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  1. DNA check of former and current monks should find him I think, but will they do it? most likely NO!
  2. thequietman

    Defense ministry defends new lot of Chinese Tanks

    All Thai tanks have 4 reverse gears and 1 forward gear if they get attacked from behind.
  3. Have a look up at the top of the page. Do you see Restofthe worldVisa ??? Nope, then probably because this is ThaiVisa Forum and we discuss all things Thai. Stop being an apologist. Discuss the issue.
  4. Maybe, you're a ................
  5. Just thinking of the turd this guy would leave behind scares me!
  6. You knew exactly when the coronation was going to be, so why did you set the date for the election if you felt that it would interfere? Deflection upon deflection and the date will be moved on and on. Expect another funeral in the not too distant future delaying it yet again.
  7. thequietman

    What is reason of mouth dryness ?

    Taking any medication for other issues? If so, some of them cause dry mouth. Dehydrated? Do you drink lots of coffee/tea? Stress? I get it occasionally but usually when I am taking something to combat something else.
  8. I totally get where you are coming from but when you intervene, 9 times out of 10, the Thai woman will turn on you too. Believe me, it has happened to me. It is really sad but with the video and eye witness statements, this guy should have been arrested, tried and in jail now BUT where is the money in that for the BIB? I blame the BIB for 99% of the ills in this country. They are completely useless and corrupt to the core. This is a problem of Thai society and not one where we as foreigners intervene. If the Thais don't see the wrong in it, then we need to say 'up to them.' It would be very difficult for me to watch a guy do this in front of me and my upbringing would be telling me to kick the shit out of the guy but I have learned here to just walk on by. I hate myself for it but that's the way it is.
  9. thequietman

    Life Insurance scam

    Contact Bank of Thailand. Same happened to me. They are known for doing this, these banks. Took a few months but BOT made them give it all back. Try to get the teller sacked, I did. Was unsuccessful but got her moved out of the city, so that gave me some payback.
  10. Guy from my village did just that. He was a dentist and removed all he could sell from the house, air cons, pvc windows etc and then hired a digger and dozer to come in and level it all. Paid off the cops to keep her family away and had a ball. He then moved to CM. Same lady has got another sucker and a new house went up. She had a kid with this one to sink the hooks in. It's not as grand as the first one but not too shabby. By the way, she is married to a Thai guy and he lives in the village too. Farang hasn't a clue and I ain't telling him. None of my business.
  11. Walking aid, hearing aid, getting it up aid, I would imagine so. The HIV, hopefully not. But, it would be fun to drive one of those big lorries.
  12. Celebrating the fact that if you leave your money behind, we won't steal it! Is this really something to be proud of? Would you not just prefer people to take this as a given? Unbelievable!
  13. thequietman

    Election no later than March, Wissanu assures

    The machine just blew up !
  14. Not colonized, but certainly invaded on a regular basis. The Burmese did it for a weekend away. Any country that did invade ( Japan, France, Burma, Cambo and others) probably came up against the impossible immigration rules for spouse and retirement and decide NOT to colonise this shambles of a country.