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  1. I don't mind it We have a regional Imm Office here ( 90 day reports only ) as we are not that far from the Myanmar border. Usually in and out in 2 or 3 minutes. However, it would simplify things if Immigration accepted and recorded our pink ID card or better yet had their own ID card for foreigners with a chip in it storing all our details,viz. permanent address etc. then we just produce the card if still required to do 90 day reports and when doing annual extensions. The only documents that would be needed for annual extension would then be banking and health insurance, as all the rest would
  2. maybe, maybe not. The only thing it does show is that those amphurs that issue pink ID cards for 8 years don't know the law, and need to be told that it's 10 years when a renewal for an under 60 is required.
  3. We're not talking about Thai ID cards Joe, the whole topic is pink ID cards , and pink ID cards are supposed to be for 10 years.
  4. these recent posts support what I've been saying as they're all for 10 years. Some Amphurs/District Offices are making up there own rules as to how long a pink ID card is valid for. I refer yo to this link from Isaan lawyers. Please refer to the 3rd last paragraph (copy & pasted - This card is valid for 10 years according to clause 8 of regulation in 2551. However, if you are over 60, it will be without an expiry date (also on same clause 8). Pink ID Card for Foreigners in Thailand - Isaan Lawyers - Attorneys in Thailand|Divorce|Property|Custody|Company Please note t
  5. I've searched high and low and can only find rooted cuttings. Perhaps you could try grafting a cutting from one variety to the rooted cutting of another variety to achieve what you require.
  6. It would seem that way. When I scan in and out I actually use LINE which connects with Mor Chana.
  7. As per my post yesterday in another newsletter, I successfully registered at my community health clinic this morning. Having a pink ID card was a prerequisite though. My wife will receive a phone call advising when to attend either the clinic or our village community centre for the first jab.
  8. As per yesterday's post. Successfully registered at my community health clinic this morning, but a pink ID was a prerequisite. My wife will receive a phone call to advise when to attend at either the clinic or our village community centre for the first jab.
  9. Further to my previous posts, every google search I do ( and I've only looked at posts in the last 2 years ) say the pink ID cards expire after 10 years. Even all the pink ID card images I've seen on google are clearly for 10 years. So as I said earlier, it seems those amphurs/district offices putting 8 year expiry dates are definitely making up there own rules based on all the information I've been able to see, and that includes online law firms stating it's 10 years.
  10. what can I say. My District Office says it's 10 years and the cards they issue ( Thai & Foreigner ) are all for 10 years if under 60. My wifes is for 10 years, her aunt is for 10 years.
  11. found out today that I can register without using the app. My next door neighbour is our village head, and he advised me to go to the community health centre tomorrow and they will register me if I have a pink ID card. Will post again tomorrow if successful.
  12. Neither does the aussie embassy. I read yesterday on the Australian Embassy FB page where the aussie govt has given AUD $2.8 million to Thailand to help with the vaccine rollout. " Australian support to Thailand’s vaccine roll-out. Australia is delighted to fund $ 2.8 million in Australia (or around 68 million baht) to support the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in Thailand, part of Australia's initiative on access to vaccines and stability. Regional Public Health This fund will be allocated for technical assistance from Australian Food and Drug Administration (Austra
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