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  1. Maybe have a look at the farang pub section. You will find about a million entries like: I met this girl and I spend all my money. Does she love me? You should be able to pick up some hints from those threads. Enjoy Thailand and remember for most people working outside of Thailand and visiting from time to time and renting for short times is a lot better idea than living here.
  2. You should be able to find a wiring diagram for your bike and then you should find appropriate connectors. My bike (KTM from 2017) has AUX power connectors and I can chose between always on and after ignition. It has also a built-in but optional alarm system with a fuse which can be used for anything else. Maybe your bike has similar options.
  3. You write in your original post: "I hope to start a teaching job here soon" Maybe wait until you get that job and a work permit. That will make a lot of things here easier.
  4. if money is tight but you want a new bike why don't you buy one with monthly payments? If you have a proper job then it shouldn't be a problem to get this done.
  5. And that's your first priority? No more questions.
  6. Millions of tourists still visit Thailand without any problems. I don't believe it when people claim there was no reason at all.
  7. Are they still not dissolved? Maybe this week? At some stage all these people have to learn that working for the fugitive criminal is not in the interest of Thailand. Dissolve the party and ban them from politics for at least 10 years - and things will get better.
  8. May and other politician insist that there can't be a 2nd referendum because the people decided already to leave. But she wants to repeat the "meaningful vote" as often as necessary to get the result she wants. Pathetic! It's good that at least one grown up was in the room and stopped her from doing it again.
  9. What's the question? It's crazy to spend so much money for an old woman. Don't do it. Case closed.
  10. And somehow some people think they represent the poor. 555
  11. I get your point. But for me democracy is not in itself something holy which must be upheld no matter what. Personally I like if a country has a capable and just government. Do you think a democratically elected government which contains corrupt criminals is better than any other government only because they were democratically elected? Personally I don't think so. The majority of people are uneducated and best case average intelligence and most of them don't understand what is happening - even if they would try to understand it. If a political party would promise free handout and no taxes for everybody lots of people would vote for them. And then the people would be surprised that the state can't work without taxes. We need a good government and at least I don't care if the stupid masses voted for it or not.
  12. Yes, I almost forgot, Thaksin is also responsible for the murder of 2500 suspected drug dealers and users Maybe you should educate yourself a little about all the ongoing court cases against Thaksin. He did a lot more than sign a paper for his wife. But then again I don't expect that you will educate yourself. Staying ignorant makes it so much easier to support the fugitive criminal.
  13. Is that what is happening? Countries have interests, not friends. It's easy to understand that lots of countries don't want to get involved in Thai politics. If they would arrest Thaksin maybe the current government would be happy - but even that is not sure. But if Thaksin and his cronies come back to power he will for sure retaliate. Nobody wants to get involved in this mess.
  14. And how many friend did you have to crashed and didn't stand up again. I had a few - and I still remember how they died.
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