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  1. I'm waiting for my shots starting in October! I can't control vaccine compliance,by others ! 2 to 3 weeks after my second shot ,its off to the beach, for this Issaner
  2. Non aerosol deep woods Mosquito Repellent ! 25 percent deet ! Make sure you tighten the bottle caps and stick them in a zip lock bag to prevent leaking in your checked baggage !
  3. Unfortunately, you never get the whole story from eyewitness reports ! Looks like the guy was defending himself from further assault, according to the PBS story ! "Known as the “Uncle Engineer” case, the incident became headline news and a hot topic on social media, drawing widespread and mixed reactions from netizens, with most sympathizing with the elderly man, who was being seen as the victim of bullying. The court ruled that the shooter had merely defended himself against threats from the victim and his friends, who had assaulted him during their first encount
  4. Getting the medical staff to conclude it was the cause is gonna be like pulling teeth, very difficult ! imop
  5. I hoped they doubled up on the tip for each one ! The decent thing to do ,when times are tough !
  6. You'll find that some apps won't run on old ios ! 2 of my banks would only accept ios 14 + Sad cause I had a 5s for almost 7 years ! That model wasn't getting updates anymore after 12.4 I believe ! I had to buy a 2020 SE
  7. I read somewhere the forces that be in the Travel industry are predicting 2023 !
  8. I don't know where you live but I had to use a Notary back in 2015 ! I traveled to Udon Thani ! I believe at the time ,I needed to prove who I was to the land office, so I could sell my house in Aruba ! You can google "notary public udon thani" or try it close to your location's large city
  9. Since Covid I don't get a shave ! I get the haircut,brows,ears, and nose ! Come to think of it ,the nose should be off limits ! oops I forgot about that! Fingers crossed that the 100 people before me didn't pick up a variant of covid and transfer it to those non sterile scissors !
  10. When you got the anti venom serum did they supply you with a syringe ?
  11. Non O based on marriage just dodged another Thai bullet ,so to speak ! I don't have insurance ! I have money that accumulated over the years and set a side just for medical,luxury items and fun times !
  12. Moderna appointment for my family and myself! I and 3 others in my family got on a list back in May, at a private hospital in UD for the M vacc . I conferred with them today ,they started excepting refundable deposits ! They expect the vacc's to come anytime starting October through December ! They quoted 3600 for 1 person ! The CSR said there would be an additional Dr. fee but she wasn't sure what the charge would be. I sent a deposit ! I'm not sure if I can mention the hospital ! PM me if you want to know .
  13. Hey T ,Why viber? Its just free for members .Why not a free one like textfree or talktone apps! I have these,I'm almost positive there's free calling to the states
  14. I inquired about purchasing a phone from mintmobile I have a mint mobile account already ,I'm looking to buy a second phone(4g,5g capable ) from Amazon or ebay exactly the same as the ones on the MM website! My thinking was,what could go wrong if the phone is the same model and its unlocked ! Just out of curiosity I asked Mintmobile CS about activation, they couldn't guaranty that their phone would pass the IMEI test! I'm not a tech geek but shouldn't this company being testing their product before it leaves the warehouse ! CS said good question and that he would
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but no bars mean no signal from the tower ! Have you tried testing it by sending a txt to it through a voip ?
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