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  1. 2 minutes ago, UKresonant said:

    You can't go to London unless you conquer the e-visa hurdle first. Are you near any of the consulates? Cardiff, Glasgow, Hull or Liverpool, if you can go to one to submit application or collect the visa.

    I am in Hatfield, so London is the nearest.

     I am slowly getting through the process...  Managed to  step 5 now they want copies of various documents. What's really crazy is that they require an invitation letter from my wife??   I am not booking any hotels as will stay at her house. But why invitation? Isn't this obvious? I am married to my wife.


      How should such letter be written?


  2. I am married to a Thai person. Past 10 years i was living in Thailand and I had visa  non Imm-O visa as married to Thai.

     Now I am in UK and this will be my first time I apply for non imm-O visa from here. 

     I am trying to apply for visa on the website:https://thaievisa.go.th

     I set up an account.  I provide all the information required and when I click on proceed it tells me: ACCESS IS INVALID, PLEASE TRY AGAIN.


     and that's over and over.

      Did anyone encounter similar problems? What to do? Can I just go  to Thai Embassy in London and apply in person?



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