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  1. Just a few problems there. BX is no longer operational, Bitkub was shut down by the SEC from accepting new registrations because their servers crashed and this has not yet been rectified. Those already registered before the shutdown are still able to trade, b ut still no new registrations being accepted. I've just signed up with Satang Pro and started trading with their platform today. The other thing to consider with the Thai platforms is the cryptos you wish to trade. Upbit ( the most recent Thai platform, owned by the same crowd that now own Tesco ) only have 5 coins listed. Bitkub has a go
  2. Not happy about this. The group I usually play with is scheduled to be at Artitaya CM when the Koreans are there. Will be interesting to see how it is all handled.
  3. Starbucks has ALWAYS been rubbish coffee. Just goes to show, those that think Starbucks is good coffee have absolutely p poor taste buds.
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