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  1. I went to BK bank, no book left it at Hua Hin, was in BK. Wanted a transaction printout. had my passport, Thai license, kiwi license , visa card Atm card and thai wife, buttttttttt, cannot do, you need Bank book. Thai bank lady smirks at me, I say tomorrow you work here? She say yes, I say whats your name? she say cannot give to you, I say same name on your badge, Tomorrow you no job you very rude laughing at falaang. I reported her to the manager, Next day I went back to the same branch and lady laugh not working.' The new lady welcomes me and prints out my request. Simple as that, if you strike a cannot walk away and talk to some one else or another office.
  2. He was hanging, then he lowered himself to the ground reached into his pocket and grabbed the phone and threw it into the pool. Then he knelt down and went to sleep. His friends who were drinking and eating with him thought , oh party trick, now he's crashed we go home. Case closed.
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