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  1. TAT should start getting its head out off there asses. A season for tourist with hotels, travel agency's and tour operators goes from November 1 till October 31st. Incompetent bunch of people.
  2. Fix it and get on with it. Water coming from your location is your responsibility. Start of on good foot with your neighbours for the max 2000 baht extra costs.
  3. Maybe a white guy disguised as a colored one? Mentally ill for sure , but that's half the world nowadays.
  4. Every Rimping I ve been in these past few days has had longer than usual queues ? I did open my eyes ,and don't be insulted so easy. There are much more worse things someone can say to you.
  5. Rimping Iron bridge has a cash only register. Instead of being annoyed open your eyes and look around you.
  6. Wasn't the real problem not with the insured tourists that got in to accidents at Thai attractions that not provided mandatory insurance? Or rental companies that rent out motorbikes to unlicensed / uninsured tourists?
  7. a committee is been set up to find out. Cost for the committee another 5 mil.
  8. Google translate works very well nowadays whit the camera option. I use it all the time for Thai translations.
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