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  1. For the last 10 years I have completed all forms (in black ink) for submission to Immigration on the computer (Surin Immigration) without any complain. This is for both 90 day reporting (when conducted in person), extension of stay (retirement) and applications for residency letters and re-entry permits. Your local office is taking t'pish!
  2. I completed a 90 day online notification for a friend on the day before the site blocked access. Yesterday, he received an email advising that the notification was accepted. However, there is no way to print out the receipt. Because he wasn't sure of the acceptance before yesterday, he notified in person a week ago.
  3. Surin Immigration didn't used to accept mailed in reports but that was years ago. Maybe they do now. The reason that they stopped accepting mailed in reports was because folks were not including the required SAE.
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