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  1. According to this link from Phuket all you need is B400,000 for 7 days + all the applications and pictures, I had the money in for 3 months just incase. Last time I needed 3 pictures, one outside with the house number in it, one was handed back because my son did not have a shirt on, didn't ask for another!! The custody agreement from the divorce had to be a recent copy, the original one was over 6 months old, another copy with a recent date stamped on it from the Amphor office only cost B30 http://piv-phuket.com/long-stay-extensions/custodian-to-thai-child/
  2. Be wary of free installation had a shocker from Homepro in Phuket, free installation and it was an absolute mess. Paid for another guy to fix it up. The inverter models sound like a good idea, but I have heard that if it needs repairing, qualified aircon engineers are hard to find? Also is it worth replacing an existing unit with a inverter model, how long for the savings to give you a payback just using it at night for 6-7 hours?
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