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  1. Do they require the entire payment up front? Or do they offer payment plans?
  2. Thank you for the info. It gives a little hope.
  3. My wife and I are dual citizens. My wife is 100% Thai and she gained US Citizenship through our marriage. I am half Thai half American. Was born in Thailand and raised in the US. My mom was Thai and dad American. I will discuss the possibilities with doctor.
  4. Would there be any issue in us moving to Thailand and then returning to the US when a kidney becomes available? We would still maintain a legal domicile in the US as a result of home ownership and drivers license. I just don't see how I can continue with my current job, as it is not considered sedentary. I would like to teach English and Math at a school in Thailand. That is what I did from 2008-15.
  5. My wife and I have the same blood type, but she has not been tested. She's concerned that donating a kidney would lessen her chances of getting pregnant. We have been discussing options and possibilities.
  6. Yes, my wife and I both have a Thai ID Card. My ID Card shows me registered under my address in Amnatcharoen. My wife's ID Card shows her registered under her address in Nonthaburi. We will update my ID Card to show the address of my wife's condo in Nonthaburi upon our return. I own a small house in Amnatcharoen. I rarely ever travel there. I only go there to visit old relatives and I need a comfortable private place to sleep. That's it. I became aware of my kidney disease about 10 days ago, so we are still in the planning stage of this process. I am a
  7. Thank you for the reply. My wife owns a small condo in Nonthaburi and I think we are both registered at Siriraj Hospital. We each have an ID Card from them and I paid for services rendered during a 2019 visit. I'm not complaining, but just pointing it out. Is it one of those deals where they present a bill and you pay if and whatever you can? Because if I recall correctly, the clerk did ask if we were able to pay and I responded with a "yes."
  8. I have Stage 5 kidney disease and I'm trying to learn a rough cost of receiving a kidney from a living donar. The donar (my wife) and recipient (myself) in this situation are both Thai Nationals. We currently reside in the US with plans to permanantly return to LOS early next year. Both of us are not very familiar with how the Thai medical system works financially. Would the Thai Universal Health Scheme cover us? I'm also trying to figure out which hospital ranks best for this procedure..........SirIraj or Bumrungrad or maybe another hospital?
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