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  1. And worst case are ex-bar-girls who bring their kids to the bars where they used to work and show them to everyone. Isn't he such a cute boy? NO! And obviously the staff, who think they own the place, forget all the paying customers and play with the kids. How lovely. Uag
  2. I had the same thought. He is still a 9 year old boy - even if he is super smart. Does he play with other children in the same age group? Does he grow up and develop social skills together with other kids? It's hard to imagine that he will grow up without some major mental issues... All the best!
  3. Apple have definitely some good products. But it seems they also like to rip off people to pay enormous amounts for small repairs. Is that fair? No! Apple could have good products and good server at reasonable prices and they could support 3rd party companies for repairs. I am sure they would get a very positive response for that. But they chose not to do that...
  4. Maybe so that he looks harmless to all those altar boys...
  5. Maybe Thanathorn should clearly distance himself from the criminal fugitives. Thailand had already one infamous multi millionaire who claimed he does not need more money. And then he made all those "honest mistakes". Does Thailand need more of the same? No!
  6. Verify this story and publish his bank account number. I am sure lots of people will donate some money - I include myself.
  7. Because knife crimes never happened anywhere in the world before they happend in the UK, correct? How old are you? Is this your first little (online) trip to the rest of the world?
  8. In the last days Microsoft released updates for Microsoft Access which will crash lots of Access applications. On many PCs these updates will be automatically installed. Microsoft will fix the problem - middle of December! If you want to make sure you don't have that problem and know how to fix it have a look at this article: https://www.devhut.net/2019/11/14/access-bug-error-3340-query-is-corrupt/ If you work in a company I suggest you inform your IT department and don't do that yourself.
  9. I hope the next president won't do that with the current president...
  10. If he does that to his close friend what would he do to an enemy?
  11. The US voters could start by thinking if that is the president they want? Obviously lots of people don't want him. But there are still 50 million or more Americans who want to be represented by Trump. Unbelievable - but true. How should people all over the world respect a country where people vote to be represented by Trump? These Americans obviously get what they deserve. Sorry for the rest of you. It must be really hard.
  12. Any professional who would do that job would obviously ask themselves: What could go wrong? For what will I be made responsible if it does not work 100%? And why should I do it at all if I don't make good money on that job? I work with PCs for a living and if I had a possible customer who wants me to change the fluid in his liquid cooled PC I would also think about what kind of customer has that kind of PC and what do they expect from changing that fluid? It's like someone has this formula one car and he needs a one time technical job done to make it faster. Would you want to do it? ...
  13. Another one, just another day in America, the land of the free.
  14. I had my last CPU running stable with 4.5GHz with a decent air cooler. On tests I got it up to 4.8GHz but that didn't work with all applications so I set it back to 4.5GHz. Now I have a new PC with another K rated CPU (ready for overclocking) but I didn't bother to optimize it until now. Maybe it's time for the next generation game and some challenge.
  15. Don't forget to add enough of that green color to make the computer faster.
  16. Don't forget this one for the daily laugh https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump
  17. Which sky high service cost? I think I paid for my 1000km inspection less than 2000B with new oil, valve check, etc. I asked them for their hourly rates. I think the highest rate was something about 700B for the 1290 bike. And I think the hourly rate for the 390 was less than 400B/h. Is that expensive? I don't think so. Obviously it's more than for a scooter but that should surprise nobody. Get a service for big sports bike to get an idea of the meaning of expensive.
  18. I didn't force him to make that stupid picture of himself. He could have made a picture from a different angle standing on firm ground. But that's not what he did. Did he deserve to die? Who deserves to die. But Darwin explained to us, at least to the people who listend, that the fittest will survive. Which makes a lot of sense for evolution. The guy with the selfie obviously didn't understand that concept.
  19. Such a stupid comment. Why? I know RIP and all that. But obviously he was not fit enough to understand that if you take a risk you better be careful. Otherwise you are not part of the survival of the fittest group. And all because of a stupid selfie.
  20. Long time ago when I was young I had a brand new red Porsche Cabrio for a weekend. I enjoyed the car and it was interesting to see how some people reacted. But I have to admit I didn't have any gold diggers chasing me. And after that weekend life returned back to a normal car and all was alright. I guess that was about the moment when I decided it's nice to drive a Porsche but I wouldn't want to work extra time to be able to really afford one.
  21. Life is good, most of the time. And it was good, most of the time. I was never rich but most of the time I had a decent apartment, good food, and since I am in Thailand there is also no shortage of girls. Could it have been better? Sure. But how much happier does a bigger car or a bigger house make you? Sure, it's nice to have that 500PS Porsche. But does it bring happiness or does it feed the desire for that Ferrari or McLaren? And I think it's always a good idea to keep the eyes open how the rest of the population and the rest of the world is doing. Hunger and wars are still all over the world. And even in so called developed countries, "home" for many of us, lots of people live in poverty. And last but not least it's up to us if we see the glass half full or half empty. For anybody who need a little motivation for a happier life I suggest this wonderful book.
  22. Exactly which data does Microsoft collect through Windows and how do they use this data? I didn't see any advertisement in Windows which is especially made foe me depending on my data. I think compared to i.e. Google, Facebook and many other social media MS is harmless.
  23. Are there any places with decent pool tables in Phnom Penh? And how about places with pretty girls? I have to go there for a couple of days. I will stay in the area of Street 136. Thanks for any advise.
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