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  1. You won't get immunity from bacteria on food that's on the turn or gone off. Much more likely that your guts have become accustomed to the prik bon and other stuff that Thais shovel into their food.
  2. Just ask a pharmacy for magnesium sulphate. That's all Epsom salts are and it's available here in pharmacies too
  3. Thais are hypochondriacs and will go to the hospital if they feel a shiver. The people in this story would be highly unlikely to even think of trying to treat something for themselves. Probably very sensible and rightly too, if you are throwing up and get diarrhoea very soon after eating seafood.
  4. Yup, Imodium just bungs you up. It does nothing to treat the bacteria which caused the problem but it does stop the squits very effectively. Far better to use norfloxacin which is an antibiotic and will treat the actual infection, and then just keep hydrated.
  5. Usual [email protected] reporting from the Nation. They say a *BTS Pink Line pillar, but it's the MRT. At the bottom of the article, they even SAY it's the MRT!
  6. You vant me to speak like a non-native to make you feel more comfortable? Vhy should I? If you come on an English only internet forum, expect to use English. It doesn't have to be perfect, but a sense of humour helps, Frits. So does an open mind and also not criticising someone for their English, only to be teased somewhat for doing it
  7. Oooh, someone is so po-faced and full of himself he's lost his sense of humour (if he ever had one). Some knowledge of colloquial English might help. The expression I used is often used between native English speakers as a deliberately incorrect way to indicate emphasis and also in a humorous way due to the deliberately incorrect play between think and 'thunk'. But I expect that has whooshed over your head.
  8. I've read the entire thread - I was the one who started it! Get off your high horse.
  9. I think @CorpusChristiehas decided on this idea that the fake stamps are to put on application forms, but as you say, there are no stamps and I think he's completely wrong. It's just something he's made up and because he thought it, it magically becomes true (for him anyway!)
  10. Yes, they'll be replacing a lot of Immi officials as well as chartering a lot of repatriation flights for people with a big black stamp in their passports. I wonder if they'll need to build a few more Immi jails too?
  11. My wife tells me that it's just been announced on TV (9 am 5th August) that there has been a police raid on the office of Thai Visa Services in Bang Na. This company is used by many people to get visas when they can't fulfil the financial requirements for their visa. My wife says they also checked the owner's husband who they found was growing ganja in large quantities! Only time will tell if the police will go through all the company records and check names and addresses and pay a little visit to those they find. I am sure there will be more on social media before the day is out!
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