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  1. Exactly... With a quota of up to 1,000 incoming foreigners in a day – if that many is coming with the choice of either a 14-days self-paid quarantine, or a 4,000 baht Covid-19 check upon arrival – it mean up to 30,000 new arrivals in a month, according to the suggestions in latest news articles. How many stranded foreigners, that would wish to stay put, are here; 30,000, or...? I read some weeks ago that there were an authority estimate of still around 10,000 "stranded foreigners" in the southern province; i.e. mainly Krabi, Phuket, and Surat Thani. These foreigners do contribute to the local economy by renting rooms and eating, often from local restaurants now they have re-opened. Forget visa and permitted stay for now, i.e. extend to visa-amnesty, and keep these foreigners as long as they wish, until the situation begin to normalize..
  2. I seem not to be "most people", as I had to Google "Boracay" to realize that a once famous Philippine party island became boring...
  3. The magic seems to be than when a man reach a certain age, it's Okay that the wife – or girlfriend – is half his age. Perhaps that's why some men change wife several times, i.e. a half-age wife from when you were 36 years old would be an old lady, when you are 70 years old... However some Thaivisa posters seems the prefer quarter of age, i.e. the stories we read about the 72 year old gentleman with the 18 year and one day old girlfriend – I look forward to 72 next year...
  4. I don't think it's Social Security, the so-called welfare card was given to a number of low income earners that registered for it – about 12 million people earning either less than 30,000 baht a year, or less than 100,000 baht a year – and they didn't need to be member of the Social Security-system. The Nation Thailand "Universal welfare ‘at risk’"
  5. Another news story mentioned "direct flight" so that must be Utapao, if via BKK only transit is allowed, cannot leave the airport.
  6. I kindly suggest that we during the coronavirus pandemi period make a pinned thread with transport from/to the islands – Phangan, Tao and Samui – as the normal timetables and transports are cancelled; and when restarting, they might be only with limited departures. Lomprayah has been mentioned earlier in another thread, and the question about their 12:30 catamaran departure from Samui to Phangan, which I haven't seen, but however seemed like some passengers did make the tour. The reason could be, that there are so few passengers that it's operated by a speed boat. Here is the latest update from Lomprayah...
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