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  1. Bring it on. I’m going to book the big bungalow at Toh Sang, Kong Jiam for a month.
  2. I’ll dispatch Mrs Patriot to Charoen Sri for essential supplies if I get good notice!!!!
  3. I haven’t forgotten you Santi, I’ve been in Phuket for the last two months. I’ll try after the 14 days are up. UBCx
  4. Good day. im looking for an AC specialist on Ubon for my CRV (Honda are useless) I think this was covered in a previous thread but I can’t find it. Any suggestions??? thanks
  5. I fear you will not be allowed on as, I presume, it is deemed non-essential. The shenanigans I went through to get OFF the island a week ago was bad enough. I think you’ll probably have to go to BKK. (NB “think” and “probably” means I’m not sure!!!!) good luck anyway
  6. Any suggestions please Thanks
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