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  1. I used Turbo Tax.. Worked out fine and filed electronically.
  2. You are definitely the expertly here.. but I do think IFT stands for International Bank Transfer. as I transfer funds between BKK Bank and SCB all the time and those transfers are coded ENET. In any event, no matter what the IFT actually stands for.. your correct by saying it's a good thing KK Img accepts it as an INT transfer.
  3. The coding I posted is from my SCB App. I just looked at the coding on the printout from the bank and it has a column called channel and has the following: IFT BNT 1/FEDERAL CITITHBK AND A TRANSACTION NUMBER
  4. The coding says Federal CITITHBX and then a transaction number Looks like the SSA sends my DD to Citibank who sends it to SCB. FYI.. Immigration had no problem with these transactions.
  5. My SSA is DD to my SCB account and is listed as an International Deposit. In fact, I just extended my Visa using The SCB printout.
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