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  1. last I heard sitting in traffic jams is an acquired taste and on a motocyy, bad for your health... With a decent motorcycle there is not much traffic jam. And with decent I mean a bike which is small enough to maneuver between the cars.
  2. There is the internet and the internet. What baby boomers invented has in many ways not much to do anymore with what it is now. This is Tim Berners-Lee the inventor of the WWW. And yes, I know the WWW is only a part of the internet.
  3. Get a motorcycle and ride around with her. You still get out but she doesn't have to walk for hours. Win/win.
  4. Recently I thought about doing some work with wood and I bought a book (not English) with lots of details. Basically the first thing I learned is that solid wood can be real headache. Because it doesn't stay the way it is because of the temperature and moisture - like you know already. And it changes differently in different directions of the wood. The summary in that woodworker beginner's book was: Avoid solid wood. Maybe you will find someone who knows what he is doing and you will get your perfect door. But it seems you need an expert and probably that door will be expensive. But
  5. I think it depends a lot on what we search in YouTube. Then maybe after we found our favorite channel about [whatever you like] then YouTube will recommend similar videos. And maybe we will find another favorite channel or two. Most of the channels which I watch regularly are about things I searched for - not just "the algorithm".
  6. Just watch a few YouTube videos about Zoom. That's how I learned lots of details.
  7. That means you are never ever allowed to criticize anything in that channel. Otherwise you will be branded as anti-Semite.
  8. If they click on the video and then on YouTube they will see the Channel name, can click on it, and and and. That's the beauty of the internet. Just click on the next link.
  9. I think if people, of any age, think a little about what the do on the internet then it's not so bad. Is it possible to get accurate information: I think in many cases yes. Visit well known media like the BBC and others. And for technical and other info there are many good websites. One of my favorites is stackexchange.com with all their sub groups. People ask questions and others answer. And good answers are voted up. It works. Wikipedia is also pretty good. And then there are special forums i.e. for specific motorcycles, maybe audio equipment, and and and. Even YouTu
  10. Just my personal opinion: face recognition software was trained by humans who are good in face recognition. I guess if you want to compare pictures then probably it is best to contact one of those human experts. Maybe someone in the police or a university. If you tell them what you have in mind maybe they do it for free.
  11. Then better buy where the shops in the markets buy. And buy a full load for a pickup. Prices are all about seasons for different fruits.
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