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  1. For us Scandinavians it's down more than 25 % from the time, when is was a good exchange rate – an income cut of 25 % if you are living from a regular smaller pension can easily make it difficult in the last part of a month. But looking at the bright side of life, this so-called "utterly bad" exchange rate at the moment, is 10 % higher compared to a period about 17 years, and also 10 % higher than when I first visited Thailand in 1987, so in a way we shall be happy...
  2. Red at top, green at bottom, and still different colors to a colorblind.
  3. Not that island wide that it covered my area – I came home little before 4 am, still power, and checked mail and news till slightly after 5 am, still power. The girls woke up at that time to prepare for a tempel visit, no power cut – but at the morning market there were no power; it was so cozy, just like in old time, each stall had a candlelight or two... There are several underwater power lines to Samui now, one major one comes it at Maenam, and power is re-distributed from there in lower voltage high-voltage lines. Two or three older high power underwater cables come in the southern part, the original transformer station, and is re-distributed from there. I think it would be unlikely that all three or four cables, and both transformer stations, are serviced at the same time... Not a nice warming for a Sunday, no Thaivisa access...
  4. Nobody because the bank Thai not rent money to foreigners retired and if you not rent money you be rich man. This is the majority the peoples around the world not only Thai peoples don't will know You don't need to borrow money, to be short of money during the last half of the month; money exchange rates can easily cause that, just ask some of the long staying Brits...
  5. I understand "blind", but wonder who color blind is such a big problem...
  6. Wonder how many retired Thaivisa members are in a similar situation...
  7. Local outages has nothing to do with an underwater cable that supply a major part of the island. It's rainy season, and during rainy season one shall expect power cuts due to weather conditions; wet palm leafs, and other trees, touching electric cables has been mentioned earlier as a cause. The power supply has however improved a lot, both due to more high power lines, and probably better maintenance, and the extra supply to the island by the new underwater cable to Maenam Power Station. I can clearly remember how it was before – just about a decade ago – with multiple short cuts only lasting seconds, but long enough to spoil sensitive electric equipment without UPS, and almost daily local outages from a hour to a couple of hours. Also the voltage stability is much better now – i.e. more reliable around 220 volt.
  8. I just answered with my experience about obtaining a tax-ID in another thread... In principle you are tax resident when staying 180 days a year. All foreign income brought into Thailand the same calendar year as earned are income taxable in Thailand. Foreign income brought in the following calendar year after earned, or later, are considered savings and tax-free to bring into the country. If you have foreign income, then you need to check if your home country and Thailand has a double taxation agreement (DTA). You can find the list of countries here, including links to the DTAs. You can read more about DTA here. I believe most expats living of foreign income officially live from savings. However, there might be other benefits from having an income tax-registration and being tax-resident, including advantages in your home country; you need to check the DTA between Thailand and your home country. For some countries, non former governmental employees shall officially pay income tax of their retirement pension in Thailand, even tax has been paid or withheld in their home country. Double taxation can appear, so it's important to check with the DTA about how to handle this, when registering for Thai tax ID. A British homepage for example says: Source and read more "QROPS in Thailand: Should you transfer your UK pension?"
  9. To my knowledge, you need to file for a return for interest tax at the local revenue department. 15 percent Interest withholding tax on high interest accounts is not new, and it's not paid into a specified tax-holder's account. You might need to show proof – bank book – of the withheld tax. I'm not sure if you need to be registered as income tax payer to claim interest withholding tax back, others have before posted about claiming interest tax paid back without mentioning Tax ID-number registration. Earlier we aliens where also withheld 1 percent withholding tax on normal bank account, but that has been void for foreigners since some years ago. The new withholding tax thing is 10 percent on dividends from mutual funds, the so-called "Fund Books", including the earlier tax-exempt LTFs. If you have a Yellow House Book, and thereby a Thai ID number, then that number is your TIN (Tax Identification Number); but you still need to register for income tax. I was trying to register within the last month – however for another reason than Thai interest tax – it's very difficult if one don't have a work income; I'm here on retirement-extension of stay. They wouldn't register me, including talking to "someone important" by telephone call to Bangkok. I went back another day and showed my pink ID-card, and a print of that I has sold a few Thai SET-shares with a profit, and then a local "someone important" office manager herself kindly registered me, and I got a tax-ID sticker, which is the official proof for income tax registration. Within the last month an article in the news section of Thaivisa said that 12 million are registered as income tax payers – out of a population of more than 65 million – and only 4 million pays income tax. No wonder, they won't even register us...
  10. That is not a visa, that is "extension of stay based on retirement"...
  11. No, Thai company, but I think it might depend of business, size of company, and location. I was also surprised at frist, but later realized that some Thais are very well paid.
  12. Yes there is... Source: Royal Thai Embassy, Consular Section.
  13. There is a "Thailand Salary Guide 2019" here – managers with 5+ years experience typically from 80k baht a month and up to 200k (or more?), there is no salary mentioned for managers with less than 5-years experience (however, don't presume they work for free)... My next door Thai neighbor is a manager (but not hotel), and he makes more than 300k a month. Might be that less experienced managers, and some foreigners, can be found for (a lot) less plus room and board...
  14. Renewed one year extension of retirement stay based on non-O today, no health insurance requirements, and not on the list either. Stayed here on non-O extensions since 2006. To my understanding – and there has been a lot of confusion between OA and O visa – the insurance requirement is when you apply for a non-OA in your home country; in some countries also officially called "retirement visa" by the Thai embassy. Non-OA is only issued in a limited number of countries. Non-OA has the benefit, compared to non-O, that one is grated stay for one year without any visa run re-entry needed. However, one can still leave and re-enter multiple times with the one year visa period, if so wish, and if last re-entry is just before expiry of visa date, one is still granted one year of stay can stay in the Kingdom, so totally one can stay for almost two years, but not leave and re-enter during the last term. Applying for annual 1-year extensions of stay is probably better when just using a normal 3-month non-O visa, which can be obtained from one of the neighboring countries.
  15. Who is registered as House Master? It's the House Master that signs TM30 as landlord, where I live (on Samui).
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