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  1. After many years of Thailand being a grey area for having two Passports? i.e One Thai Passport and one other Country of your country choice,as I understand it this question has never been resolved satisfactorarily,so I am asking if any other members have heard of this! what might turn out to be just another rumour?

  2. As it says on that page, all she needs is her naturalisation certificate and the passport she used to first enter the UK.

    I suspect the person who dealt with you doesn't get many applications from naturalised citizens and didn't bother to check!.

    Maybe print that page out and take with you in case you have this problem again.

    It is not just a question of producing the necessary paperwork, there is a question of a personal interview,with no husband present. The Spouse answers personal questions known to husband and wife,this only takes place on a first Passport! in most cases the British Passport is forwarded within 2 weeks! of a satisfactory interview.

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  3. If Home Secretary Teresa May's efforts to bring Immigration down to 10,000s of thousands,turn out to be 260,000 as has happened now,then there will not be too much to worry about! and she has been given the job of Home Secretary, again in today's reshuffle! One could be tempted to say: that the Conservatives are all about cheap labour coming in,in droves, it keeps the Plebs in their place! and gives the Fat Cats ammunition for whinging about yet more cut backs needed,so they can get more back to work in their wheel chairs. Time to open some more food Banks and Soup kitchens! And don't think there aren't any in your home town back home,believe me it's a growing market! they take food donation in the Supermarkets,the Schools,churches,and anywhere,and under another 5 years of this Government can only get much worse! Bumping the Visa Fees up is also a growing industry too!

  4. Having a new veranda built on our home.

    We are paying for materials, workers labour only.

    Fun and games, worker gives my wife a list of materials, wife shows me. !! what is this !! list for materials darling says the wife, rubbish says i.

    I had already calculated quantity of materials required, after 42 years in construction in UK i think i know what is required.

    Workers ordered 3 concrete columns, i said 2, workers ordered 2 cube sand 2 cube stone 14 cement.

    I said 1.5 cube sand 1.5 cube stone 5oo kilos of cement. 5 cube dry materials/mixed 3.5 cube wet.

    Roof sheets workers want 68, i said 60. Steel i said 9 4x2 workers said 13, i said 14 2x1 workers said 8.

    Ceiling sheets i said 6, workers said 4. shera wood workers said 100, i said 80.

    Quess who my wife listened to, me or workers?

    Easy she listened to (rice farmers) workers.

    Now we have 1 concrete column left 5 cement 3/4 cube sand 3/4 cube.

    8 roof sheets , 22 shera wood.

    We had to order 4 more 4x2 steel, 5 more 2x1 steel, 2 more ceiling sheets.

    What a bloody fiasco, but darling workers said, i listened, why you not listen to your husband, who has more than 40 years experience.

    You work in England this is Thailand. So you require the same materials no matter what country it is.

    The mind bogols at the logic of Thais, or lack of logic.

    Force your wife into admitting her fault. Force her to introspect, and acknowledge the gravity of her error, and the amount of money she cost the family. Force her to apologize and to promise she will never side with a fool again, over a trusted spouse. Only in this way will she grow, develop as a human being, and improve as a person and a spouse. This kind of thing is very painful for a Thai, as introspection is not something they like to engage in. But, it works. I have used it, and it works.

    That would be "loss of Face" big time,I guess nobody has ever told you,it just don't happen in Thailand,and I believe forcing your wife to admit she was wrong,would be more painful for you than her!

  5. I've been working / programming computers since the 80's

    i won't give you advice, learn for yourself, research first, if

    a program is free (IT ISN'T) it will be full of bloatware and

    other tag along malware, the third world war is up and

    running and we are all in it without knowing about it.

    Protect yourself first, learn how to use your Virus program

    well, learn how to set your computer to a previous time by

    using System Restore, stop wasting your time playing games

    and learn how to protect yourself and if anyone ever says,,



    Just curious, but when you worked in the industry and had a new employee to mentor, where the first words out of your mouth, "Read the 'man' pages"?

    I worked in the computer industry for about 25 years. I was alwasys amazed at the amount of hubris displayed by individuals who considered themselves, hummmm, errrr, 'Special'.

    I never told anyone I mentored to "read the man pages", or RTFM. That's just being ====== well, nevermind. Read between the lines.

    The so called special programmers always lack vision, like the one who told me," There will never be a program to take dictation,from the human voice to a Computer"

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  6. I Have been running Bitdefender Anti Virus free edition for about a year now,and i'm very impressed,it's unobtrusive,doesn't need a full scan( it's on guard all the time) so far it has quarantined 2 possible villains,but other than that no problems,if they nag me to pay for the program,I probably will, all these interfering Mac this or Norton' that take over your computer,can go and take a running jump off the pier! how many times i've paid for crap I dread to think, basically the programs are designed to keep popping up,and annoying while doing nothing! just to make the user feel they have good value for money1

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  7. and now the tobacco companies are on double overtime drive marketing the vapes hoping to trick an entire new generation into becoming nicotine addicts...and unfortunately it is working especially among the very young who suck on the damn strawberry/cherry/fruity flavors thinking it's cool....RJ Reynolds has opened many new factories to produce and sell as fast as possible.....the more they can hook the higher their sales for decades....and of course the feds do nothing to regulate as they are all paid off by tobacco lobbyists....very little study has been done as to the potential harm of the nicotine vapes and they are back on TV advertising them like they are lollipops......some parents complain as it was once possible to simply smell their kids breath to see if they were smoking but now there is little or no smell .....nicotine is actually a POISON that was/is used in many insecticides etc but it is also highly addictive to most humans...and yet big tobacco freely promotes and sells a NEW WAY to ingest an addictive poison...and seem to be targeting kids with the fruity flavors....

    disgusting bunch big tobacco....anything to get anybody hooked for as long as possible.......i was hooked on cigs for way too many years and poured a ton of money into the big tobacco coffers (coffins?).....it was/is pure hell to quit but fortunately i did manage to do it and haven't touched a cig in over 15 years....as some have said " it's easy to quit smoking...i'v done it dozens of times"...

    to OP...good for you now stay off the damn things and slowly your breathing will likely improve....along with your taste buds, your smell and your overall self esteem.

    you are so shallow to think you know all there is to know about e ciggs. it is a easy, & safe, method to get off of ciggs. you fail to understand, or maybe you do not want to understand it is another tool to use to quit smoking. your self esteem is bordering on "crackpot" status.oh and do you smell your childs breath? truly? do you sniff bike seats to check for. ... oh forget it you probely do.

    E Cigs may not be as toxic as Tobacco, and a stepping stone off Tobacco,but eventually you have to wean your self off Nicotine.

  8. I never even started smoking, but I do have a bit of sympathy with lifetime smokers in their sixties and seventies because they never knew the health risks when they started.

    Younger people in their forties and fifties who are smoking, I just can't understand their stupidity, the health risks were well documented when they started smoking, but they

    obviously didn't bother, and most of them are going to suffer in their old age. there is still time for them to try and stop smoking, I wish they would.

    Hard to believe, but it wasn't that unusual to see a doctor smoking either a cigarette or a pipe when I was young. Doctors actually suggested that people with a "nervous disposition" take up smoking to calm their nerves!

    Yes! I can confirm when I was a teenager,a Doctor who smoked was not unusual,their consulting rooms stank with a stale tobacco smell. I suspect they also had a bottle of scotch tucked away in a drawer! more recent years a young Doctor confessed that he liked a cigarette or two at weekends,I admired him for that!

  9. I used to smoke, then stopped, but it didn't stop me getting COPD. This is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

    Symptoms are wheezing, coughing. It is caused by damage to the lungs primarily caused by smoking. I think the damage varies and it comes and goes and sometimes gets infected - what they call an exacerbation.

    It can't be cured - but there are inhalers that help. My Doctor gives me antibiotics that I can use if I get an infection on my lungs when on holiday.

    So I am ok with it most of the time.

    I got a copy of my medical records from my Doctor and interestingly there was a note - years before it became apparent to me - saying "Possible COPD?" I would like to have been aware of that.

    I have been a lot better recently and use Tiotropium (Spiriva) inhaler and more recently I have an inhaler for Fluticasone furoate (Relvar) which helps a lot.You will understand that I am not a medico - just a geezer with a similar sounding problem. Yours might be quite different.

    Three months in Nong Khai 2014/15 and not a wheeze - well from the chest anyway!

    My symptoms sound very similar. I had a bout of what I thought was bronchitis a couple of months back, never had it before in my life, but it may have been a chest infection from COPD or COAD. I'm not really having any trouble breathing as a rule, but this wheeze I've developed after 2 years of quitting is a worry in case it gets worse.

    COPD is also called emphesema and perpetual Bronchitis is the end result which never completely goes away. COPD sufferers have a "rescue pack" on hand,which consists of Antibiotics and Steroids, only to be taken as a last resort, taken too often and Antibiotics,lose their effectiveness and immunity is a danger! Chest Infections are very common and frequent!

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