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  1. when my wife's grandmother was hit and killed by a drunk motorcyclist, the police told the family you can go to court and get nothing or accept money the drunk driver was offering. Negotiations started at 20,000 and finished at 50,000. It was agreed as she was 80 years old her life was worth no more than 50,000 baht as the drunk had damaged his bike running over the old woman.
  2. I also live next door to a fine example of law enforcement. Last week he was in our local noodle shop armed and in uniform and was so drunk he had <deleted> his self, it was only 4 in the afternoon and school kids were laughing at him. But being a true professional he still managed to ask if I could get him a beer.
  3. I have never reported any one, but I would not give my name. But things have a habit of coming out in the end, maybe the wife tells some one you phoned. His conviction and prison time was in Thailand (if he is telling the truth it was a set up). Over the years any one hear will have seen endless story's of corruption, its part of life hear. His case was reported when he was deported. Every one is corrupt, especially those at the top. Ten years ago my local Immigration office would openly offer every one the opportunity to buy there extension and many did. Things may have changed on the surface but corruption is a part of life in Thailand.
  4. I know a US citizen on a 7 year over stay (unable to get a visa after a criminal conviction), he payed corrupt immigration officials to enter Thailand and now pays our local police to ensure he has no visits from immigration. If I was to report him its possible I would have problems with my local police, maybe they would come to me for the loss'ed income. I think living in a country with rampant corruption its best to keep out of other peoples problems and have as little contact with Thai officials as possible. No I would not report any one.
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