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  1. CP group executives, that's who they are Mr Dhanins mates on a shopping spree, quarantine will be a breeze, special service, and I would bet - they've all had a jab of the newly approved C19 vaccine and this trip will be hailed a screaming success Watch this space.
  2. I helped send 2 Thai girls who were students staying with us at home on the first repat flight to BK. They had a fit to fly from the local GP and a declaration form signed that they had not been in a covid area for 2 weeks, all docs had to be less than 72 hours old. They had to do 2 weeks state quarantine on arrival, their mother went into quarantine with them. Cost then was 3700 NZ each, quarantine was free, process simple for Thais, not simple for expats as we well know. Some good news is I got a local insurance Thai company price for basic cover to be allowed back 25000 Bh
  3. They probably will have had a shot of the chinese vaccine, this might be a vaccine test as well. Bring a few more in gradually, if none get infected. Open up a bubble. The first lot will be busy snapping up real estate they won't have time to play volley ball on Pattaya beach with the sports ministers team.
  4. Very well said, I might add,,the stories TV published are nowhere near as bad as my friends stuck here in NZ, my own story is worse than those published. Thailand is a Total train wreck, if our governments did what Thailand is doing to Thai people overseas this would probably stop. Violation of human rights is a crime, but hey the world thrives on cruelty to humans, and now humans or the people that rule humans are destroying animals, the planet, and humans. Buying bunkers is the new normal for the sociopathic maniacs that reek havoc on this world.
  5. I think the clock starts at midnight beginning of the day, by the date on the certificate and is valid until midnight, ending third day. So if your outside this you may need another certificate, unless the time is clearly on your certificate you would count down from that time. I just helped 2 students return home to Thailand and that's how I figured it as the doctor never put the time on the certificate.
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