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  1. It only takes 2 to tango, dancing is banned, making noise must have been 2much for the neighbours. Thais can make as much noise as they like. Having fun with a couple of friends is now another excuse to punish falang virus spreaders, only this news could go viral on Facebook, does not cause covid spread, someone should tell the police this.
  2. Exactly what I think. I live in Thailand but came home to Nz January 2020 with the Thai wife and my son. We have been watching and waiting and were planning to make a move back this Xmas after the lockdown ect. Now I'm thinking twice about this as I don't want to get covid at my age. I have not been vaccinated yet, not my turn until June, and I don't want to be vaccinated, nor do I want to force it on the wife and 9 year old, but it's looking like no one will be able to travel without it. I've got the mother in law staying in our house 2 scared to go out to work i
  3. No, don't throw him out, put him in an adjustment camp with Prayut, maybe Prayut can right his ways and arrange a loan for him to pay for the 6000 Bhat fine. Remember Prayut has experience in being fined for not wearing a mask.
  4. Maybe he was paying his Mia Noi a visit, the poor boy was sleeping, and breathing, had no chance. On the other hand, why??? can't Thais pick pineapples. NZ locked down on outside labour and extended visas for those seasonal workers already here. A labour shortage was created in the fruit industry which forced new Zealanders to work. Thailand came to the rescue with many older women pensioner's helping out, many complained of sore backs but man didn't they get in and work hard for some extra cash. Source my wife and her mates, we live amongst k
  5. Many including myself have touted for an entry fee into Thailand, I even think that 2000 Bhat would be ok, that's a lousy 100 dollars NZ. It could be paid with your ticket purchase which then should have wording that you are covered for health insurance including covid. This is so simple, I think all countries should be planning a policy like this, it should give them plenty of excess cash, trouble is who is going to be the underwriters, they for certain will be scrapping over the loot, just as big pharma are holding up vaccine distribution, now fighting with the politicians
  6. Holy Lexus, that's a relief. Russia just announced a new version of Sputnik, it's called Sputnik Light and it is a one shot vaccine. Putin was interviewed on RT and has said it is safer than a kalishnokof, he said I didn't say this a European vaccine specialist has said this. Testing has been done on sputnik, lancet has issued 2 papers which say Sputnik is the safest vaccine available. Russia will make the one shot version available to the rest of the world. I hope the Thai private hospitals will be able to offer a range of vaccines. It was also quot
  7. According to the chief strategic health officer in Washington, New variants will require new vaccines and booster shots for those already vaccinated. There is major concern for the new outbreaks in Asia and the Pacific. Laos is spiking, Cambodia also. In Thailand where 98% of the new infections are from a British variant. Source Bloomburg. What does this mean for the vaccines? Does it mean Asian countries and India and Nepal, which is having a huge outbreak will require new versions of the vaccine now, even before they have started using what they haven't started produc
  8. They could drill a little hole in their masks to insert the cigarette, this takes care of the inhaling, then they could either hold their breath or blow smoke out of their ears.
  9. I think the one they are going to produce is only recommended for the elderly 60 yrs plus in many countries, and banned in Denmark.
  10. They said it would be quicker to wait for the government shot. So that will be after the vaccination of 65 million Thais. They will be vaccinated with the Astra vaccine, that they haven't yet begun to manufacture, and then to manufacture Astra the company That makes the vaccine will probably be on the waiting list for the supply of the raw materials to make it, behind India. And India will also be on the waiting list as the EU is currently suing Astra over supply issues. Maybe space X will come to the rescue with supplies from Mars.
  11. To hazard a guess, this looks like an effort to protect and promote a one way ticket for the Astra doses, when they somehow get to roll out 65 million free doses. I hope they have got the raw materials supply sewn up as India has to produce Astra very quickly now.
  12. Falangs will have to wait until there is a surplus, dont hold your breath. If they are preventing private hospitals from aquireing vaccine from suppliers other than Astra then this looks political. I think Thailand will have to move mountains to get Astra going, then if you're a foreigner waiting for a surplus then you could be waiting a long time. I would rather pay for a dose of choice from a private hospital, as long as they don't go stupid on the price, which they probably would.
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