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  1. Hot in the city!

  2. Happy New Year

  3. dtac apologies the customers for the network problem: http://t.co/cRXA9QXB

  4. Election commissioner Sodsri points out charter amendment must be approved via public hearing first /TANN

  5. Chalerm: Govt performance should come before charter rewrite: http://t.co/A8gs5yBf

  6. AFP: Thai PM backs Suu Kyi in landmark Myanmar talks: http://t.co/xHme8r8x

  7. Abhisit Suggested Yingluck to Focus More on Govt's Management Rather Than Its Process: http://t.co/ILcOlK0J

  8. Big C opened its doors yesterday in Chanthaburi. Jam packed! They have a multi cinemaplex and the usual stores: http://t.co/t2kRbJdf

  9. FM Surapong accused of failing to protect Thailand's interest: http://t.co/OCZcziEl

  10. AFP: Thai exports plunge for first time in two years: http://t.co/LViw4Cb0

  11. Green tax sought on makers and users: http://t.co/SByc4zjk

  12. Gold ornament sells for Bt24,150 and is bought at Bt23,300.92; gold bar is sold at Bt23,750 and is purchased at Bt23,650 /TANN

  13. Thailand Live Tuesday 20 Dec 2011: http://t.co/tp1jeYPd

  14. Singer Sek Loso admits to having taken narcotics during press conference and to having problems with his label GMM Grammy/TANN

  15. Partial wall cavein threatens Wat Arun foundation: http://t.co/dRzPtlyF

  16. Chalerm denies his handyman bomb suspect: http://t.co/iVSXBP7b

  17. Yingluck says Pheu Thai has never discussed amending Article 309: http://t.co/nzSFSjFf

  18. RT @mpoppel: VIDEO: See how North Korean TV announced Kim's death - http://t.co/E6Za5mcL

  19. Thailand Live Monday 19 Dec 2011: http://t.co/PaWKr6cP

  20. Possible cabinet reshuffle unlikely to negatively affect 2012 Thai economy: BOT governor: http://t.co/S2r8Za83

  21. Red-shirts gather in front of Army headquarters at 3pm,Sanam Luang at 4.30pm, march to Democracy Monument;some to be at Ratchaprasong /TANN

  22. Hand, foot, and mouth disease outbreak in Bur Ram: http://t.co/ushLeydS

  23. Ceremony for Democrat leader Abhisit to receive royal appointment as Opposition leader at Democrat headquarter at 3pm /TANN

  24. Thaksin supporters mark Thai coup anniversary: http://t.co/4dsqgl9K

  25. Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Thailand - India will provide tax privilege benefits to at least another 900 Thai items: http://t.co/RqP896zJ

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