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  1. 2 hours ago, NanLaew said:

    Something getting lost in the translation here?


    If he has already married his Thai wife and has the wedding certificate and/or the kor ror 2 'update' document, I don't see why he needs to get anything from the UK.


    AFAIK, only the foreigner has to get notarized proof from his embassy for any local amphur to permit his marriage to a local woman. It's broadly called an affirmation of freedom to marry.


    I haven't heard of an amphur needing the Thai female partner to furnish any written evidence that she is similarly unencumbered. Even if your friend's wife's previous marriage and divorce was done solely in the UK, I haven't heard of any amphur or immigration being overly concerned about the female partners previous marriage.

    Unless she is the widow of, for instance, a Brit as some Amphurs will not accept an English Death Certificate on the basis it states "Copy" and insist they must see the original! However, others will without question.

  2. On 1/7/2019 at 8:14 PM, Sheryl said:

    65k in and then straight out again, all of it, would surely raise questions.


    In my mind as well (what do you live on?)


    But a portion of it out each month with various draw downs on the rest should be fine.


    You can transfer I think up to 15K USD via Dee Money.

    You could alternate the 65k bi-monthly with no problem via TorFX. 

  3. On 1/7/2019 at 5:50 PM, bdenner said:

    Been using Baht Smart for some time now for my AUD transfers. My KBank statements shows these funds coming from a variety of sources. eg.


    Chang Mia Branch

    Head Office


    Nothing actually showing an international transfer.


    So what now???

    KBank say they are unable to show a transfer as International due to the local processing procedure prior to it being credited to your account. Only solution appears to be change to BKB as they are the only one, I think, that does.

  4. For confirmed bachelors getting married is nearer to doing a pole vault, sans pole, than a hurdle and that makes it an incredibly difficult thing for them so you have to have sympathy for those guys. Nigh impossible for the very old while quietly living out their days and then being confronted by this problem, that may be when arriving at immigration to renew their retirement extension. It may cause some to choose the ultimate solution, very sad!! :-( Another problem created by Thai immigration and the BE with no thought given to the elderly bachelor!


    Maybe this topic will be raised with the relevant authority and hopefully given serious consideration as I'm sure nobody wants even a single person to commit suicide as a result of the proposed change.

  5. 4 hours ago, DILLIGAD said:

    If it’s £142 after tax, they (BKK UK Embassy) allow you to use the sum before tax is deducted, BUT unlike some other countries, proof is required to back-up this figure.



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    On that level of income he shouldn't be paying tax and will have no need to complete a tax return. Not to mention that the State Pension is always paid gross. 

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  6. On 2017-5-11 at 10:06 AM, MiKT said:

    Aha, Sherlock, the question is: "Is it legally wrong in Thailand to be using the old passport when you don't have the new one"?


    If there is no world-wide database, why should they care and what would they charge you with? Your old passport would be the one which is in the Thai immigration database; and that cannot be updated until you present them with the new one to transfer your chops.


    You can't really pop into immigration and say "Oh I have just applied for a new UK passport, please remove me from being legally resident in Thailand until I get the new one".


    This is exactly why Trendy don't clip you old one until you get the new one; you can still legally use it "for identification purposes".............. so you use it to identify yourself to Thai immigration when you go in and out, until you get the new one. That's got to be legal.


    What about people who have applied for a new passport say from Malaysia and then travel to Thailand for 3 months holiday using their old passport. Nobody will know or stop them entering or leaving Thailand, and when they get back to KL they will still be admitted as KL immigration won't know they have a new one waiting at the Malaysian equivalent of Trendy.


    All theoretical I know, but how else can it work? Its not just in LOS, but also applies to any other country in the world; except perhaps those whose immigration might be directly linked to UK immigration (if there are any like that) Northern Ireland maybe, but then they would also know that you had been issued a new passport and were just using the old one "for identification purposes" so it would all be legal.


    The British Passport office cannot stop people from travelling around the rest of the world, whilst they bugger about issuing you with a new passport. I don't even think they could stop you leaving and returning to the UK with your old passport.


    Get Watson to mull over that for a while.


    All very 555.






    It was explicitly stated by the UK VFS that the old passport was only good for use as a form of ID and could not to be used for travel. That was on 26th April. My application was received in the UK (Newport) on 1st May with the new one issued on 3rd May it was received by VFS at 09:11 on Monday 8th May. Are you saying that until such time that it is collected you have two passports listed on the UK database as valid?


    That raises the question that once the new one is signed to validate it and the old one has a corner clipped when is the old one cancelled on the UK database? As an aside I was asked by the VFS officer if I wanted the corner to be clipped!! Had I replied no then what, as it did not expire until February 2018. My guess is that had I used it to exit Thailand then arrival at LHR it would have been instantly picked up as CANCELLED.

  7. 8 minutes ago, Upnotover said:

    Whilst the passport is cancelled in the UK the database this is not shared with the whole world.  So despite it being no longer valid it could still be used to cross borders.  But as it takes only 2 or 3 weeks to replace you would have to be pretty badly organised to need to use the old one.

    Just because the corner is not clipped doesn't mean you could cross borders as the application is entered into the VFS system in Thailand so should be available to immigration and passport control.

  8. 3 minutes ago, MiKT said:

    Aha, maybe you are right, but I don't think it gets canceled until they issue the new one in the UK, after they have cashed your money, not when you apply at Trendy.


    Also I don't think that worldwide databases actually exist, some of the countries I have worked in have stone age immigration systems. Plus I don't actually believe that LOS has a great system; after all, if your name is Boss you can come and go as you please.


    But its all a bit academic really, if you actually have to travel when waiting for your new passport you can get an emergency document from the Embassy.


    Remember this is the UK passport office for UK citizens, not Thai or other nationalities and that a debit or credit card payment takes just seconds to execute. With the turn round so fast now, in my case 12 days including 2 weekends and MayDay, just 7 working days and I believe that is was received in Newport on 1st May. It would have to be a sudden emergency it needing to travel out of Thailand. Yes correct an emergency travel doc if need be but very expensive too!

  9. On 20/03/2017 at 1:39 PM, MiKT said:

    Just 5 minutes ago I was checking the UK Gov site for passport renewal and your statement  "You can’t wear sunglasses or tinted glasses. You can wear reading glasses but your eyes must show fully through clear lenses without glare or reflections"  is quite correct. This is fully corroborated by the illustrations that show acceptable and non-acceptable photographs. 


    The Visa company must be misreading the site.


    But since (unlike a driving licence) it does not matter much you can send photo's of you not wearing specs if that makes it easier.







    The best strategy is to ignore the passport  renewal companies. They are only interested in how much the next sucker can be relieved of. Their knowledge of the regulations is not good, to put it politely. 


    Renewing a passport is easy unless you are unfortunately dyslexic. The forms are straightforward and everything is clearly spelt out. What you need to provide is also well covered and easy to follow. And the credit/debit card form is easy to complete as well and clearly states the payment will be taken in GBP and as most will have a UK bank account that should not be difficult.


    Submitted my renewal application at 15:20 on 26th April and it was back at Suvarnabhumi by midnight on Saturday 6th May with the VFS signing as received at 08:13 on Monday 8th. With the total cost £106.01 it is not expensive, however, the cost of two flights plus taxis at least doubles that amount even using the promo flights. However, quick and efficient with good service by pleasant staff.



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  10. On 03/05/2017 at 8:03 PM, MiKT said:


    Took mine in to Trendy this morning and only 15 mins with no problem, although I printed out the application form and filled it in in black before I went, I did not download the payment form; but they just gave me a new one with no fuss.


    However, anybody thinking of going should check their local photo copying facilities before they go.

    You have to make a colour copy every page of your old passport and I got ripped of for 15Baht a copy in the photo shop on the ground floor as I could not do it before. But some other nationalities were getting charged 20 Baht per copy in the same shop, so not so bad. Although they did take a good photo of me to the regulation grey background colour for a reasonable price.


    Also I am curious about my existing passport, they did not clip the corner and said they will only do this when the new one is returned in 4 weeks(ish). But I don't suppose they actually inform the Thai immigration that your passport is no longer valid, so any reason why you could not go out to another country and then return before your new passport is ready to pick-up?


    As all passport data is now online it is accessible worldwide. There is a note that I cannot immediately find that says clearly that your old passport is now only good for ID purposes and you cannot use it to travel out of the country as GOV.UK cancel the old one online when creating a new passport. When scanned at the border it will show up as invalid/cancelled.

  11. On 20/03/2017 at 2:53 PM, Upnotover said:

    Well they must have slipped up last June when they issued me a new passport (actually Liverpool issued it, Trendy just handle the application).......just follow you own link but also read what it tells you....

    It is unbelievable the amount of dross on this topic provided by numerous uninformed experts. 


    To renew a passport your documents  have to be PERSONALLY delivered to the VFS offices, including one for payment by Debit or Credit card unless another payment method has been previously agreed. Once everything has been checked your passport will be returned to you for ID purposes but it cannot be used for travel. If you complete the 'Renewal' application form online it will be rejected because it says Black BIRO in a little box. They kindly got another set of forms and copied all the details across for me to sign, including the Payment Form! That is despite the fact that all forms are now electronically scanned. You will also have to get the new Passport  collected from the VFS. However, you can nominate someone to both take and collect your passport to the VFS but they must show their ID. Your old passport will be cancelled on collection of the new one by clipping the corner as is normal practise.


    I had to travel from Roi Et and it's a far longer drive than from Korat  not to mention the cost of fuel for the return journey is more than for an airline ticket and it takes five times longer. A taxi meter to the Trendy Building costs about 200 baht on top. All done in one day and home again by 21:00.


    My 15:30 appointment took 15 minutes from the time I arrived until the time I left. 


    Lastly why many people use visa companies, at an extortionate cost, is beyond me but there again more money than sense and/or too lazy must come into it. 

  12. 10 hours ago, soinowinbkk said:

    I called 1111 about an hour back (10.30 AM on Tuesday 25 Oct) and was told to keep trying as "it's under construction" but was warned to do it in person if I cannot get it work. Ugh.

    Too late to mail in at this point so will throw away 5 hours of time or 500 baht to have a service do it (website now says to mail in no less than 15 days before due date; mine is 10 days prior today).

    BTW, I have successfully done this 3 or 4 other times but believe that it's necessary to only attempt it during business hours of Immigration office AND only only only within the period of time allowed for online period, of course.


    You can report up to 7 days after and forget the post 15 days before, it just shortens your 90 days to about 80 or even less! The last 90 I did by EMS, as on-line was not accessible, arrived withing 24 hours. Post your TM47 early in the morning and it will arrive within a few days even if you're not in or near a city.

  13. I would say that they are useful for buying transport, opening bank accs, etc. But every Amphore seems to have different rules about getting one, also the size of bribe that you have to pay to get the head Honchos signature on it varies enormously, eg. my Amphore, fairly straightforward document wise & a thousand baht bribe, my friends Amphore 40 Km away, a long list of documents & they actually want 10,000 bahts to do it....

    Needless to say they are supposed to be free but TIT

    Mine was free.

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  14. what exactly do you have to submit by mail as my 90 day report is dueon 2nd April?

    I would be grateful for the full information fror Chiangmai which now has 2 offices!


    My pinned topic in the CM forum - 90 Day Report - Procedures

    Just noticed your due date. They require it to be mailed at least 15 days before the due date.

    Can't speak for Chiang Mai but I have mailed a 90 day on a Saturday morning by EMS in the past and it has been received at the Imm office the following Monday morning. 15 days for an EMS letter is fantasy if it is going by road.

  15. 7) To repeat, prior to July 2012 the financial requirement was based on net income; after all deductions and regular outgoings.

    Just because the system prior to 2012 was fairer, in your opinion, doesn't mean it was right. I think there should be threshold and there will always be anomalies.

    Also if the people you are referring to don't earn a lot of money, they won’t be buying much to pay loads of VAT. It's a poor argument.

    With VAT at 20% just buying essentials and items that need replacing it still adds up to a lot.

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