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  1. There has been somewhat of a "crisis" involving global shipping as of late, involving shipping containers (don't think it affects air freight as much). Maybe it has something to do with this. Here's a sample, for more details do a search https://www.dw.com/en/coronavirus-pandemic-triggers-shipping-container-crisis/a-57162384
  2. Tell him you are from a very wealthy family, that your father is always talking about $$$ and hearing about it makes you sick, you are only interested in true love, etc. But you have a diamond broach you'd like to give her, perhaps she can pawn it etc. Then you can play it out for a long time, e.g. package to poste restante but tell him you sent it to a town a few hundred miles away from the one he gave, send him running. There is a bunch of people who scam the scammers and have fun doing it. There is a long story that precedes what you'll see in this vid. https://www.youtu
  3. Wind chimes would be forbidden. First abuse gets a warning. They put them up again and its the death penalty, no exceptions. Only women without hanging belly fat would be permitted to wear bare midriff clothing. Only Arabica coffee beans can be cultivated. The song "New York New York" from that Martin Scorsese movie would be banned, all mention erased from history. Rap music would no longer exist. The last album released by Miles Davis would be Sketches of Spain. The last Bob Dylan album released would be Blonde on Blonde. All in th
  4. Just saw a documentary on crime in Papua New Guinea. Lovely place. The locals will be happy to see you when you arrive.
  5. During the time that McDonald's has been around both leprosy and smallpox have nearly been eradicated. The correlation is obvious . . . Just wait until someone figures out AIDS can be avoided by not eating quiche.
  6. Eat more pad kra prao, why not? It's not a chore, like smelly overcooked cabbage. Healing powers of Tom Yum soup -- a familiar concept. Cannabis is a great preventative. I've smoked a lot of it, and though I may be old and falling apart I marvel at the number of things I didn't come down with. Yet.
  7. In Lean on Me compare the school at the beginning of the movie, where the problem was students sticking chewing gum to the underside of the desks, to the school he transfers to.
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