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  1. Just an update. Yesterday iCare called and I went down and picked up the replacement. The exterior sure looks new - not a ding, and it performs the same as before (thanks iCloud restore). I’m always bitching about the low quality of Apple’s cables. The one that they used to give me a boost was cracked at the lightening end. “How come?” - “Don’t know”. There was also a “Price List” on the counter; my iPad model (maybe not the ram) was 14,000.
  2. If the search function was working you could find out. Try google.
  3. Just to bump this up ... the search function is still not working for me. Just searched 'Rutnin', got 4-only hits.
  4. I tried searching for Rutnin overall, then just in the Health forum. In both cases I got the same (only one) hit which was posted recently. Cheers.
  5. My 2.5 year old iPad Pro now has a screen with an increasing bulge; I’ll go the Central Pattaya to have someone tell me what’s going on. Bet it’s a battery thing. Does anyone have a positive comment, like ‘proly won’t explode’ or ‘you think too much’?
  6. Hi tech gurus, While I do get the notable postings emails and ones for topics I’ve asked for instant notifications, for 3-4 days now I’ve had empty emails for topics I want/need daily updates. I’ve subscribed to the Pattaya forum and nothing - seems like all former posters have gone back to the real world, haha. Cheers
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