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  1. I have nothing to contribute to this thread, but it has been a very interesting read.
  2. Maybe you're on to something. We can all sue each other in an endless circle and see what happens. More like with no cash infusion from foreigners the locals keep picking each other's pockets for the same little bit of currency. In some of these places the way newer computer technology reaches them is when it's stolen from the tourists. Someone recently explained to me that in Ecuador they are quite good at dismantling and then salvaging stolen laptops, such that the newly assembled laptop will bear no resemblance to the one reported stolen.
  3. It's changed. The US now has a president who panders to the lunatic fringe. Stuff that would have been ignored in the past, like ingesting household disinfectant and outright lies, are now coming from the guy in the Oval Office. No way that kind of idiocy can be made acceptable. As for Evanina, here's the usual course: he'll be defamed and denounced, have his life and his family's threatened, then be forced to resign or get fired.
  4. But, as John Lecarre's Smiley character put it, "we're on the side of the angels." (disclaimer: it may not have been Smiley himself, might have been his boss) (been a long time since I read that)
  5. "Mommy, why those ladies not wearing clothes?" Is this like the way NYC re-imaged Times Square?
  6. Next we'll hear about thieves in Latin America suing their countries' tourist departments for ruining their business, as there are no tourists for them to rob. Maybe someone like Bezos will buy Ecuador.
  7. Vaccine not ready in time for this https://www.thedailybeast.com/250000-bikers-to-defy-common-sense-and-screw-covid-for-nine-days-at-sturgis-motorcycle-rally Live feed Just saw an electric sign on the feed "Hand Sanitizer $15.99 for a half gallon"
  8. Just checked their website, 5 million members, annual membership dues run US$30-45. Does all that go to paying off politicians? No. And that's what this case is about. Even denounced by Ollie North, who, if you recall the trial in the 1980s, was not shy about dipping his fingers into the expense account. When I was a kid the NRA was about giving classes gun safety. I can't say how it became a nationalist movement, but I guess someone figured a way to bring in more $$$. But only 5 million, in a country with 300+ million? How does this make them a force to be reckoned with? A bunch of greasy crooks is what they are. Would be ironic if LaPierre met his demise from the dispatch of a disgruntled member.
  9. My prediction: On October 29th he will say a vaccine has been found. Why not? If he has the cojones to lie as blatantly as this then all bets are off. I chose the Thursday before Election Day because everyone in media knows it'll be talked about all weekend. "It's not true!" "Yes it is!" Those who still refuse to acknowledge this guy is a charlatan will swallow it. Still doubt he'll get more than 45%, if that. On the other hand that miracle he predicted might be a few hours away....
  10. Surely this president allows open carry of weapons at his country club, the god-given 2nd Amendment and all that.
  11. so then explain to your wife how she can get ALMOST pregnant. ...and then there was the gal who told me she was almost a virgin. I didn't laugh, but it took a lot of effort.
  12. I've used FF for ages. One thing about it is stuff in the profiles goes sideways after a while and needs a housecleaning ever so often, especially if updating/deleting add-ons over time. I went over to Waterfox for the sake of keeping my add-ons back when they redid FF a few years ago. I still use it, but certain sites are clumsy and take a while to load (like tvf). I recently put in the latest FF and use that when logging in here, but when I want to bookmark something I have to bring it up in Waterfox. You may want to try the portableapps version of FF, the settings etc will be kept in the folder you install it in, and not use the AppData dir. Also certain sites I use are not FF friendly and I have to go over to Chrome browser to access them.
  13. This is exactly what it's a about. GOP political ops are hard at work getting him on the ballot in Wisconsin at this moment. The targets are the swing states. Will his campaign slogan be "slavery was a choice" ?
  14. Brilliant! A poet and a prophet. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/08/05/trump-says-theres-no-question-the-coronavirus-will-go-away.html Ashes to ashes, and things go away. Will Barron be going off to school?
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