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  1. Avira self-updates, both the virus definitions and the program itself. It also installs other stuff you didn't ask for when you use the free version. Try uninstalling all the other Avira stuff except for "Avira Antivirus" and "Avira Security." You need both of those to run the antivirus. Avira can be a pain with all the junk they try to foist on you, but once you get past that it seems to do a good job as an AV. I just posted something about this on another thread.
  2. Just did a clean reinstall of 20H2 and stuck with Defender AV. Ran it for a few weeks, the scans were pretty clean. Then ran Avira and Malwarebytes, both immediately detected rogue instances of svchost.exe. So much for Defender as an AV, but the firewall in good for blocking what I tell it to.
  3. Willful neglect. Anticipating civil suits galore from the bereaved.
  4. This is an example of why I say the "T___p thing" stopped being politics after he was inaugurated and became a personality cult (arguably it was even before the election). The proof of it is he could say ANYTHING (and has!) and his followers will accept it, agree with it, and defend it. And they still do. If he was more adept at Christian scripture the cult would be a full-on religion by now. But with preachers claiming from the pulpit that the election was stolen and that DT was anointed by god, this mess is still getting uglier. https://www.npr.org/2021/02/21/969539514/disin
  5. Anticipating the uncensored version of the report will be released, soon.
  6. Are there any US prisons where the inmates can play golf?
  7. A popular image in Mexico. Pretty impressive for a predominantly Catholic country.
  8. Not easy when the water in the bathtub is a mass of ice. https://theconversation.com/the-shutdown-drowning-government-in-the-bathtub-111333
  9. Isn't there a rule in Mormonism that they cannot remove their underpants? That's gotta chafe!
  10. He will be back. In court. https://www.businessinsider.com/supreme-court-trump-tax-returns-manhattan-disrict-attorney-vance-2021-2
  11. Is this your idea of a Susan Collins impersonation? A quote from January 2020: Susan Collins' beyond-laughable explanation for her impeachment vote
  12. The event is sure to be a superspreader. The former president still at work on the body count.
  13. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2020/sep/29/donald-trump-still-king-poorly-educated/ And this from a newspaper worthy of Q!
  14. Prognosticators have been talking about Texas turning blue, but I don't think this is what they mean.
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