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  1. They smoke Netanyahu- weed, Israel is implementing compulsory green passports if you dont get vaccinated you dont get one, and it you dont have one you can not go to work, visit a mall or market, kids can not go to school without a vaccination -green Passport. Europe seems to be turning this way, however I don't like your chances getting a passport on an Astra Zeneca dose, it seems they are all freaking out about this vaccine now with thousands refusing it in England and Germany. South Africa suspended it. However the Russian vaccine is receiving glowing reports.
  2. He lost his noodle and don't know where to find it--- Go south young man do not pass go go and rehabilitate, change eating habits no more noodles for you change to fried rice we have you back on duty soon.
  3. You would think Prayut would give them medals after all they helped him into power
  4. He lost his noodles, send to the South for adjustment to eat flied rice
  5. So the IO that offered me a retirement visa, through only talking with my wife when I was extending a non o, she said I give you agent no need money in bank, no need police report, must have been talking about a Legal agent, she did mention 17kbaht fee for the legal agent though.
  6. He didn't actually say which vaccine, loong too would be getting but probably the Sino vaccine, maybe he could have a bob each way and have astra as the first shot and Sinovac second. I've heard that idea touted as being a good way to get good immunity. He doesn't need immunity as he is already immune to every thing.
  7. Israel is going to issue green passports to its population and you will not be able to go to work or go shopping, or school without one People up in the air about this right now On the news today
  8. Very well said, Chinese tourists in big numbers travel around in bus loads, same as Koreans, well healed travel first-class and travel in nice cars. People just don't have the money now, due to the world in recession. There will probably be a glut of hotels and condos for sale in LOS for some time. It will take a humungus effort to get all the airlines up and running, the street vendors humming, and the bar girls dancing. But if they build a few casinos in Phuket and Chiang Mai, they might get a few million Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese, no where near what is needed t
  9. Mai yaak means, not difficult, no problem if they can get walking St ready in time. This is what Thailand, sorry the Chinese Thai that are firmly in control of the great leader wants. People will soon be marching through Suvanabum in great lines again waving their vaccination certificates in the air, the Japanese private clubs in Bangkok will be busy sprucing their places up. Chinese hotels will be dusting the cobwebs off, there will be flags flying saying thank you Sino Vac. I can't wait.
  10. Having fun is now banned, be careful not to be seen carrying a musical instrument, and never sing in a bar, including karaoke.
  11. All the big pharma vaccines have been funded by taxpayers, Europe, Russia, USA, NZ and Australia, China ect, how much have the Thai taxpayers contributed?? My guess would be very little. The companies that can by legislation then own the vaccines they developed are legally able to sell it back to the world's leaders
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