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  1. Another reason he won't be coming to Thailand is that there is no Thai Embassy at the North Pole, so he wouldn't be able to jump through all the hoops that Uncle Tu requires at the moment, and at Santa's age, even he wouldn't be able to afford the US $100k Covid insurance.
  2. One topic that hasn't been raised yet with regards to Covid 19 is Christmas. In particular Santa Clause. If everything remains as is, then this year kids all around the world will not receive a visit from Santa. He won't be able to leave the North Pole and visit homes as he does annually as he wouldn't even get close to doing his rounds in a single night. Virtually every country would have him in a 14 day quarantine before he could distribute presents, and then there are some countries ( e.g. Australia ) that will only let people leave with written permission from the Govt, and the aussie govt
  3. Your comment describes how that moron Trump will react when he loses.
  4. these are the same kinds of idiots that say the holocaust didn't happen. Too many people infected and dying from Covid for them to seriously take the position they do.
  5. depends entirely on the standard of the golf course, but even the lesser courses insist on strict dress code. Personally I'm in favour of self expression when it comes to the colour & style of clothing, BUT it MUST still be respectable. Definitely not as per the not acceptable side of the diagram above. I mean if you look at some of the gear Thais wear while the clothing is respectable and acceptable they have no idea on colour co-ordination.
  6. I downloaded my 12 month statement which is on bank letter head and it did not have the bank's official stamp. Accepted without any issues. So I guess that's another example of different IO's wanting something different.
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