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  1. I have sat down in the cafe under the taxhchilek bridge and watched people walk straight into Masai with a bundle on their heads
  2. The weaker BHT is killing exporters, not the filthy rich. So caution is wise, but using caution takes a great deal of wisdom. You cant open to USA that's mad, but you can slowly open to safe countries. And when the vaccine comes along Qantas will welcome flyers. Some rich men will have to print lots of loot to get the airlines up and running, meanwhile lie down and wait for Pfzier, Sputnik and Sino to jab you.
  3. Read today's BK post, China has been vaccinating its military and essential overseas staff, in one instance 10 developed C19 and 18 did not the 10 who got covid were not vaccinated. China says they have vaccinated 1000000 successfully with little side effects. China has offered Thailand priority for the Sino vaccine. Other news Qantas is touting that all international flight passengers will not be able to board without a covid 19 certificate or covid passport, they are pushing for this for all international airlines
  4. I have said the above b4. I even suspect that the STV Chinese entering at present are vaccinated with the Sino vaccine and all will return to China after their 90 day sprees, testing negative when they leave The land of the no more smiles. Thailand has been offered the Sino vaccine and offered priority from China for the supply. It's a no brainer, a done deal, China has vaccinated their military and that vaccine looks like a winner. So, which way will Prayut fly, my guess is China, and Europeans will need to have a shot of Pfizer or Astra zenca b4 being allowed in to L
  5. One night I flagged a tuk tuk to go from pratunam to walking street he said 200 baht. I replied aircon taxi only 100 baht, he said OK 100
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