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  1. Wi-Fi is great, and I have an Apple TV connected with Ethernet cable. Not sure what’s on the Maple Hotel cable TV as I watch my own stuff. 4 more nights here and I can check-out... Another Covid swab test taken this morning with results expected by tomorrow.
  2. I came from Sweden with a Cambodia “Business visa”. Tourists are currently not allowed to enter Cambodia. Plus there was a 2,000 USD security deposit which I got back on Day 14. plus Covid swab test.
  3. The hotel is offering an extensive room service menu. The burgers are great here, at Maple Hotel, but getting fat now...
  4. Thank you, @Crossy! can you easy explain how a grid-tie solar system could be setup?
  5. I'm renovating a 65 cubic meter salt water pool in Thailand and need the following equipment. 1. Solar pool pump. How many Watt do I need for this pool size? 2. Solar cells for running the pump. Advise on type of solar panels and how many. I don't want a complicated setup, without any batteries. The pump should basically run when the sun shines. 3. New filter (with some glass filter media instead of sand) 4. Salt water chlorinator and panel that automagically switch off itself when pump is not running. Anyone has a similar setup and would like to share so
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