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  1. 17 years together now - now that really is a long con, if that's her plan.
  2. That is exactly right. I am not proud to say, but I did the same with wifey. Told her that I had no more money and I needed to go home. Immediately, she asked for a waffle machine, 1200 baht, and then proceeded to do the markets. Told me to stay, and she would take care of us. It was at that moment, that I knew I had gotten a good one, and to this day, she tries to save us money every time, and will always opt for the cheaper option. I love her for it, but have learnt by now, that spending a little more, gets you better quality products. Wouldn't change her for the world.
  3. It's simple really. It is the modus operandi here! It goes as follows - "Don't fix it, til it's broke." Preparation, servicing, regular upkeep, and the like .... not so much here.
  4. Easy to fix this situation. Worked for me. Try the following - " NO, you can't borrow anything of mine." Done.
  5. Been using the concrete rings that were installed when wifey was first building her house. She was on a premium, and so was only able to install it 4 rings deep. This means that we have to call out the 'turd sucker' more often than I would like. At 400 baht every time, it mounts up. Anyway, there are only the 2 of us now, 2 sons off to Uni (hurrah) and so am considering the Vavo 8oo litre or the 1000 litre. See here https://www.globalhouse.co.th/catalog/catagory/700/1 Garden at back of house is about 30 ft X 40 ft - I know nothing about septic tanks, but should I get additional pipes installed that take liquids away from the tank, to allow it to spread through the yard. ( Apologies if this makes no sense. I just read something like this somewhere) Anyway, any advice, help, criticism is very much appreciated.
  6. Hows that cure for HIV, cancer and the others coming along. We were lead to believe you were on the cusp of a vaccine back then, and then nuttin! Kinda like this, I expect ....... Nuttin!
  7. It was recorded on camera, so no doubts in this situation. In Australia, that would be regarded as gross misconduct, and the employee would be dismissed on the spot. Not so here.
  8. But, but ...... surely this is irrefutable proof that you are indeed married!
  9. That In-tech has gotten lots of good reviews from happy Thai customers on Lazada. It might be an option. I agree about the copy Bosch.
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