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  1. No tourists will be coming except may some expats trying to return. Try 2024 for tourism, maybe.
  2. and then what happens. A Civilian Govt gets elected and lo and behold another coup and the military takes over again.
  3. that's why all supermarkets move things around, so that when your searching for what you want you'll also do some impulse buying. That's basic marketing logic.
  4. His appointment is written in english & Thai, and it is in 8 weeks.
  5. Oz govt said the same thing. Expats are not their responsibility. and oz expats MUST wait for the Thai rollout to be vaccinated.
  6. My mate got his first AZ jab today. Scheduled 2nd jab is in 8 weeks. I've read that the Govt is saying at least 90 days between Sinovac jabs.
  7. Just goes to show what a complete and utter shambles the whole registration process has been. The province where I live opened up registrations for foreigners several weeks ago by having us register at our local govt hospital, local community health clinic or the app created specifically for the province. One of my mates received his first AZ jab today, another one tomorrow and I'm scheduled for July 4. The mate that got his jab today is scheduled for Aug 1 for 2nd jab. So definitely in this part of the country the Province has been more proactive and better organised than the idiots running t
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