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  1. They are worried about importing new cases of c19 ,they kept the borders open and allowed thousands of Chinese in. What did that do to countries when infected people returned home, that action was probably responsible for exhalerating the spread of c19 worldwide
  2. Don’t worry,there are plenty of people dying daily from pneumonia, not c19.Insider information paints a different picture.The second wave will come from China and Europe as soon as the borders open but don’t worry China has a vaccine that’s why the enlightened ones haven’t caught the virus, and it is true China are now testing the vaccine and it looks successful.Dont fret the high speed wuhan express will soon be opened delivering spitting smoking mobs to BK and Pattaya move over falung,falung go home
  3. Funny you should say that ,I was on a plane from Chiang Mai to BK full of Chinese in late January many had masks and many were sneezing.I got sick about ten days later with fever and low energy my wife also got sick.We recovered quick and went to NZ, where we are stuck now , no one ever got sick in the district here,hence I think many have caught this and got better,probably a milder form and have now developed immunity.
  4. According to a highly respected professional teacher in Esan ,things are not what they seem to be.They are staying at home and keeping their children at home.They say 2 scared 2 go out Another source from Bumingrad hostpital said more than the official death count went out the back door daily. Deaths are being listed as pneumonia.Overseas newspaper says los Is covering up truth and the true death toll more likely up to 50000 plus. Otherwise why all the fuss at 7 eleven and malls.I think that the Chinese are driving this government and they want to open up the flood gates of tourism,a potential disaster .
  5. Do you think New Zealand will be listed as safe country as they have Covid almost completely eliminated
  6. Possibly because the covid19 situation is not as good as it is made out to be
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