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  1. That reminds me of my friend who likes to have a good time but doesn't want another gf or 2nd wife. Sometime when he is active with the girls they receive a phone call from their so called boyfriend and they ask my friend politely if they can pick up the phone. Sure baby, go ahead as long as I can continue with my activity. And then when her boyfriend hears noises which he didn't expect to hear: No problem darling, that's the sound from the TV.
  2. I guess many of us just have to think about the weather back home. And then compare that with Thailand. Case closed.
  3. Probably if someone over there would tell you how handsome you are you could sue them for sexual harassment, and win. What a wonderful world...
  4. How many people want to read good news? I have the Guardian App on my phone. They have, or maybe had, a section with only good news. It was up to the reader if they wanted to see that section and if it should be on top or at the bottom or wherever. I added it and I saw a couple of good news headlines. Yeah, great. And then? Then I read the bad news from all over the world. Not all of it but definitely more than the good news? Why? I don't really know and I am not going to psychoanalyze myself about the why. That the way it is - and it seems that the way it is for many people.
  5. Now if I have the choice between seeing a pretty girl in bed or the same girl talking a lot I know what I would choose.
  6. I guess that is not only a Thai thing. I don't know when I started, since at least a couple of years I read all the time the latest news, mainly from English speaking countries like the UK, USA, Australia. And reading those news I really wouldn't want to live in the UK or USA. But I know some people who live there and like it. So maybe the news is more of a problem than the people or the countries.
  7. What do you worry about? It seems you have enough money to legally retire and stay here. As long as you continue to be a good person nothing should change your status.
  8. I am not sure if we should cover this here but I don't see any drastic changes. A few laws are more enforced then years ago when lots of people made visa runs. And obviously lots of retired people have less money because of the bad exchange rate, etc. I am not sure if we can/should blame Prayut for any of this. All governments all over the world change laws from time to time. Sometimes there seems to be some logic, sometimes not so much.
  9. At least on Sukhumvit they had lots of busses with BLACK SMOKE, especially the small green busses. Now it still happens that I see from time to time a vehicle with black smoke. But a lot less than many years ago.
  10. Ok, yes, in principle. So how about before Prayut took over? Were the previous governments not corrupt? Did much change? Personally when I came to Thailand I was aware of their "reputation" for corruption. Do I like corruption? Of course not. Does it affect me personally? Very little. Over the years the traffic police stopped me probably a hundred times (for not riding on the left lane with a motorcycle). 100 stops and every time paying 100B. 10k for bribes for 20 years in Thailand. I can live with that. And let's look at so called developed countries were the politicians
  11. The air quality, at least on street level, was worse 20 years ago. So in comparison I guess now I think it's not so bad. And as I mentioned earlier: An air-purifyer is a very good investment.
  12. Thanks for your comment. But really, how much difference did that "Junta" make to your life up country in Thailand? I live in the middle of Bangkok since 20 years. Two coups, the yellow shirts, the red shirts, and much more. I was here and I saw it all. Mostly life continues as normal all the time. I remember the soldiers on Sukhumvit singing karaoke songs according to the request by tourists. It was fun to watch but few people will believe it happened. I think the most annoying time for me was when the red-shirts thought they own the city. All those aggressive guys looki
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