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  1. You have really started up all the keyboard warriors, back to your original question. I had a similar issue from my Australian investments and tried to get a tax number from the local revenue office, they sent me to my bank and the bank sent me back to the revenue office. In the meantime I was informed by a friend that Thais use their Thai ID card number as a tax ID so you could use the pink foreigners card number,(also known as a refugee card?) which I applied for after getting a yellow house book. I have used that for my Australian investments for several years, and so far no one has questioned it, maybe good for the UK investment companies? I was also told by a Hong Kong based investor that more and more countries are insisting on this, comes from the USA chasing it's citizens trying to avoid tax and other countries through tax agreements? cheers
  2. How much is the roller lid on the back, been thinking of getting one for my Mazda? I originally bought a half electric pop up lid which was a terrible choice last time I asked at the same place for a roller lid he quoted B50,000. Wouldn't go back anyway as they did not do a good job the first time. My mate bought the Nissan 2WD Sports ute a few years back and that drives well and has a nice interior. Found the diesel engine noise inside the cabin was more than the Mazda, and his servicing in Surin has been quite expensive in comparison. However your new Nissans does look nice, I checked it out last time I took his car the garage. My only issue is the resale value of my Mazda won't be good but I don't intend to sell for a while. Maybe Mazda joining Isuzu might switch a few of the hardened Thai country folk over?
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