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  1. They just showed on TVBelgium I see the doctors are overwhelmed with new cases of the virus is terrible there if you leave the country and go to Belgium good luck getting back in here I don’t think you’ll have a easy time TIT
  2. Trump will do anything to be reelected he’s the worst president America has ever seen he’s a big liar a cheat and a crook
  3. I blame it on Trump the worst president in the history lion Trump
  4. The Democrats had a bill in the Republicans win sign of months ago Trump is the worst president in the history of America when his lips are moving he’s lying lying Trump
  5. I remember after 911 the new normal at airports words could not bring water on the plane they were longer lines and after a few months most people excepted that was the new normal at airports maybe the new normal with this virus is going to be everybody needs to be wearing mask and social distancing until they can come up with a shot for immunization
  6. No I’m reading it it seems like she must’ve caught the virus here while she’s in Thailand TIT
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