will be an option in private hospitals from October.
  5. I all the time got the impression that the tourists should both be fully vaccinated and test negative, and had to stay a period on Phuket, first one week, later extended to two weeks, and still test negative before they were allowed to continue. I my modest view it's pretty close to quarantine, or am I missing something...
  6. Google might be a better way to search Thaivisa forums, there are several recent threads about sin sod... Sin sod query - Marriage and divorce - Thai Visa Forum 14. feb. 2021 — Sinsod is outdated and is not part of your culture. As an American Father my responsibility is to pay for my Daughters wedding when the time ... Crazy sin sod - Page 5 19. mar. 2019 Crazy sin sod 13. mar. 2019 Sin Sod - Page 4
  7. No, not at the moment. You'll need ASQ quarantine in Bangkok or ALSQ in Chonburi. But there has been suggestions about domestic transit for Phuket in a dedicated area of the airport for some special dedicated transit-flights for Phuket, but to my knowledge it's not yet finally confirmed.
  8. Vaccination status for the Southern islands pr. 14th June...
  9. It's not as simple as that. Your wife from third country (i.e. outside EU/EEC) can get permission to stay with you in Denmark, but there are a number of things that she shall fulfill; a kind of point-system, where Danish husband and the wife don't need to fulfill all, however some are mandatory, but must be able to pass a number of them. Things that counts are for example that the wife can speak the Danish language (pass a test); and having an income of her own of a certain level, but still in level with her qualifications (i.e. education); if for example her income is too high com
  10. I don't think so, foreigners register through Samui Immigration, as the checks if you live on the island. We should all have been vaccinated between June 1st and June 8th, but due to some had taken the boat from the mainland and registered for vaccination on the island, everything was cancelled, and a new app for registration through the immigration office was established. But you can anyway try if you can register using the app via the QR-code in above posts.
  11. Samui is little different, as being one of the early sandbox models together with Phuket. The goal is to vaccinate 70 percent of everybody on the island before end of July. All foreigners on Samui can register using the QR code and the app for the purpose - details in earlier posts above - it actually works fine (so far)...
  12. It's depending of your home country, as only the 3 month visa is an EU/Schengen matter, whilst extensions. longer permission to stay, and permanent residency are local national matters. Some countries are said to be fairly easy to get permissions in, whilst others can be extremely difficult. In my Danish home country the authorities some times deport Thai wives, as they are very strict about conditions for long term stay and permanent residency; a number of Danish men actually decided to move abroad, as it was too difficult to get residence permission for a wife, it's an ongoing pr
  13. Haven't we most of the time been reading about October 1st as the sandbox model opening for Pattaya...
  14. It says "...29,700 foreigners have now cancelled plans to visit Phuket", so total must be 59.400, I presume...
  15. Looks then like it's only been paid one time, perhaps the other money was for tea-money for VIP-service...
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