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  1. Are you aware that a foreigner cannot just own land in Thailand? You might find some stocks on SET (Stock Exchange of Thailand) in property business, stocks are easy to buy NVDR (no voting rights as foreigner), and easy to sell, by opening a trading account for example through a Thai bank. Physical land can be difficult, and a long lasting process to sell, when you wish to cash in from your investment. The land will not be registered in your name, and using the company limited-method to "own land", you only own 49 percent of the company's shares, and furthermore have co
  2. And what happens if just one of the free movers inside the resort tests positive?
  3. I fully understand your considerations, I also had many thoughts before I dared to do the jump, i.e. selling everything at home and move out into the unknown, which after all was not more unknown that I had spend a few years commuting between my home country and the amazing Land-of-Smiles. I’m happy that I dared to take the jump, and I’m still happy here, 15 years later. If it can inspire you, here is what made the move a success for me, and my experienced to recommend to others. Being single is in many ways great, at least for some time, and for some it’s g
  4. You write "Private limited company vs limited liability partnership" in your headline, but PLC means "Public Limited Company", in Thailand it's however called "Pcl" for "Public Company Limited", which is a company listed on a stock exchange. You probably think of "Co. Ltd.", i.e. Company Limited, which is a normal limited company where the stocks can be held by private persons, or juristic persons; in Thailand minimum three shareholders of which foreign shareholders cannot own more than 49 percent of the registered shareholder capital. Limited Partnership is "a partners
  5. A few days ago the news talked about an additional order of 35 million doses, but perhaps that "additional order" was the 35 million that have been talked about for ages, i.e. since early January... March 3rd... January 8th...
  6. Perhaps I should walk Samui's beaches more often...
  7. Your's opinion, but Samui is better than Phuket, and close enough to Phangan to visit, even by day trips – OP has already made up his mind, and is asking specific about Samui – it's a question of personal preferences, just like some likes the mom, whilst others prefer the daughter...
  8. It's my impression that those, who are sharing a room, are either pals travelling together, or someone you befriend underway; however some people that are sharing a room, share it with a local, but that's not to save rent...
  9. Walking is doable, but there might be many obstructions on some of the side walks, and walking from Bo Phut (Fisherman Village area) to Chaweng (which is also in Bo Phut district) is quite a distance, that might feel longer if walking on roads with bad, or no, sidewalks, like the short cut from Bang Rak to Chaweng. However, you can easily get used to it, and for example as I do, always walk against the traffic, so you see what is coming towards you (apart from those Thais driving in the wrong side of the road). Many sidewalks look like this... The Ring Road has qui
  10. I'm also 180 centimeter tall, which is not tall at all in my Scandinavian home country. Main problem is street signs, but many signs in general, and also some market stall. However, not a problem, you get used to it; and it only hurts in the beginning, when you learn to bend your head the hard way...
  11. As @phetphetsays, the area by Chaweng Lake, 2nd Road, is quite cozy, for example for afternoon exercise... –And there is often a fine afternoon-evening market also... In evenings, and so far until midnight, the locals (mainly Thais) hang out and listen to live music in Old School Bar by the southern end of the Lake... –whilst foreigners, and some free lancers, are found in Black Bamboo pub, next to the nightlife area behind Central Festival... I drove down Chaweng beach road two days ago, and it's still as deserted as the vari
  12. After 6 pm you only have the choice of "rip-off charter ones", or "rio-off" taxis, or for example using Grab taxi-app, which might be cheaper and even the same car, as the "rip-off" taxi. "Rip-off"-price is about 500-600 baht, normal daytime (6 am to 6 pm) songthaew price I'm not sure of, but probably less than 100, most likely 60-80 baht per person; there shall be a price list in the car, but always check and agree price first...
  13. Both Chaweng and Lamai are dedicated areas into tourism, and both areas are if not completely dead by their beach road areas, then fairly dead. Chaweng area would be the most alive, just you get to second road it's quite alive due to local life and some expats, but not fully alive as it would be normally. Chaweng has the benefit of Central Festival shopping mall where you among others open shops find a good supermarket, Tops, that also sells affordable ready made dishes. There are also some few restaurants open in the beach road area but not many, and I don'
  14. If you have no problems in explaining the source of funds if asked, you should have no problems transferring them in one lot. Transferwise gives you variety to choose from in the drop down menu. Today it's equivalent to $50,000 you need to declared when transferring funds into Thailand, earlier it was for a sum equivalent to $20,000. Thai banks might also have questionnaires about knowing their customers and whitewashing, especially when you engagement comes over a certain size, so you might be asked about that when doing larger transfers; I'm regularly asked to fill one out, like every
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