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  1. I should add, they accepted my pre-printed scans of their blank forms (from the pdfs posted in this string above), NOT double sided (two separate pages for the TM7.)
  2. The article you link does not say that. I suspect they updated it since you saw it. It now says that the official soon backtracked his statement. ““I apologize for the misunderstanding,” Maj. Gen. Archayon said. “It will only apply to certain types of visa, most likely the permanent resident visa.”
  3. Just finished my retirement extension in Samui. No Covid test required (maybe I just got under the wire). Paperwork went smoothly. Arrived today about 9:30 AM, left the office about 10:30 AM. I had expected to have to come back from Koh Phangan (where I live) in a week to pick up my passport with the new stamps but they told me I could pick it up the next afternoon (tomorrow). When I asked if it was possible to pick it up tomorrow morning they said no problem, can even come back today (same day) at 3 pm. Went back at 3, everything done. Extension, multiple re-entry permit and even m
  4. Do they insist that your bank book show a transaction on the day you apply? (Bangkok does.) My bank letter and statement will be as of the day before.
  5. Sounds good. By a purple you mean B500? But I already have my photos and photocopies made so the main thing he could do is fill in the form and sort paper etc. Maybe I should give him B300?
  6. How ridiculous that they even demand this map at all. But good to hear you didn't have to sit on the floor and draw it By the way, do you know how much detail they expect? In my case, in Koh Phangan, there is really only one road that goes from the main town (Thong Sala) all the way to my place on the north coast, which is just on a beach. After drawing the island, the map to my home would really only require two or three lines. And they aren't straight lines so I don't know what I would use the ruler for. Is this simple map enough for them?
  7. Maybe I don't understand you but the Bandon certificate for Samui that I posted above does mention syphilis but does NOT mention Covid-19. So it's not in accordance with what RB said. Where did you see C-19 mentioned on a Samui certificate?
  8. About the hand-drawn map they require: do you have to draw it right there in front of them or can you bring one done before?
  9. This is uncertain and a lot of people think it’s an incorrect interpretation of the new regulation. The Covid test requirement may not apply to most kinds of visas and extensions. See this chain:
  10. Well I told them clearly it’s for a retirement extension and they said it’s the same certificate for all uses at Immigration. They don’t have other forms.
  11. Here's what I now heard from a doctor at Bandon (Koh Phangan) by email: "... Previously last 2 years, our doctors used to do only physical examination in order to sign the medical certificate but it made our team not comfortable with that to sign the form with doubt. So team (doctors) discussed with the boss and came up with the package of this one - investigation for Syphilis and TB with blood and Xray. ..." But after further discussion it turns out they are willing to skip the X-ray and instead do a blood test for TB. That costs an additional B220 for total of 650+220 = 870.
  12. People say it now has to be a hospital, not a clinic. And on the Immigration Office's list of required documents it says "medical certificate (hospital only valid for 7 days)". What kind of form have you seen more recently?
  13. I see yours does not mention syphilis (I did an app photo translation) but it does mention TB. I guess your hospital is willing to certify no TB based just on listening to lungs rather than X-ray. I suspect Immigration doesn’t mind that but Bandon Hospital is either trying to be more professional or is trying to justify charging more by doing an X-ray.
  14. Did you have to get an X-ray? Now I asked them and they say yes it’s needed even for retirement extension. Attached is the form they say Immigration needs.
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