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  1. I just bought the Note 9 2 months ago Lazada Promotion 9-9 B3890 Probably will have an 11-11 promotion
  2. Thanks for the heads up.. Always looking for better and cheaper..
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, but I don't think so. It's a new DOS tank and I'm sure painting it will void it's 25 year warranty.
  4. My water pressure comes from a 350W water pump. I know I have one but can't find my thermometer anywhere in the house. The 6000w Panasonic shower heaters puts out very hot water. I can't understand why the Stiebel is not. It kills me to go from 8000w to 6000w as I paid for 8000.
  5. Great minds think alike as I just did that. The heater does not shut down but the water isn't as hot as it should be.. Quite a dilemma..
  6. He checked the voltage at the water heater and it was 204 with the heater running on #3
  7. The unit only feeds the sink. I had the water reduced and got much better results but the Steibel Tech said the pressure sensor may shut down the heater.
  8. The wire at the pole says Bangkok Cable 700v. Can't see the rest of what's printed. I just tried the unit on #2. No blink in lights or fan speed but the water is just warm.
  9. How are things with the heater set on the middle heat? Set on high #3 How far are you from the transformer? My guess.. about 150m How far from the pole with the meter to the house? About 10m Can you see the cable size that's coming from the meter? I'll try to check it out. What meter do you have (5/15, 15/45, 30/100)? 15/45 meter
  10. Thanks for the response. 1. The current was 204 with the heater on. 2. The wire is NOT hot. 3.The unit is set to #3. Please note I am getting hot water but not hot enough. 4. Yes, I am getting lights dimming and fan slowing. 5. The water line from the heater to the sings are hot water rated.
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