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  1. "Anti-fascist organizations are terrorists!" says the fascist president. The good guys are the ones who side with the police, right? https://www.muckrock.com/news/archives/2019/apr/24/pbb-patriot-prayer-logs/ https://www.portlandmercury.com/blogtown/2018/10/15/23710274/members-of-patriot-prayer-brought-loaded-firearms-to-roof-before-august-protest
  2. Does us mean the people who voted for him? Doesn't PM imply the person specified in the title is there as part of a democratic tenancy? That there Frank, he don't like elections.
  3. Same thing happened with Clark's shoes. I wonder if they are now the same company.
  4. Logitech M310 or M325 and I'll check out whatever Logi or MSFT is on sale. Yeah I'm clumsy, heavy-fingered on the buttons, I'll drop them, etc. I'd guess about 18 months average, and I'll always have a spare. Used to buy the cheapies, figuring with the way I use them they won't last long anyway, but after a spate of ones that only lasted a few weeks I now go with Logi in the 300b range. I remember having an MSFT that lasted for quite a while, was a real solid piece of work; I don't know if this is still the case, but they were made by Logi. Logitech had a factory store in the SiliValley area, had a bunch of OEM stuff.
  5. Tried to get there from NYC. My buddy and me went to Port Authority Bus Terminal Saturday morning, place was like a ghost town, anything involving buses going upstate was closed down. "No buses going no where" a cop told us. Movie recommendation: A Walk on the Moon
  6. Actually it was Dennis Hopper who was the force behind Easy Rider, his dealings involving how the movie was made changed the movie business. There was a certain social group of young movie biz hopefuls in the '50s and '60s, some with new visions (Coppola and a lot of the people who became his technical crew, Hopper, Bob Rafelson) and those who were just waiting for their Big Break (Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern) to name a few. I guess one of the bankable factors of Easy Rider was that "Henry Fonda's son" was in it, something that would draw in the parents and grandparents of my generation. There is a scene in Easy Rider where they and the 2 girls they pick up in New Orleans are hanging out in a cemetery, and they're on acid -- and I would think they really were, why not? At one point it shows Fonda freaking out, in an imaginary conversation with his mother. Always wondered about that. I never thought much of Pete as an actor, but there was a movie (I think in the 1990s) about yuppie motorcycle riders, and Pete shows up in a self-parody cameo, not many people in show biz could handle that. For those who are unfamiliar with Henry check out "12 Angry Men" or "The Ox Bow Incident." I saw Jane in Cat Ballou at a tender age, man did she look good!
  7. I worked with a US guy who was in the military during the Cold War, stationed in Greenland. He used to say "remember, Greenland is ice and Iceland is green." Some people are actually defending this craziness by DT. If it was the paid trolls well, they're just doing their job. Otherwise....
  8. Is there a Thai equivalent to the US colloquialism "everyone gets their beak wet" ?
  9. How Both Desktop and Downloads say 'Downloads' and I can't get to the downloads folder. Are you saying that you see these two entries in File Explorer? C:\Users\your_username\Downloads C:\Users\your_username\Downloads This is technically impossible, so there is something going on under the hood that allows the system to distinguish one from the other. I recall I had a similar problem back in Win7 days. In my research I learned there was some special kind of link that was used under the C:\Users directory, different from the standard Win shortcut . It was messy, having to do with UAC permissions, etc. If you have the patience you may want to look in that direction. Personally I'd say do a complete backup of your C:\ drive (and verify it!) and then use the Win installation utility to repair your system. I did this back when I was running Win7, I think had I messed things up by playing around with performance optimizers, registry compressors, etc. I was quite impressed by the results: CPU usage dropped to single digits afterwards, whereas it was idling at around 20% beforehand, execution was definitely faster, and the weirdness under C:\Users was healed. If you don't like the results you can restore from the backup. Or just learn to live with the present glitch.
  10. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT! Thank you for playing. A certain US newsperson of unquestionably progressive stance says that for the first time she actually feels sorry for DT, in that this is obviously a cruel hoax. Personally, I think it is ok, his buffoon personality and odious manner is all his own doing. Perhaps after he is dead his kids will come forward and declare that Daddy Dearest was diagnosed as mentally ill, and that any scorn for him is sick and unforgivable. But hang in there, this may be the first US president to be escorted from the WH in a straight jacket. Or armed officers.
  11. The 2nd Amendment does not address mental deficiency. Having a criminal record is no reason to deprive someone of the right to own a gun. Welcome to America, where insanity trickles down from the top.
  12. If there is any indication of the poor state of mental health treatment in the US it is DT. Not only himself, but, er, how many people voted for him? And then there's this guy in US Congress who is saying "where would we be without rape and incest?" How did this guy get this far without being spotted?
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