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  1. True, but nobody taught the car driver not to pull out when the way is not clear. That is why when cars and trucks pull out from side streets without checking if there is approaching traffic it is always the fault of the approaching traffic. If they were paying attention "you must always be able to stop your vehicle in time no matter what happens in front of you". Do motorcycle riders drive poorly in Thailand, yes, but it is generally the poor driving by truck and car drivers that kill them.
  2. Of course the truck driver didn't see the car, but the real question is, did he even look.
  3. Never, except when I am doing a border bounce in a mini-van, near the border.
  4. Delay= more money from the UK and continued uncertainty. Companies can take good news and bad news they can't take no news. Delay is actually the worse possible outcome for the UK and business. Business needs to plan, and they can't make plans when they don't know what is going to happen. This is what is causing companies to leave. With the EU companies know what is going on. No change there.
  5. The Chinese are investing heavily in real estate in Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. The countries are all close, the Chinese can travel to them, and most importantly the monied Chinese population knows the importance of getting money out of China. The Chinese economy with the shadow banking system, ghost cities, and the Chinese government spitting out economic numbers to keep the population and foreign companies/banks calm and involved is a house of cards ready to collapse. Trump putting the Chinese economy into stress with tariffs because of Chinese intellectual property theft, forced technology transfer and failure to open its domestic markets to foreign competition could be what pushes them over the edge. Not a doom and gloomer but, we live in troubled times.
  6. Gets rid of the chaff making the cutting job easier and transportation more compact and efficient.
  7. In the US, I understand, baseball is a major sport. In Thailand, I have never seen any baseball bats for sale and I am not sure where (but I understand why) you would carry one on your bike. That all said I understand her rage at the careless Thai drivers.
  8. If the car driver was making the U-turn from the left lane, car drivers fault if it was from the right lane the motorcycle drivers fault. Not enough information in the story to really know.
  9. Returning to Sweden in winter, Tropical coconut palms to freezing cold and grey. I understand his anxiety, I hope he gets the help he needs.
  10. Not sure what is going on. My last border-bounce to Cambodia I was no longer allowed to cross to the duty-free in Cambodia to buy booze. I had to use a facilitator-bootlegger who took his cut. My guess is the duty-free shops are not kicking enough into immigration bigwigs pockets.
  11. Certainly no worse than Kissinger or Obama and maybe more deserving but to arm-twist Japan and have it revealed has to be embarrassing for an ego the size of Trump. Bill and Milinda get my nomination and vote, which of course doesn't even amount to a fart in a hurricane.
  12. Seems reasonable, tax at the point of production or import into the country based on weight so companies will minimize the size/weight of the packaging. The packaging is often excessive and wasteful.
  13. I have no idea why men send dick pics but in conversations with TF girls apparently, it is a worldwide obsession/phenomena. It leaves me scratching my head but I don't think that it deserves jail time.
  14. Considering FIFA make around 5 billion each WC and have billions in the bank they can make the payments.
  15. Well, between Stalin and Mao you have about 100 million deaths. So I understand why some think he ranks right along with Hitler and does not deserve a memorial stone.
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