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  1. Yes, I will apply for an extension as a spouse and will use 400K in the bank (I want to get/keep the status with the 400k in bank). I just want to be sure about the process because I am not going together with my wife to Thailand and I have to start work, and the company has to arrange the workpermit for me when I arrive in Thailand. For the workpermit I decided to keep my NON-O Visa, that will be then converted to an extension stay. So the workpermit will be given to the Non-O Visa, after converted to the extension stay based upon marriage, anything to change regarding the workpermit? My wife she will be in Thailand later on, if I have to apply for the extension based upon marriage.
  2. After arrived in Thailand, when do I have to apply for an extension? Just after entered the country, or before the visa expires? Is the current NON-O-Visa applicable for getting the workpermit? If yes, how about when getting the extension, anything to change regarding the workpermit? Or how does it work? Does my wife need to be with me for that process, or only later for the extension application?
  3. Hello, I am going to work in Thailand. Currently quite unsure, if it's better to keep my Non-O visa or get the Non-B visa. Any advices regarding that topic for me? Normally I would like to keep my Non-O visa state. The renewal of the workpermit can be done together with the Non-B visa, that I know. If hold the Non-O visa, the renewal of both has to be done separately. Thanks.
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