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  1. They have certain tropes that get brought up and when they do then I know it's someone to write off. And sites like the ones mentioned in the article are the fountain. And look at fortunes they've amassed! If not for Clinton and Obama, Rush and Glen Beck would still be doing used car radio ads in Podunk. Alex Jones would be working in a car wash. My fave is Michelle Obama wants to be president! That one can simply be written off as uninformed, as anyone who had been paying attention knows Michelle couldn't wait to get out of the fishbowl, but I guess Fox didn't report on that. But no, they really like to go on about it as a looming threat. And then the screaming fetuses at the abortion clinics. The stuff about human trafficking (they LOVE that one), I suspect there may be someone in the higher reaches of the right who is actually up to something with that, and the diversion is to put it out in the fools' fodder and blame it on Hillary. They also especially have it in for the female pols. AOC has made Hillary's life a little easier by simply sharing the load. "Lock her up!" "Who?" "Who do you have?" (a slight to Marlon Brando in The Wild One for that) Smarten up guys, you have nothing to lose.
  2. Listen up, folks! Even Katie Couric can read the writing on the wall!
  3. And the name of that reporter is.... ??? Add to your statement "not a narrative dictated by The Leader and his cronies" and I'm with you. Being against an authoritarian takeover of the gov't does not make one a leftist, but I could see how one who favors being submissive to iron-heel rule would see it that way. You're not one of those, are you? As ol' Mitch McC (aka the second-rank Moscow puppet in DC) would probably put it "I'm against justice and fairness as it would favor the Democrats." Actually, he did say rules against foreign interference would favor Democrats -- please explain that one, Mitch. The Clown of the Week Award is a tie between Lamar Alexander and Susan Collins for both saying publicly that DT has learned his lesson from the impeachment experience and will now behave himself.
  4. I grew up in NYC, and in my youth I was stopped and patted down by cops for merely walking down the street, can't say how many times. And this was 1960s-70s. So it was not something new Bloomy introduced, he just encouraged it. So excuse me for not considering it a race problem. Yeah, I'm a progressive, but this victimization stuff really rankles my ___
  5. No need to teach a dog how to sniff out pork sausages, eh?
  6. When I was a kid we had a Catholic parish priest with that name. He had a thick accent and spoke Italian, so I assumed that's what he was, and was definitely over 50. His main role was Italian-language mass (this was pre-Vat II, so the ceremonial part was still in Latin) and hear confessions from what was left of the old country folk. Otherwise we didn't see much of him. Sorry, no pedophile joke here. His name was pronounced "Buddha cake." JT: did you see the clip of the caucuser (sp?) in Iowa who found out PB was gay (and married to a man!) after voting? She kept saying "are you kidding me?" And then "can I have my vote card back?" I think Seth played it.
  7. What happened to that well-worn piece of GOP bravado "we don't negotiate with terrorists"?
  8. The the Moscow Mitch/DT plan was to have it all sewn up before SOTU. It can be looked up in any legit news archive. But alas! If they would have delayed the impeachment trial so that in was still going on after the new year they would have got Lev and Bolton's testimony. Or maybe those two only came forward because it was "too late"?
  9. In the past week I've heard both Steve Bannon and DT speak well of Bernie. Read that sentence again. If you don't see the ploy there you should keep away from political discussion, stick to topics about sports and sex. Part of Bernie's speeches are about what a corrupt piece of slime the Man With the Orange Face is, yes, that same one with skin as thin as tissue paper who can't handle the slightest disagreement. But he speaks well of Sanders! I wonder why... In 2016 Ted Cruz was being interviewed by Chris Matthews ("I'm not an idiot but I play one on TV"). Ted said Bernie is a good candidate. Matthews laughed in his face and said "So, there it is! Ted Cruz is a Bernie Sanders Republican!" These GOP guys are so obvious it's like they're trying to get you to drink from the poisoned glass. They probably have the whole Sanders playbook all laid out, gathering dust on a shelf these past 4 years. And now Karl Rove has emerged from his coffin and is talking about what the best strategy for the Dems would be. Sure, Karl...
  10. oh jeez, this is where he got it from https://www.factcheck.org/2020/02/will-the-new-coronavirus-go-away-in-april/ More than one virus spreading rapidly around the globe these days.
  11. Just saw Barr in the ABC interview. The most impressive thing is that DT's arm is so long you can't see it even though he has his hand up puppet Barr's rectum.
  12. ...he said, fully aware that the odds were in his favor that the judge would be a member of The Party.
  13. I don't buy it. It's a reality show ploy to keep things exciting (DT said the problem with the Dem debates is they are boring, this is his idea of excitement). What did Ashley really say to Horsley about Chutney's new boyfriend? Tune in tomorrow...
  14. DT has a bee in his bonnet (or whatever you call that thing on his head) about vengeance against Mueller and all involved. If all this is opened up, would that mean the full, uncensored Mueller report would be made public? If so, let him proceed.
  15. If you say this in earnest than it is really important for you to start getting your news from other sources. There is a lot Fox will not show. Youtube would help, look up his name and sc_m, put a U in the blank. And that's just a start.
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