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  1. So he likens himself to the King of France looking to make reforms so he can escape the fate that befell the King. Interesting his view of himself.
  2. Years ago I read an article in Time magazine saying 80% of the illegal migrants crossing the US southern border had been raped on their travels to the USA and 100% had been robbed and assaulted. Maybe Trump may not have been right when he called those crossing the border murders thieves and rapists, but their sure seems to be a lot of murderers, rapists, thieves, drug dealers, gang members in Mexico.
  3. Reusable Tupperware container keeps food fresh and protected. That's what I use.
  4. 100k is a pittance. Your future husband should be ashamed. This is only a token amount. Being pregnant you have crossed the Rubicon. As a mid 30's PHD candidate I hope his field is in something useful. Sounds like a perpetual student crybaby to me. I hope that things work out for the best but he sounds like a loser to me. Best of luck to you.
  5. Of course, Thailand already has the laws to deal with the problem. Thailands problems have nothing to do with a lack of laws on the books, the problems of Thailand are routed in the lack of enforcement of laws and regulations.
  6. I am no fan of Hun Sen but I have to shake my head. Heavily subsidized farms in Europe need import duties on rice from Cambodia because they are still not competitive. Put the duties on all Cambodian products imported into the EU not to protect EU farmers and companies but because of there human rights record. Add China and African countries to the list as well.
  7. I encounter this driving attitude while on my scooter almost every day. The oncoming car/truck/bus takes the attitude you are a scooter, squeeze further to the left or else. It may be your lane and right of way, but you will be dead, yes it will be my fault but as long as I am not drunk or high, I will take responsibility and receive a 1,500 baht fine and a suspended two-year sentence. The bus driver just thought the car should just move to the left, no problem.
  8. I am sure the Honda Civic driver just thinks, no accident, no harm, no foul, nothing happened move along.
  9. So, 40 years not enforcing the law and you want to start now. Squatters rights I say. Continue selling your eggs. Ask for a 5-year reprieve so you can organize to move to another suitable location.
  10. If you ask for permission you are giving them the right to say no. On the other hand, you can ask for permission, then when you get it, paint the house the colour you want and claim that was the colour they approved.
  11. Do as you please and promise to repaint the house to the original color when your lease is up.
  12. No problem these days, your preferred gender pronoun can be anything you want. Mr, Mrs, Miss, Miz, Zee, Zur, They, it is how you identify. If someone were to question it, simply say that is how you identify. As I understand it, New York State currently recognizes about 30 gender pronouns for the LGBTQ etc, etc community If denied just threaten them with a human rights complaint lawsuit and press conference.
  13. The formula for people I know who run restaurants in Canada is 1/3 of the cost of the dish needs to be spent on the ingredients, the remaining 2/3 covers the preparation (cooks/staff, venue, gas, electric, etc.) and your profit. If you spend less than a third on ingredients the quality is poor and you will lose customers. If you spend more it is hard to cover overhead and make a profit. As overhead (besides food costs) is generally fixed, you have to sell a substantial amount to pay that fixed overhead. Saying, someone spends 100 baht of a 300 baht pizza on ingredients and makes 200 baht profit is beyond simplistic. You may have to sell 300 pizzas a day to break even and on every pizza sold after that, you make 200 baht per pizza. Profit margins are very small in the food and beverage business unless you have volume on your side or very low fixed overhead. In Thailand, that means push carts/markets. You very much have to control your fixed overhead and drive sales. 80% of new restaurants close in 6 months, the next guy comes along and picks up the equipment and supplies at a 40% discount and has a better chance. It is usually the third guy who picks up the operation discounted once again who is finally successful. His fixed costs are the lowest. If you are looking to go into the food/beverage business my recommendation is don't. With the question you posted, you don't have the background.
  14. Ulic

    newbie in chiang mai

    If you are looking at buying a TV I am thinking that you are here for a while. Buy a used bike for 20k-30k. Plenty of good deals. Make sure you get a Thai license as quickly as possible. Not hard to do. Dead simple if you already have a motorcycle license. A little more effort but not too much so if you don't. It will make your interactions with police much quicker and easier.
  15. Ulic

    TAT shows foreign visitors by the numbers

    You are correct, but you can be sure that these tour operators being the shrewd hard-nosed negotiators they are, are getting a 30-40% discount. Also, the expats/retires come tear round smoothing the low season-high season.