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  1. Does rabies get destroyed when you cook the dogs??
  2. They would need permission from the monks to destroy them as they might be reincarnations of people with poor levels of merit.
  3. Shooting at school kids after returning from the temple where he had been seeking merit from the monks, calling these kids rivals, the man is deluded , carrying a 38 unregistered firearm handed down by his grandfather. He should get the death penalty , he is a reckless fool a danger to society. I feel for the family suffering for this poor 14 year old girl .
  4. Why bother, why not get a single entry non immigrant O which give you 4 by three month periods and you have to cross the border to renew each 3 month period. Then you can extend it for 60 days and you don't need money in the bank. I obtain these from the Thai consulate in NZ and as I am married to a Thai and have a dependent Thai son they only ask for these documents and never asked for proof of income. I also understand the Thai immigration will accept proof of income from your bank/ the inland revenue department and the pension office instead of a embassy letter. If you need to get a NON O then you would have to go home and get it from the Thai consulate in your home land.
  5. Yes the power of the Thai women drove him to become a child again. He is a lucky child, the owner of the shop might not like the posters it seems. He might also be well advised to think seriously about the GF as it seems she has other love which does not include him. Think with you brain my son not your drain.
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