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  1. The problem with this tax notification is that banks are NOT strictly adhering to it. Tax is only supposed to be deducted on interest of 20k baht or more for Thais and foreigners. However, when I received my 1/2 yearly interest of 6k baht tax had been deducted. Went and spoke with my bank manager about it and he entered both my tax # and pink ID card # into their systems. He stated that I should not have had any tax deducted, so I will have to lodge a tax return in January after obtaining a letter from the bank in December itemising how much interest was paid for the year and the amount of tax deducted. It is then a fairly simple process of going to your local Revenue Office and submitting a tax return. In the past I have received 100% of the tax deducted as a refund, so I expect the same to be the case this time.
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