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  1. 1. If you are in Bangkok Chiang Mai and I believe Phuket you can give the 90 day report to a visa service company in the city, talk to Thai Elite which one, they will take care of the whole thing for you and there is no charge at all. If you are not in a major city like that then yes you have to do your 90 day report but you could also do that via online 2. Yes the yearly you have to pay the 1900 if you do not leave for a full year, if you leave during the year it resets every time you enter the country. That 1900 baht year report can also be done by the visa service company (not free this time, still need the 1900) if you are in one of the bigger cities mentioned 3. You also get a free taxi ride when you come back to Thailand via an international flight, though surely it has its limits, they will drive you to your hotel, home etc if it is somewhat close by, no 10 hour taxi drives etc The best thing about the 5 year visa if you are under 50 years old is the no worrying. No need to go to schools, get tested at immigration, go back and forth on tourist visas to other countries praying that you will not get rejected at the border, no shady ED visas where you do not know every 90 day if this will be your last etc... It is pricey and you got to pay it all up front which is the tough part. Not everyone wants to drop 500 000 Baht at one go and you also need to think are you going to stay here for 5 years as well.
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