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  1. In the US some Christian people consider gambling a sin, so they slink into casinos and hope God doesn't notice. With Chinese people they'll stop at the little shrine at the entrance of the casino, offer some incense and prayers for good luck. Two completely different perspectives. Some years ago someone did a mural in NYC's Chinatown portraying the story of the Chinese people's coming to America, with scenes of working the railroads, panning for gold, etc. But the big image dominating the mural was a poker hand. Man, I wish I took a picture of it, back in the 80s, that building is probably gone now.
  2. In the backpacker crowd the idea of a middle-aged white guy with a young ethnic woman is the epitome of disgusting. The ones who are most disgusted by it are the Occidental gals with Thai "boyfriends" who freeload off them, hit them up for $$ with sick buffalo stories etc. If you confront one such, you'll be told it's different for them. (sound familiar?) One gal admitted to me that she once had a beau from Isaan and the only thing he talked about was money. Also, no shortage of Occidental young couples broken apart because the Thai bargirls stole the guy away.
  3. I use Aomei's disk partition tool, but for backup I've been using Macrium's Reflect. And it really is free, with a few bells and whistles less than the paid version. I've been using it nearly 3 years, and it's restore capabilities do well. I have a lot of partitions, the C drive is the only one I backup with this software. For the others I have another hard drive (connected via USB) that I back up the other partitions to, using a file compare program like Beyond Compare.
  4. Comedian Garry Shandling went to the doctor, telling him about a pain in his chest. The doctor examined him and then told Garry pretty much the same thing. He died week later ( pulmonary thrombosis) .
  5. I always had the impression that agreement originated inside the Beltway (Washington DC). They needed someone from the region to put it forth, couldn't present a gringo plan. Maybe the lefties down there are up to something, a lot of Nicaraguans come and go from neighboring CR.
  6. One of the top things on the WH agenda is distraction, and Kellyanne is, and has been, the prime divert-er (after DT himself) which is why I called her the Minister of Diversion. Things getting desperate, with her having to resort to this. Roger Stone managed a good divert turning his arrest into a case of police brutality, distracting from the reason why he was busted in the first place. My guess is that someone tapped Conway on the shoulder, which made her turn around and the woman gave her an earful. ANY sort of physical contact can be made to sound like assault: if you do a web search you can find the incident where Sheryl Crowe touched Karl Rove on the arm and he made a spectacle of it. Anyone working for this WH who goes to any sort of Latin American cuisine restaurant has got to be pretty dumb to not realize the people in the kitchens are spitting in their food (if not something even more foul ). DT himself even once remarked that he orders mass-produced fast food that is already prepared as a way of avoiding this sort of thing. But you have to wonder about the staff at the places he owns.
  7. During the 1992 campaign there was all this stuff in the trash rags about "the alien." I only saw this stuff at the cashier in the supermarket, but the headlines sounded like it was an ongoing coverage thing. I couldn't believe anyone actually believed it. Then came the time Fox News had to tell their viewers explicitly that there was no zombie apocalypse. When I was a kid The Enquirer (as people called it) was about bizarre and unbelievable crap, like a woman giving birth to a giant fly. It was maybe in the 1970s that it became about celebrity gossip. How long has it been about politics? My guess would be the 2008 campaign (I was out of the country at the time.)
  8. Maybe Bezos will do a hostile takeover of AMI, offer Pecker a ridiculous amount he couldn't possibly refuse to stay on, and then force him to do things to betray all he has. This isn't just civil suit stuff, folks, we're talking crime.
  9. From what I can make out Eric may be the sleeper, the only (somewhat) rational one in the bunch. They say he's the one managing the day-to-day affairs of the organization. DT Jr is very much like his dad, thinks he can talk his way through anything and makes a fool of himself: remember how he said conversations with his father are protected by attorney-client privilege? IMO this thing about junior and the divorce, along with his very visible affair with a Fox News personality (who Roger Ailes at least once referred to as a "Puerto Rican wh_re") is a ploy to keep the family fortune in the family. If the divorce gets finalized and wifey gets half of whatever that's less that can be sequestered when the crime organization is brought to justice. But maybe they will find a way to take that as well. Then when he gets out of prison he re-unites with wifey. A snowball's chance in hell that Jr. marries Guilfoyle, but there could be a palimony attempt. It would be interesting to know if Jr's divorce case is being fast-tracked. On the other hand wifey could go off-script, takes the $$ and "moves on."
  10. Happened last October? Why is the Minister of Deflection bringing this up today? Are we supposed to be distracted from what the orange guy is doing? OTOH DT doesn't like when the spotlight is on anyone other than himself. A salted nut, anyone?
  11. You are being kind. I think he looks like a hemorrhoid. Witch hunt? It's more like pest control. Actually I put some blame on the Senate Dems. When Kavanaugh cried about bias and unfair treatment, and Miz Lindsey threw his "how dare you treat this boy like this!" tantrum the Dems immediately backed down. This has emboldened the whole rogue's gallery to pull these attitudes. The only way to get rid of bullies is to stand up to them. The Dems have to stop being such candyasses. But can these people possibly behave any more like they have something to hide? The DT ascension has emboldened all sorts of grifters from across the US, check out the backstory on Maria Butina's boyfriend.
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