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  1. Hi all, I’m looking for two doctors In Sri Racha, that are comfortable communicating in English and have good reputations. My first need is for a heart specialist (my systolic readings can get much too high, and the diastolic readings sometime low. My HB is always quite low, typically in the low 40s range. There are other heart issues as well. My second need is for a pulmonary consultant; my COPD is getting worse, despite the meds. If Sri Racha doesn’t have what (I think) I need, then recommended doctors in Bangkok would be just fine. I really don’t want to see Pattaya specialists. Cheers
  2. Could someone bring their SNDWAY and get some reading? A reading from inside the mall would be good too.
  3. I follow P-loc and Bang Rakam AQI because that’s where my wife’s family compound/rice fields are. AirVisual rates them both at 95 right now. Earlier this year, March-May say, 150 was common. I like the place, just for 5-6 day visits (3 houses, 1 chair - ouch). The city is of minor interest (better before when they had a ‘flying veggies’ place on the riverside), the famous Wat is impressive, small coffee culture, limited restaurant scene, nice people, riverside should be un-developed to get back to it’s pleasant atmosphere, streetscape typically boring with the same banks/businesses over and over again, evening market okay. Good luck.
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