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  1. 500,000 baht to dig up dirt on people. Could it be blackmail?
  2. It is hit and miss, I have ordered and received items that I was sure would be stopped at customs (home brew apparatus and supply's). But items from Thai suppliers have been cancelled or just never delivered. I only use COD.
  3. one 2 call/ AIS 00500 44 then your number. 7 baht/min i think. look on there web page for details.
  4. I have previously bought winter clothing for my daughter in the MBK shopping centre. If you look on the floor that has all the tourist stuff and clothes stalls. The clothes I bought were good for a Scottish winter holiday and a trip to south Korea to see a k-pop band.
  5. I do not know Thai regs, but current UK regs are open to interpretation. If you label the sockets as having a possible 400v between it should be acceptable. Having said that the last commercial kitchen I worked on sockets that could be touched at the same time had to be on the same phase, so if your sockets are over say 2 meters apart and labelled I would say they are OK.
  6. With the sharp fall in the sugar price this year it is possible many farmers may choose to stop growing sugar. If the farmers switch crops hopefully the burning may be reduced next year and the air pollution reduced. Unfortunately burning is the favourite pass time of many Thais, there is always something that must be set on fire.
  7. The Khmer dialect spoken in south Buriram and Surin is northern Khmer, different to the Khmer found in the rest of Cambodia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northern_Khmer_dialect I am in a village on the border most can speak Thai, but many of the older people can only speak Northern Khmer They can all pronounce "R'. Buriram city is different You wont find many speaking Khmer, I think its dying out. We go to Cambodia regularly to visit family for weddings and funerals. I have noticed my wife has difficulty communicating in her northern Khmer more than 60 miles into Cambodia.
  8. Take the time to listen to Thais from different areas/dialects of Thailand talking. It becomes clear that Thais have trouble understanding Thais who were born in different parts of the country. So it dose not matter how you spell or say any thing, some will under stand you, some wont. I live in a village with Khmer speaking Thais, they say farang. The Lao speaking say falang. Both Think ATM.
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