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  1. I did my extension of stay late last month using income method. All my transfers were through Wise and were accepted by Immigration. Bangkok Bank show them as international transfers
  2. Rioli was not caught at the main terminal. He was flying from the small aircraft terminal to the Tiwi Islands. The police patrol this area all the time. He was a very stupid individual..
  3. The accident insurance at BKK bank is for over 70s. My mate got it when he was 76.
  4. They often have the NT police drug dogs at the airport in Darwin. They check for drugs going to the aboriginal communities. No Radar the dogs do not end up addicted.
  5. Today I renewed my retirement extension. I used income method. I transfer money from Australia. I arrived at 0900 and out the door at 1010 with a new stamp for the year. There were a copy of photocopying problems but the staff fixed these problems. Well done to the staff. They were great.
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