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  1. Good day. To answer my own question above, the whole process COULD NOT HAVE BEEN EASIER. We went to the Tessabaan, me armed with Passport and old Yellow Book, Wife armed with Tabian Baan and ID. New book issued on the spot. 30 minutes at most.
  2. Good day one and all. Since 24 hours ago when using my iPhone, and only with ThaiVisa, I keep getting these pop-up ads for smartphones and a few other items. Does anyone know how to get rid of that cookie or whatever it is? Or is it a Apple Store visit? Many thanks
  3. On Wednesday we returned from a two day trip to Korat staying at a hotel. I asked the hotel if they would be reporting me to Immigration; a definite "Yes", therefore: My good wife presented my passport to Ubon Immigration on return. Whole process about three minutes. She just volunteered the information that we'd been in Korat for two days, no mention of any hotel names and no questions asked by the Officer ..... none. A Receipt of Notification clipped into the Passport and an updated 90 Day Report date (ie from 15th) clipped into the Passport. I arrived at the hotel about 2 hours before my wife. Had we arrived together then I would have tried to have her check in with me out of sight quaffing Leos by the pool therefore negating the whole of the above. PS I used my Thai (pink) ID card for checking-in at the hotel. No problems.
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