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  1. Mate this is great, cool so did u just get copies of your wife's passport and attach these documents? Also do they then call her up and tell her she is required to do biometrics or does this need to be done first and attached to the inline submission 

    Testing the old memory. Pretty sure it was approved subject to biometrics. All correspondence was via email. Pretty much a total online thing. You should register with Border and do a run thru. Also I think you can nominate language if contacted make sure it is Thai. But you as agent do everything in English.

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  2. cheers mate sounds like you got it sorted well, so she will have to go to Bangkok to do biometrics, should i be submitting all her info online at the same time or does she take that to Bangkok? Lastly what does she do with her Passport as last time all the info was submitted in hand including passport at the same time in Bangkok
    churs again

    All your / her documents will be attachments to the application. So get your scanner ready it's got a bit of work to do. I believe not 100% sure that all this stuff has been out sourced to a mob I call the visa factory off Sukhumvit in Bangkok. They may or may not (obviously) contact your wife to clarify a few things or basically snoop. We are married and in our case they didn't. A mate not married they didn't either another they did. I'd have all the documents with me but it seems a bit random on phone calls need for interview. Sorry this is a bit rough finger typing on the phone. Feel free to ask more.

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  3. HI


    I have a photocopy of the citizenship via descent I have tried to apply for an original copy even with my brothers signature they have requested further documents (original copies)

    I do not have these, so Im back to square one again... Its a doozy isnt it

    absolutely - I think my last edit crossed this.

    If you don't mind me asking what additional documents do they want and what Departments are you dealing with,

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  4. No, the birth certificate will not list anything to do with the Tabien Baan as the birth certificate is issued prior to the Tabien Baan.

    You really need a Thai lawyer. Try the "Ask a Lawyer" section on this board.


    Not sure if is possible under Australian law, but in the U.S. a child born to a U.S . citizen, even overseas, is considered a U.S. citizen by birth.

    If that child is born in Thailand he or she can have it's birth registered and attested to in the U.S. embassy in Thailand.

    That means there is a record of the child's birth which can then be accessed later by the child or their parents anywhere in the world at a U.S. embassy.

    With the proper proof of identity, this attestation/ birth registration can also be used as proof of birth for U.S. government service offices.

    Not that it is any help to your particular problem , however.

    The official terminology in Australia is Australian citizen by descent.

    As she already has an Australian passport I'm assuming this is how citizenship was proved.

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  5. The child is an Australian Citizen.

    For all those things you have mentioned a Thai birth certificate will be about as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike.

    The father or whoever the legal guardian is needs to obtain her Australian citizenship papers.

    This document will take the place of the birth certificate.

    Dept of Immigration and whatever they call themselves these days for this.

    DAFT if you also need to get a passport.

    Edit: I just noticed you said the father won't help. This will make it a lot more difficult - as these things need to be done by the child's legal guardian. If he can't be persuaded it may be that your only recourse is via the courts.

    But before that is the father willing to hand over legal guardianship to you?

  6. Hi

    As far as I can see the issue is obtaining an Australian passport for your niece - the advice given by Maestro is spot on.

    It is not actually an uncommon situation and the Department Foreign Affairs and Trade (who are the responsible body for issue of Australian passports) is the Australian Govt Department to direct your initial enquiries to.

    Have a look at their website and in particular https://www.passports.gov.au/web/newppt/applyingu18.aspx

    From my reading your niece has previously granted an Australian passport - via the father I'm assuming. And this is the track I would be following.

  7. Thank You all for your replies.

    i forgot to mention 1 thing, when i asked them "how many days i am due?", they said 94 days, so i am still in the 7 days period, as i calculated using extended date it is correct.

    anyway i ended up in paying fine. bah.gifbah.gif

    Maybe they were saying u were 4 days over 7 extra days i.e. 11 days over

    To me point 5 says your first extension is also considered to be a 90 day report but if you are over 97 days u are still late.

    Probably simplest way is work out days from date on TM6 to date of extension.

    Probably won't help getting 2k back tho.

  8. Moving up to HH within the next month or so. Will settle in area around sois 94 to 102. I like a daily swim but am not real keen on beaches and not real keen on jellyfish.

    I assume / hope there are hotels / villages in the area that have pools that welcome paying customers. Any info locations etc greatly appreciated.

  9. I remember I bought (yes - only a 30 year lease) a place on Nanai Road almost 19 years ago. Brown outs were just accepted, maybe a couple of times a month. Now all these years later I don't see all that much improvement, it's no longer brown outs, more like no power when a local transformer fuse has blown (big bang) and we wait for the little orange power company truck to show up after a couple of hours and everyone gives a big cheers when the power goes back on. I guess all us long stay people know this. Easy to realise why it's really gotten worse, huge increase in buildings, with no planning for infrastructures like power, water, sewage.

    Same out in Kata when we moved there, all day scheduled power outs from 09.00 - 17.00 for improvements to high voltage lines from Chaofa sub station. Much caused by the new substation right on our doorstep in Kata. Substation completed last year, really not much improvement to our power outages, just routine problem.

    Rant over ...

    Good rant

    Loved it

    Probably Singapore is only Asian country where brown outs aren't king

    Piss poor planning etc

  10. The Thai Girls who throw falangs from balconies society must be the world's #1 terrorist group. They have never failed in their jobs - no falang has ever woken up and said <deleted> is going on. No one has ever been caught. All BiB no matter where they are - Phuket. Pattaya, Bangkok - are paid off and keep quiet or just plain inefficient. No one in the society has ever broken ranks.

    And achieving all this at, generally speaking, half the body weight of their victims.

    Indeed very scary or at least something on these type topics is.

    RIP to the Canadian - he was a neighbour of ours but sadly did not know him.

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