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  1. –And when someone is searching in "Thai visas, residency and work permits" they won't find this post – however, they do now, seems like an admin or moderator kindly moved it...
  2. Around 25 percent is a good guess, that's what I've just been charged by a shipper.
  3. How did this thread about Samui Immigration ended up in "Thailand Motor Forum"?
  4. A Honda Click is not something special, easy to rent almost new bikes of that model for a reasonable fee, so not worth buying when only needed 3-4 month a year, and on top having the hassle of storing it, and find someone to take (good) care of it. Renting it out might make you (very) disappointed when get it back – and in the crystal bright light of hindsigt you might realize that you should have rented instead.
  5. Exactly, it really seems like it's the borders that shall be protected, and quarantine at present kept for all entries. However, give it a few more weeks to check if any more new domestic cases appear – could be till end of the month (June 2020) – just to be safe.
  6. Seems like expats suddenly have increased their value, perhaps time to ease some regulations for the "good guys" among the long time stayers...
  7. Yes, allowed to sell alcohol, but guest cannot drink it on the premises, only allowed to be sold for "take away"...
  8. Is 50 percent capacity a problem, when there are no one to sit down...
  9. Thanks, but I have no fear – and I don't do U-turns, apart from the walking path in the nightlife area if the girl(s) I passed are too gorgeous – and I don't mind facial or other recognition, it actually makes me feel safe that somebody know where I might be lost; I liked since many years ago all the cameras when regularly visiting London, made me feel safe there...
  10. I have with great satisfaction used Dan Auto in Nathon south – might be what you call Lipa Noi – but I presume it's not worth recommending them. There's also a Dan Auto in Maenam, but I preferred the one in Nathon, but same owner. I know one poster that recommend an auto repair shop in Chaweng Noi, I unfortunately don't know details.
  11. I think we were quite a number back in the 60s that didn't understood to appreciate the value of John and Paul's composition work – not to forget the producer George Martin's influence – at that time, even we would sing along on the themes, and know the lyrics by hearth. I also find The Beatles' songs better now, than then; whilst then, I found Rolling Stones – and numerous others – more fascinating than The Beatles...
  12. –and find terrorists, murders, rapers and other criminals. If you got nothing to hide, I don't see any reason to fear...
  13. CCTV is great for safety – I often feel that those against CCTV in public areas must be the same ones that have something to hide...
  14. The stopped using traffic light, as traffic runs better without them, Bophut-Fisman Village intersection is a good example (apart from comparing with the long periode with road work). In Nathong the traffic light was changed to a roundabout. The incinerators – the should be two – is a different story, and probably also budget...
  15. So I also heard for many years and was happy that I only play my home country's Lotto, until I finally checked facts, and realized that the Thai lottery has better odds... Luckily I've never been addicted – spend equivalent to $2 a week to win $1,000,000 or (much) more, depending of jackpot – so now I have about $100 a year to play the stock market instead...
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