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  1. Not the locals. The corrupt ones only. Yes, I do live here. 15 years actually.
  2. When my dad arrived home from the pub one Friday evening after work, he asked my mum if his dinner was still warm ? ( days b4 microwaves) Her answer, and it stays with me many years later was ...... "It should be. It's in the dog!" I laughed and laughed and he gave me a swipe around the ear.
  3. So the smoke coming into the home from burning the trash, burning the fields and sugar cane and the stubs after the rice has been harvested is fine then? ! Unbelievable.
  4. If his salary is pain into an account outside Thailand, then he is fine. If he sends it to here after that by whichever method, he is not working here in Thailand. Just for reference, was told this by my Imm officer.
  5. A suspended sentence is put in place so that if you re-offend, you serve the time. Sooooo ...... he got 1 year suspended for bribing a forest ranger with the point being that if he re-offended he serves the year. He re-offended for possessing animal carcasses and should have served the year BUT, he got a suspended sentence for that. Ok ..... reset. So, if he re-offends for this, he has to serve the 16 months. Soooooo.......... he re-offends and gets 6 MONTHS! <deleted>!
  6. Can I assume you meet the minimum salary requirement of 40,000 baht per month?? thanks.
  7. Yes, but for those looking for a way out, it's perfect! " I really want to stay with you love, but your government won't let me. What am I to do? I need to leave. Sorry. "
  8. Big Ian said it best when he proclaimed ............... Never, Never, Never!
  9. It has been suggested that a heart only has so many beats in it before it stops working. (past its sell by date) Therefore, exercise causes it to beat faster. Less exercise means that you live longer. That's the thinking behind it. Don't believe it to be honest!
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