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  1. Would you please mind not responding any any more of my posts? Thank you.
  2. My posts were solely in response to your off-topic posts, but you still didn't get the message ...
  3. Not my experience at all in 17 years. Tell that to all the kids I have taught who have gone to the US to study - although to be fair, it's probably about 50-50 with the UK and a bit of Australia too. The legal system is far more US-centric too, with it's codified laws. The only reason the governmental system is similar to the UK is because they have a monarchy here. Anyway, what's your post to do with varifocal lenses?
  4. Yes, as I saw too late in the 'About' link. At least there's somewhere else. However, it's highly unlikely they will be able to prescribe anything other than Concerta (3,630 baht at a Government hospital for 30 tablets, so probably a lot more there), Ritalin or Strattera. Not exactly a large armoury of meds available in Thailand compared to Western countries, especially the US. Psychological interventions just aren't going to work effectively without decent meds to straighten out the brain chemistry first.
  5. I have had to use meds to help with my erection since 2005, when I was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma (a small benign cyst in my pituitary gland) which has now disappeared. I have been having 3-weekly injections of testosterone enanthate ever since. At first I used half a 100 mg tablet of real Viagra, then changed to Kamagra as it was cheaper. Over time, I had to increase to a full 100mg tablet. Then I tried the Thai GPO version, Sidegra, but that really was not as good at all so I reverted to Kamagra. Now I am finding that even the full Kamagra works but it's on and off. Thi
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