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  1. I use glasses since forever. For the eye test I recommend an opticians who uses something like this machine first: and then for a final test uses these: In my experience that makes sure the lenses are perfect.
  2. The latest chart topper was easy: Record with a cassette player from the radio. Or maybe in your time you used a reel to reel machine?
  3. I gave up vinyl when I bought my first CD player long time ago. But I remember all the scratches which, it seems, were unavoidable after some time of use. Out of curiosity: How do you address this problem when you buy online? Do you buy only brand new records? I guess there are not many around. Or do you accept scratches? Or do you think you will return the records if hey have more scratches than you are willing to accept? I know there are many vinyl record shops in Fortune Town. No idea if they also sell online.
  4. It seems lots of people here looked at that link. Do you click on any link? Maybe next time think twice that maybe it's something bad. I didn't click, I don't know what's behind it. But just the link looks unprofessional for a company.
  5. 12 hours and no answer - amazing. This is a shop in Fortune which produces customized gaming PCs (and lots of normal PCs) http://jetcom.co.th/ I buy parts from them since years and never had a problem with them. But they are not a place which is only specialized in gaming PCs so I guess you better know what you are doing and paying for.
  6. I don't think the brakes are the problem. Look at accidents. Do they happen because good or bad brakes? How many accidents would not have happened if the bike would have had the perfect brakes? I think learning to ride, maybe including some advanced training, is a lot more important than slightly different brakes. And obviously we have to know our limitations and the risks we are willing to take.
  7. I think it's interesting how many people here want cheap and cheaper. Personally I want a quality frame, quality lenses and a good optician who knows what he is doing. I go to Opticland in Sukhumvit near the corner of Soi 29 https://www.facebook.com/Opticland29 Not cheap, but very good!
  8. But the question is obviously if he should use his number or maybe the number of the director of the school.
  9. Looking at the "design" of this website I am not so sure if the server is really the problem...
  10. Yes, I saw your "See the next post................" ...
  11. Office 365 which includes always the newest Office version cost in Thailand currently 290THB per months. It allows offline usage without internet and online usage. Here are the Thai prices https://products.office.com/th-th/compare-all-microsoft-office-products?tab=1 And here is the same in English https://products.office.com/en-SG/compare-all-microsoft-office-products?tab=1
  12. In that case press Ctrl-F5 which will refresh the page with new loaded data.
  13. Does the mother agree? Because as far as I know the mother could create a huge problem for you if she does not agree. You could be accused of kidnapping your daughter. It definitely won't hurt to have that letter to avoid any trouble (in more than one way).
  14. And I would have thought after 8 years he was sure nobody will every stop him.
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