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  1. The rule for bankruptcy is you must owe over 1 mil. From what I understand, creditors can ban together and force bankruptcy. It takes 3 years to remove credit report data.
  2. I'm not quite sure what the tax increments are without checking with my wife, but believe 150-300,000 is 5%. When you go to the Revenue Office and are not comfortable with what you're being told, let me know via PM and I will be glad to put you in touch with my wife.
  3. My wife is a lawyer and works for the Revenue Dept. She tells me how you pay your tax depends on your business income. You can pay taxes monthly if you wish but not required. Seems the law states business earning over 1.8 mil B are required to pay twice a year. She did say a 1500% increase is ridiculous. The % you pay depends on the business net income. If under 150,000 it's 0%. The max is 30% of net.
  4. These Top Cops have nothing better to do then blame tourists for their inability to manage their own job responsibilities. Thai Nationals for the most part couldn't care less about the rules. The Cops know it, they can't manage it so they take it out on the tourists.
  5. The Police can determine that your complaint is a "no crime" complaint and not forward it to the prosecutor. If they determine the crime is borderline, they tend to bury it. They do this as there is a tremendous amount of investigation and paperwork that needs to be done prior to the complaint going to the prosecutor. If you feel wronged, you can insist they send it to the prosecutor who will determine if a crime has been committed. Even if the prosecutor determines a crime has been committed. he/she can choose not to pursue it.
  6. Four years ago I had a heart attack. Fortunately, I live only 5 minutes to one of the largest hospitals in KK. I want it known that the Cardiologist did save my life as I was revived twice.. BUT there are some disturbing facts. To make a long story short, there was a blockage and a stent was necessary. The disturbing part is the Cardiologist never came to seem me after the procedure. He sent a medical student. The student told me an artery was partially blocked, and was told a stent was not necessary. After 7 days, I was released and given an appointment 2 weeks later to see the Cardiologist. I returned in 2 weeks, not feeling very well only to be told the Dr was not in the hospital and my appointment needs to be rescheduled. I told them I wasn't feeling well and wanted to be seen by a Cardiologist. 2 hours later a doctor listened to my chest, said it sounds fine and sent me home. Still not feeling well [dizzy and no energy] I returned to the hospital. No tests were done but I was prescribed Dramamine and sent home. At this point I did some research and found who was considered one of the best Cardiologists in NE Thailand. My wife called and explained to him what was going on. He asked I come to the hospital ASAP. He did an ECHO only to find a good size blood clot in my heart. Which BTW if moved could have killed me. He treated the clot with meds and I'm feeling fine. I do see him every three months. I have found many Dr's here do not like to be questioned or challenged. My advise, do it and if you are not happy with the answers find another Dr.
  7. If it's for basic transportation, any of the new pickups will do you well.. If it's for work [farm etc], IMO Ford is the best of the lot.
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