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  1. You could google it... https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows8_1-update/windows-update-fails-with-error-0x800703f1/784f07aa-24ce-4f26-956b-2d3d500d1bf5 Another thing you should do is look at the event logs, especially the system event log. Likely you will find details about errors. This is an example:
  2. I was just out to play a little pool. Normally on Friday afternoon Sukhumvit street is gridlocked. But not today, little traffic. And the pool place was also almost empty. I don't expect that it's crowded at 6pm, but normally it's a lot busier than today. What is so special about today that it is so quiet?
  3. LINE has two main options to add contacts: By phone number By LINE ID, she has to set a unique name like "SmartGirl123" or whatever. If she allows others to find her by her phone number then anybody who knows her number will be able to contact her. If she allows only contact by LINE-ID then only people who know her LINE-ID will be able to contact her. That means only people who she gives her LINE-IT will be able to contact her. Obviously LINE-IT is good for privacy. But it might make it difficult for her friends to contact her if they don't have her LINE-ID.
  4. Some people here report about friends who are no friends anymore and it sounds like in hindsight they think they were never real friends because if they would have been real friends then they would still be friends. I think having friends and losing friends is just part of life. Most of us change and over time if we change and our friends change then it's likely that at least some of them change in different directions. I.e. maybe 10 years ago I had a friend who I saw regularly (mostly not for drinks). He worked and was mostly happy. Then he didn't work anymore and he was not a happy person anymore. He complained about everything. I saw him less and less. And finally I stopped seeing him because I knew if I would see him for an hour he would use at least 50min to complain. I don't need that. He didn't want to change and I never saw him again. I am sure if he would tell the story it would be different. But one way or another: We changed and not in the same direction and we were no friends anymore. That's life.
  5. It's really time that someone should remind him to take the meds again...
  6. I hope the authorities will check the tax records of all those people who will complain they want their money back.
  7. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi will keep that venue after Trump and Pence had to leave the White house. She is next in the presidential succession order... https://www.newsweek.com/presidential-line-succession-nancy-pelosi-1278768
  8. I think friendships takes time. And it can't be forced or accelerated. I have a couple of friends in Thailand and with all of them it took years to build the friendship. And I am pretty sure it would not have been possible to see them at the beginning more often and accelerate that process. It seems in Thailand, and maybe in other places as well, there are some people which initially seem alright but after a while it becomes obvious that they don't intend to be friendly. Some are crooks, some or just idiots.
  9. 1. Make sure you use a non glare monitor (internally or externally) 2. Make sure you use a digital connection cable (if your notebook allows it). Old analogue outputs (blue) have lower quality 3. Be careful with the distance from your eyes to the monitor. Personally I can use a monitor without glasses maybe up to 50cm away or I can look at a big screen with glasses maybe 1m or more away. But any distance in between is not good for me - with or without glasses. 4. If possible position your monitor in a way that you don't get the sunlight on the screen but also not the sunlight in your face.
  10. It should stay in the exception list. But there is an easy solution: Use KMS-Digital-Online_Activation_Suite Problem solved!
  11. I have to admit that I have my visor 90% of the time (at least a little) open because I like the air flow. I can't imagine that a air-conditioned closed helmet would be more comfortable.
  12. It seems you know what you are talking about and I won't argue with that. But I am pretty sure if anybody submits fake or incorrect document an officer makes decisions based on those documents, then that can be a problem. If the officer knows that the applicant has i.e. "only" 500k in the bank and the officer decides that is good enough that is up to the officer. But if the officer was misled to think the applicant has 800k but this is not the truth now that's a different story.
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