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  1. Maybe train your favorite bar-girl. You can even buy her a skirt according to your taste.
  2. Sure it's up to Thai to vote. But those Thai should not be surprised to have corrupt politicians when they vote for corrupt politicians.
  3. Really? How long are you already in Thailand to have acquired this knowledge? Or did you ask your tilac to tell you your opinion?
  4. You seriously suggesting "clean politicians and politics" exist here......... I wrote: Thailand needs new and clean politicians and politics.
  5. Is there a clear connection where cancer comes from? I.e. if someone has lung cancer, are the cigarettes, which a smoker smoked a decade ago, before he stopped smoking, responsible? As far as I know there is no clear connection.
  6. When will Pheu Thai clean up their own house and get rid of the corrupt Shinawatras? Thailand needs new and clean politicians and politics. Not more of the same old failures.
  7. It seems lots of Thais can handle lots of food which lots of westerners can't. Maybe their immune system is, in general, better than ours. Most Thais are used to that kind of food from childhood onwards.
  8. Good question ... I hold a passport from one of the Scandinavian countries - working in Beijing for almost a year. Never left Beijing since December last year. What do you suggest? Make individual decisions about each traveler? There will always be some "exceptions" which don't fit into the regulations. And if these are only a few then it does not really matter.
  9. And what should Boris do without him? Think for himself and work all day long?
  10. I am not a Brit but I follow UK news. I am also not a fan of Boris or Cummings but when I first read about this I though: Ok, Cummings did something he should not have done. So if that was illegal then he should pay a fine, probably like many others. But I thought he should not lose his job because of that mistake. Not that I like his politics but it seems Boris thinks he does a good job. And then was Boris press conference telling everybody that Cummings didn't do anything wrong. Strange... What I don't understand is why Boris didn't say something like: Cummings made a mistake. He shouldn't have done it. But he is a trusted advisor and I won't fire him because of one mistake. I think many people would have accepted something like that. But no, that is not what Boris said. This is a wonderful article about the man in charge. "Look on the bright side: at least we’ve had it confirmed who is actually running the country these days. And it isn’t the prime minister." https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2020/may/24/no-dignity-no-future-boris-forsakes-leadership-to-protect-cummings
  11. Electronics, Arduino, ESP32, etc. Recently playing Anno 1800 on my PC. Some time ago I build two racing drones - and since then I didn't do much with them. Programming. I do that also as a job but I also do it from time to time just for fun.
  12. ??? Let's imagine for a minute this would have happend in another so called civilized country. Does the police sort out these kind of disputes? As far as I know not. They record the complaints. They report i.e. there was an accident with x and y involved. As far as I know it's not the job of the police to sort out or even try to help negotiate who pays what. I understand that the OP does not want to pay. I also understand that the guy who rented out that bike wants a compensation. They can and should negotiate. And maybe the police can advice about the law. And the police may fine a person who causes and accident. But the police does not decide who pays, how much and when.
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