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  1. America made a medical statement ( precedence) a long time ago when it came to covering expats Medicare benefits ! Stands to reason they wouldn't make exceptions with the virus
  2. It could be worse my friend like some countries, America could put restrictions on Social Security and make it difficult for some who depend on that income to live here ! The embassy does offer alerts to its countrymen that live abroad ,which imop is a plus !
  3. It seems as though your tactics of taking precautions have worked so far ! Maybe take the approach that if it ain't broke don't fix it ! imop
  4. How many of them practice mitigation guidelines, such as hygiene, social distancing !
  5. Recently there was news ,that 9 medical staff, had a bad reaction to the vacc.(sinovac) News stories like this are taken seriously by some Thai's !
  6. Many of my wife's family that are over sixty,up here in sakon nakhon won't take it! I have a appointment to get the vacc June 28th at the village clinic! I requested AZ ! Fingers crossed that the dr has it! If they try the bait and switch ,I will decline to take the alternative, sinovac !
  7. My buddy in Wales got the AZ shot ! Whats good enough for him is good enough for me! Besides getting the shot is one step closer to being able to contribute to my life's travel bucket list ,that would be anywhere that has ocean beaches and G string bathing beauties
  8. Its like stop talking about it! Just do it ! Many will pay for it,just to get a chance to live free
  9. Nothin much a country can do about that,the sneaks will be sneaks! They want to work ,I suppose ! The mitigation plan won't work as long as this happens! Step up the vacc's
  10. I hope they put them up in a quarantine facility ! I don't trust the honor system by letting them go home to self quarantine !
  11. There is some resemblance of other countries relaxing their restrictions for traveling ! The lowest efficacy rating of the major vacc's is the chinese vaccine sinovax,I believe ! My question is are there countries that are less likely to accept this vaccine for travel requirement's ?
  12. I want to see the AZ vial as they are withdrawing the vaccine into the syringe !
  13. AZ seems to be the only other option in June right now besides the dreaded china one ! I'm (sixty eight ) and have a appointment for June 24 to get examined and vaccinated by one of the village doctors up here in Sakon Nakhon ! I told my wife to call the village head today,so she visited the doctor he recommended. The doc said make the appointment and see what happens for choices on what vaccines are being given! I will decline the China vac if that's all they have ! My wife's family said they are scared to take the china one! Good luck with getting the coun
  14. Does Thailand have the death penalty ? I cringe when I think of this young girl crying out for her Maae, as she is heinously murdered!
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