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I am from Denmark. Came to Thailand first time as tourist on a roundtrip in 1987. When visiting Chiang Mai I felt that this was a place I one day could live. However did not have a change to come back to Thailand before 2001, when friends dragged me down south to a small fairly unknown island named Samui – admit I rather would have stayed in Bangkok – but I did go there, and as many before me visiting “Paradise”, I did not wish to return home. Had to come back again and again, and did the permanent move in 2005. However, I of course checked some of the other famous locations, like Hua Hin, Phuket, Pattaya – also parts of Isaan – and revisited Chiang Mai, but Koh Samui was, and still is, it.
Now living a life like in a dream: Wake up every morning in “Paradise” with a stunning view to sea and archipelago – yes, it is my view at the photo – and enjoy my life together with my lovely Thai girlfriend, and our little daughter. Still sometimes scared that it’s nothing but a dream, and I shall wake up a snowy and freezing cold winter morning back home.
My Background:
I have been pro rock musician a few years back in the happy hippie age – yes, the avatar is a photo of GF(s) and me in the glorious summer of ’69 – touring with circus, and worked as stage manager at a theater. As I was educated in aircraft navigation and flight planning, I spent nearly 10 years with operational planning for an airline. Then more than 25 years as self-employed in the music & sound business – recording studio, producer & publishing, unit manufacturing (vinyl, tape and discs), distribution of professional sound systems, broadcasting; also TV and Internet – until that day came when I thought: »Is it worth working so hard to pay high taxes, and only save up a little? And when I’m finally old enough to retire, and enjoy my tiny savings, I may be too old to enjoy?« No, visits to Thailand had changed my view of life: »I am single, no ties are holding me; enough is enough…!«
It's not a question how old you are, but how you are old...

...so 40 years after ’69: same, same – but different…
My friend, who snapped the photo from the sideline, said: »It happens all time time, there must be a thousand pictures of you on Facebook and Instagram, the girls thinks you are some famous rock star…«
I replied: »Ha, ha – sure, long time ago, perhaps a hit before their mothers were born…«
Probably I'm just still so handsome that they wish a photo together with me..?
I try to find time to do some of all that I always wished to do, but never could find enough free time for – for example architecture (I've been drawing the house I got build in Thailand); family; history; music (time to enjoy); photography; writing articles and a book (in my native language) – and something I never in my wildest nightmare dreamed about I would love to do: tech-dance; or rather dance to EDM (Electronic Dance Music).
A few posts with more information about me:
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