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  1. OK, I see and I get it. But it was a step in the right direction, and it did at least show that my level was pretty low. Let's hope the new doc gets off his butt and once he sees my haematocrit level he was worrying about, he starts getting me sorted out. I do get the feeling he will take a conservative approach though, and that is not my way. My AD/HD means that I tend to take the bull by the horns and I am usually very proactive, as I hope can be seen in my posts. If I have to, I will just find somewhere which won't sting me too much and get to the b
  2. Well, there's been so much spoken of oestrogen here, that it's pretty [email protected]@dy obvious that I need to get it checked, so that and my testosterone levels are my next port of call in 2 weeks. However, there are two points in your post - the first being semen volume. I have always produced a significant amount of semen which my wife often comments on, even now. We have our own joke about it which I probably can't say on here! In my 20s my first wife and I tried for 3 1/2 years for a child but she had great difficulty conceiving and if she did, had numerous miscarriages. We event
  3. Apologies for my tetchiness earlier - I was having a grumpy morning! As has been posted further down, I had deliberately delayed one of my shots so there was a 7 week gap until I was tested in the morning and had a shot in the afternoon. This is the timetable - 19 March normal shot after 3 weeks 9 April – no jab, wait until see endo clinic 7 May Saw endo doc, started 2 weekly 20 May 13 days 4 June 15 days 17 June 13 days So between 19 March and 7 May = 7 weeks with no testosterone sh
  4. I'm not sure if you've read my previous threads that I linked to but I suggest that you do so you have the complete picture. And it's also in my very first post above - did you not read it? I get the impression you think that I am deliberately responsible for the need for exogenous testosterone, but in a nutshell, I am not. Reading the other threads carefully will tell you that in 2004, I discovered I had problems with ED and my useless UK GP did almost nothing to help, apart from prescribing sildenafil and after a lot of pushing, Androgel to rub on my chest - which was us
  5. @rcuthbert I did read about HPTA when you posted last, but I had forgotten - a good sign of low testosterone! I hadn't heard the term SERMs, but I have heard of Tamoxifen for breast cancer, and then clomiphene clicked into my brain because my first wife took it as Clomid when we were having problems with her getting pregnant between about 1974 -77. She was put on the lowest dose and within 2 months she was pregnant! Our first son arrived in February 1978. What is an anti-aromatase pill? I mean what is the name of the substance, and what sort of dose?
  6. Yes, we have, and I had hoped for more than just a blood test and some vitamin pills, but this was the first visit and I can see that he just wanted to get some up to date baseline figures as the last were over 2 months old and I had been fiddling with my testosterone injection intervals since then. I will be asking for a physical exam in 2 weeks and start discussing Oestrogen etc too. I wasn't expecting a lot the first time, but at least things have started.
  7. Yes, I'm hoping he'll respond soon. But as my testosterone is not being being produced by my body, it seems logical that with nothing to do, my two dangly bits will say 'Hey, thanks for the break' and just shut down.
  8. Following my previous posts, here https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1209506-sidegra-kamagra-viagra-and-cialis/ and also https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1216990-sidegra-kamagra-viagra-and-cialis-update/ I went to the andropause clinic at the Army hospital yesterday and they were very welcoming and helpful. Told the really nice 50-something doc about my pituitary adenoma and testosterone problems from 2004 and explained that I hadn't had a proper endocrine check-up for years. I told him that since my ED had worsened, I had reduced the interval between s
  9. I only heard about this site yesterday and went to book, entered all my details and got the greyed out calendar so thought that was that. Then I tried again this morning but when I went to enter my email address, it said it was already registered and to use another one. So somehow they have all my personal information already, but now it's probably been sold to some Russian scammer!
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