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  1. If by special occasions, they mean Buddha days, they should realise that those are the days NOT to go to the temple! 46.43% of the population will be going on those days.
  2. What "people" are you referring to? I should think that there are very, very few people in Thailand that make 5000 Baht in a day. The vast majority of Thais earn around 300 Baht per day or less.
  3. I believe that many Thais have had enough. I am seeing fewer Thais wearing masks and if they do it's either round the chin or hanging off 1 ear. (The majority are still wearing one though). I am seeing more gatherings of Thais than there were a few weeks back. Road traffic seems as heavy as it was before. I don't know whether Thais are washing their hands or not, I don't tend to follow them into the bathroom.
  4. I agree with you. Thailand has 80 current cases and 98% recovery rate. What possible use could a trial here be? How many of those current cases are health care workers?
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