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  1. Ja, I meant when my husband wanted to copy all the RAW files from the camera to his USB, then the shop charged 600 baht for each RAW File, which was about 30MB each. The  highest price the owner offered was 45000 baht, but we didn't understand anything because she talked in Thai. PS: I keyed in  English into Google Translation and showed her the Thai  translation, but she just always answered in Thai, which made us very  tired and frustrated. 


    I've got some info from other ladies. It seems the normal practice here. OK, so , let it be . Thanks and have a nice day. 

  2. Hallo !
    Does anyone know, how much is the normal price in photoshop in Pattaya, for copying electric files ?
    We were offered 5000 baht as a package for doing family photos in traditional Thai address. 3 persons, each has 3 sets of dress. Took about 3 hours, made 193 photos. 
    But later when we requested to copy all the data files,  we were told the price is  600 baht for each !After a hard bargain(no one can speak English, the lady wrote down the a detailed price list with different number of photo copying ), we paid extra 13000 baht. So in total 18000 baht, for  44 electrical photo files, 10 prints out without frames. 
    I will still go there again for taking the prints out. Wondering how much is the normal situation here, maybe I can talk with them again,  to copy some more files within the already paid cost. 
    Any info is appreciated !
  3. If a man has a retirement visa, can his wife and kid also get some visa to stay in Thailand for long term ?


    Till now, my husband has been working in Thailand for 8 years. He has work permit and working visa, so I and kid have family visa. And my kid is in a local good school..... Not sure after he retires, how can I and kid still stay in Thailand, if we wish to ?





  4. Thanks Sheryl!

    Yes, the doctor told me my arteries are normal.

    I am under stress a lot, too many issues swirling in my mind everyday. I have many dreams during sleep too. Feel difficult to relax.

    Are you in Prachinburi ? I head there is a good meditation centre : http://www.kamala.dhamma.org I wish I could know when I will be free so I can do the reservation ahead !

    Have a nice day! Susan

  5. Hi,

    Does anyone have experience ?
    I did a heart check in 2013, here is the result:
    MMode/2D Measurements & Calculations
    EDV (Teich): 70.0ml
    ESV (Teich): 15.3ml
    EF (Teich): 78.2%
    And last week, I did a cardiac CTA:
    Ventricular ED Volume incl. Papillary: 105.3ml
    Ventricular ES Volume incl. Papillary: 25.9ml
    Ventricular Stoke Volume: 79.3ml
    Ventricular Ejection Fraction: 75%
    Both EF are good and the report says no heart problem. But my EDV/ESV seems much lower than normal range, in both reports.... Does this mean the heart function is weak or something else ? I checked on web but could not get much help. If any one can give some info, that would be great, thanks!
    PS: Am 40. These years, I often feel tired and low energy, so I went to BPH 2 times. At the same time, I do pingpong and taichi quite often, hoping to get stronger.
  6. You should look at Cathay Pacific as well, can normally get a return around 10K and at least you'd be travelling in the right direction the whole way, KL is a bit of a detour.

    Thanks! ....and...we are afraid of any airline related with Malaysia !!!! Look at what happened in 2014!!!

  7. Susan,

    from where to where ?

    you can check the internet, Airasia have cheap deals out of the Gold coast in Australia to Bangkok.

    Also, tigerair is cheaper than most commercial airlines. There are a couple of others but you need to check on the internet ...

    Thanks! We flight round trip Bangkok to Shanghai ... Great, I will have a check on web....

  8. Hello ! Advice needed

    We will buy another apt, but we need 3 M baht more.

    If we pay the 3M as instalment , landlord will change the ownership after we clear up the payment 2 years later. (The condo we will buy is in Thai name, but the landlord has another condo in Foreign name. He can change the ownership )

    If we borrow money from bank and clear up all the payment now, then we can have the ownership right away.

    So, which bank in Pattaya has good loan interest rate for 2 years? Thanks so much in advance!

    PS: Hub works in Rayong, has working permit and long visa stay etc

  9. Hi,

    Jo's handy no. 0892501910. 0

    This afternoon, he will come to North Point for coaching at 2:30PM. If you have time, can arrive at 3PM, watch a bit then talk with him for details. After this, he will go to Garden Cliff to coach a child.

    PS: the tennis court of North Point is on the 6th floor of the garage building

    Good Luck


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  10. Hi,

    My husband's coach Seong Baek Jo is very good. He is a Korean, in the league, good English, precise and strict.

    He changed several coaches in the past 4 years, and now he only plays with Jo.

    Jo charges 600 baht /hour, one on one lesson. But am not sure how much is the price if he provides courts... or you can go to Fairtex for court..

    Normally he comes to students' condo, which normally has a court ...

    You can go to Facebook to contact him and get his handy number too.

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  11. I never worship doctors blindly.

    I only go to BPH for 2 things: Operation (baby birth)... and annual Health Check.

    I have efficient medical knowledge to judge the situation, make the decision and do treatment smile.png))

    Today, the room mate of that boy has the same problem, and my baby too, as she visited them last night . The room mate went to another hospital and the result shows "virus infection", not too serious.

    Yesterday, BPH did not do any lab test of the boy and just gave antibiotic.. In fact, the boy has insurance in Europe, but he was too weak even to explain the details... Lucky, so he didn't need to stay overnight in BPH smile.png))

    I don't mind to pay expensive. But look at the service we got yesterday, I thought that was really shabby.

    PS: The boy is already back to normal today. Just some intestine virus infection. As long as you have good rest, vomit/poo all the garbage out and keep the electrolyte level normal , it will disappear after a certain period. I send him to hospital because he WANTED to go ! Farang !!!

  12. I had fresh/horrible experience from BPH today!!!

    My relative had a sever food poison and even vomit after taking medicine. He is a European and prefers hospital than the acupuncture. So I took him to BPH. We waited horribly long time before the doctor received him for 3 min. (He was feeling very ill and I complained to the nurses but we still had to wait like hell).

    Then, they wanted to take him to in- patient dept. I firmly refused. He didn't have dehydration etc so the situation was not really critical .He had some infusion and then left BPH. ......Also took long long time before the nurse got the medicine and did infusion on him...

    I used to have very good impression of BPH and I had my baby born there. But today 's visit made me very angry. The boy was very weak and suffering a lot, but they still let us wait wait wait.

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  13. Anyone interested ? Can share the cost......and if you think my level is too low for you, then you can't stop coming freely. I understand :))

    I used to play quite often. But stopped for long time. Now I want to pick it up again. Don't like to go to other places to play. Because it's only 3 minute motorbike ride from my home to Fairtex... and I have limited time because of my super naughty energetic baby ! Thanks in advance


  14. Thanks for all your info/suggestion! Solved. After hub extends his working contract in Thailand, we will change nursery for baby.

    No, we don't want to buy another car, just for sending/picking up baby.

    PS: North Point management is lousy maak maak. I've given them quite some advices, such as setting up a ping pong table, a kid playroom, a library , etc. But they just give you a "S.... T"! We don't have a platform to know each other/help each other etc in this Condo. Have to DIY !!!

  15. Thanks for all the input. In fact, what I'm hoping to find here is:

    1. some driver who is some Thai relative of some users here.

    2. And he/she happens to live near my home.

    I know the chance is very very very little. But won't hurt to ask.

    I get up at 6Am every day. My hub drives to Rayong 5:45am to work and most of the days, out of Thailand for business trip. I've tons to work and study.

  16. Hallo !

    Am really stressed and fed up. Any helpful info will be highly appreciated.

    My 21 months baby is in a philipino nursery. We choose this one because all others open so short hours and have many holidays off.

    The nursery is no problem. But they only have a broken old car. And they are never on time. Today, they came at 9:30AM as it was broken again on the way.

    The boss wants to save money. He no longer used those standard taxi anymore. Just a broken old car.

    I'm searching a car to send/pick up my baby Mon-Fri:

    8:15 from North Point to Nursery (Soi Wat Nong Yai, opposite BPH )

    16:40 pick up from nursery

    Only 15 min drive

    I've asked some drivers, but they charge quite high. My budget is only 100 baht a day, Song Tiew is also ok. If higher than this, I'd better do this by myself.

    Because their are never on time, I can hardly plan my time and concentrate in study and work.

    Thanks a lot !

  17. Last time in Makro Pattaya North Road, I saw the carrots packed in small plastic bags with a stick "Carrot Import Chinese". As I did not see the big paper carton, it's hard to get more info. But I know in China, carrot is one of the GMO products. The stupid CN government has already allowed many GMO seeds into China market, although many people are against it.

    I know Thailand imports quite a lot stuff from China. That is really tough for shopping

  18. I see in Makro potatoes/carrots are imported products, but they don't have the labels like those on apples that I can get the info easily.

    I've read from web that for normal imported stuff, the label contains 4 numbers; and if 5 numbers, starting with 9 means organic, starting with 8 means GMO.

    I know the safer way is to eat local and current season vegetables and fruits. But some plants don't grow in Thailand so I have to buy the imported ones.

    If you are familiar with GMO situation in Thailand, please share a bit in a simple, neat, terse way. English is not my mother language giggle.gif Thank you for sharing!!!

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