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  1. Am I missing something here but this is hardly “news”. Back in the day ie 1999 in Patong one used to get away with sitting in a bar with a ceramic mug of beer ....... sorry; tea. I fear the erection may bring two or three days of dryness, certainly the night before.
  2. Patriot

    Family Lawyer

    Exactly. Maybe a quick hoof down Highway 24 for any final signing
  3. Patriot

    Family Lawyer

    Yep. Isaan Lawyers. I use them and I’m on Ubon
  4. 2,000 seems excessive. I paid 200 for parking on yellow/white curb markings. Yep. The contra direction parking is an old law, still not 2,000 baht for the two though. I’d be interested as to the result when you pay
  5. Coolest it’s been for ages here in UBON. But I thank the Met Office for the heads-up, nice to know they have their fingers on the pulse!!!
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