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  1. Yes, the rich could probably afford it, but good luck with getting them to contribute. A lot of the rich make huge profits but still only want to pay the people that work for them minimum wage or less.
  2. If you know how a state pension works, you should also know that it needs funding. The majority of Thais do not pay any tax or SS contributions. Most of them barely earn enough to live and so could not afford to pay any tax. So where would the funding come from?
  3. I would think that most 60 year old rural Thais have not managed to earn 2.8 million Baht in their lifetime so far! Same goes for urban Thais and the 4 million Baht. Many urban Thais earn less than 10,000 Baht per month. If they saved every Baht (impossible) it would take them 33 years to save the 4 mill! Of course earlier in their lives their income would have been nowhere near 10K month.
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