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  1. Easy now! My comment was in jest. You, however, sound very angry. I don't judge these girls. They do what they gotta do, and they do provide an essential service. As long as they are not forced into it, live and let live.
  2. I pay into this. Do I get any money as a dirty foreigner ???
  3. Agree. When Thai men are sober, they cannot do enough for you, but when alcohol is taken, they seem to change quite dramatically. I am not talking about the usual difference experienced when many people drink, but a complete transformation. Strange looks, aggressive behavior, and a general dislike for you, even though they are completely different people when sober. It is strange. I'll just stick with my own company for now, although I do miss male camaraderie.
  4. Agreed, I am very fond of these people. In my Uni, if there is a hilltribe boy or girl, I really go out of my way, to make sure that they make it through and get their degree. Fantastic work ethic, and I reward them for that. (even though their work may be lacking )
  5. Just regular post from the seller, and got here with no probs. Hope this helps.
  6. Contact Roojai and try to get in your name. Do you have full no claims? If too expensive, then in wife's name with a policy open to anyone driving. Does wife have valid driving licence? In the event of an accident, Thai people work it out together, and even if you were driving, they will say it was her. Be sure to get the number 1 insurance to cover for all eventualities. Good luck.
  7. Ordered from the UK via Ebay for some vitamins, and they arrived 8 days later here in Thailand. Ordered Saw Palmetto extract and arrived promptly.
  8. Yes, good call. You certainly wouldn't want her to be an individual with her own thoughts. Perish the thought!
  9. It's the new norm when visiting such establishments. Customer checklist : condoms - check mask - check cash - check thermometer - check
  10. None, Zero, Nadda, Zilch. I am sure there are nice Thai guys out there, but I just don't trust them when they drink, and the 'face' thing is a complete nightmare. Sense of humour is completely different also. Maybe with an educated Thai male who has a good grasp of English and has been educated overseas might work. Village guys - it's a non-starter.
  11. And those of you who opened this OP in anticipation, have been disappointed. Ah well, maybe in August.
  12. Is it at all possible, that you might be a vampire?
  13. Good suggestion. I would go with this one, OR the post office, but would be expensive as they bill by the CC.
  14. No big bikes allowed on the train anymore. Too hard to lift on, they said, Now 150cc or less is acceptable.
  15. They just pulled his passport. https://www.nationthailand.com/breakingnews/30314385 I suspect he has another one from the same place as Thaksin.
  16. Now ....... multiply that by thousands of sales, and you get a very tasty number. Then add up the daily figures over the course of a financial year, and we get into some real nice numbers.
  17. According to new estimates published today, between 291,000 and 646,000 people worldwide die from seasonal influenza-related respiratory illnesses each year. https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2017/p1213-flu-death-estimate.html Just to give us a wider view.
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