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  1. Go to a hospital, for example Thai International Hospital (TIH) opposite Tesco-Lotus in Bo Phut, and ask for a health check for retirement extension of stay. The hospital knows, what it is. TIH charge 250 baht, it takes about 15 minutes – they check blood pressure, heart beat, height and weight; and a short doctor's consultation where he will listen to your lungs – you don't need any prior agreements, just walk in and register in reception. It must be done within in week before application for extension of stay. The image is my certificate from TIH for 2020...
  2. This statement might have some "investing" in village farm land to think twice...
  3. Saturday beach fever and soi up-date... A fairly crowded Ark Bar fairly at 9:40 pm... Close by was a loaded Paradise Bar with live music and fire show at 9:42 pm... One more bar with music and some customers, and space for more, a bit further north – I don't know the name – at 9:43 pm; yes, I'm either a fast walker or the clock in my phone slowed down... Soi Green Mango at 10 pm, with customers in Viking Bar, but otherwise an empty alley, as always by 10 pm with Hush and Green Mango Club ready to welcome the party-crowd, just as it
  4. Yes, Powerbuy in CenFest is open and has a selection of printers – and there are also some in BigC in Bo Phut – but mainly ink. I remember that I've recently seen laser a printer there, but cannot remember which model.
  5. No pre-registration available, only by gift or inheritance; i.e. the mother will need to make a will, as child/children only inherit 50 % without a will. But you can buy the land in your daughter's name under guardian, typically a parent. When having land registered to a minor's ownership, it can be extremely difficult, if not impossible to sell/transfer the land, or have servitudes declared like lease, mortgage, superficies and/or usufruct.
  6. A travel insurance is not a health insurance, it's a "travel insurance". You will be repatriated to your home country as soon as possible, if something serious happens. Furthermore you need to check small prints about duration for each covered journey; some annual travel insurances covers journeys of certain length only, but you can do more than one journey during the year.
  7. Other international news articles today talks about 2024 as the time when tourism will be normal, like before Covid-19.
  8. The recent list for retirement extension on Samui... All photo copies need to be portrait – except maps – and not stapled. All copies must be signed. Heath certificate need to be from hospital, not clinic. Many of us use Thai International Hospital opposite Tesco-Lotus in Bo Phut (Chaweng), just ask for retirement extension health check, it will costs you 250 baht and shall be from within 7 days before application for extension of stay. You don't need prior agreement... You can get all updated information in the local forum's pinned thread here...
  9. The officially Thai $100k Covid-19 insurances are not depending of age (up to 99 years), but of origination. You can find official insurance HERE.
  10. Very sensible; the costs of too fast reopening – and a new lockdown due to spread of virus – could costs a lot more in both finance and life, than keeping strict border control, and probably a vaccination passport together with a negative test for incoming visitors without the need of quarantine...
  11. Because a shared "rainy day" emergency account work both ways, in case something happens to either party... It's of course a question of faith and trust, but from experience it has worked perfect for me during so far little more than 15 years – one ATM card is even held by my Thai girlfriend's family, in case something happens to both of us – if the money is in an account with one name only, it might not be helpful in any case; i.e. if something happens to the spouse and only she has access to the account.
  12. I got no problem with joint accounts (two names) and ATM-cards, even two cards for one joined account; but I'm using Bangkok Bank and SCB.
  13. Using the ATM as quick as possible for access to some – sometimes needed – cash is often talked about among Thai-wifes, but there will be a limit per withdrawal, and a daily maximum limit like for example 100k baht. It might be weird if the deceased use the ATM up to a week after passing away, even when believing in ghosts and spirits... Normally a bank shall freeze an account when notified about the death of the account holder. The solution is making a Thai last will, and as there is (at the moment) no inheritance tax in Thailand, using the ATM, as long as it's possible
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