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  1. sounds a bit flaky to me cg1blue, people have more pounds in their pockets than what is generally considered financially sound - hence pounds are overvalued? supply/demand ain't no bad indicator of value - in my view
  2. just a comment in general lots of countries and people are sick of the flood of Directives addressing this and that, what have you, banana curvature - cucumber curvature etc etc funny; Norwegian police and Vehicle authorities and Road authorities are crying out loud for more EU directives addressing heavy transport vehicles This winter is worse than average, extremely difficult driving conditions in Norway and Sweden, I suspect also in Finland and Russia. People perish. Most problems stem from central and eastern European vehicles, vehicles are not suited for reality. Drivers have no knowledge about driving on snow and ice. So far this year Norwegian authorities have checked 10 000 vehicles, 5000 are denied entry to Norway. Some drivers expelled. Pretty wild. Harsh, but police do not fancy people perishing on the roads. This is maybe the only case I know of where people are dying for more directives. (if anyone is interested I can explain what the essence of the problem is)
  3. what does overvalued mean? currency guys sell/buy currency according to their fancies same with banks dealing with foreign currency price of quid? demand-supply what is overvalued?
  4. read on some Norwegian msm that the Saudi crown prince is interested in buying up Manchester United offering smth between 3.5 and 4 billion pounds
  5. agree with OP - don't smoke - very bad (for most people) this rather important thread is disappointingly inactive, anyway Below, my tale of quitting smoking: Smoke.docx
  6. might well be there in less than 1000 hours, but in what form? think the form is still pretty much up in the air
  7. yes, guess he was more than lucky, Norway ain't no cheap country
  8. friend of mine just bought a 1967 T Bonneville, mint condition - can't wait for my next trip back to Norway and testing it out he paid 40 000 NOK for it, about 140 000 baht - ok price
  9. past half year or so I have paid a number of visits to Siriraj in BKK. A very large government hospital, also a Uni hospital I think. prices OK I think Am fairly pleased with the physicians. I reckon they are pretty good. (not at all happy with customer service staff and nursing staff, pretty useless, rude, unhelpful)
  10. dunno Grouse, this is somewhat difficult terrain to navigate in, although many on TVF seem to think there are very simple solutions to complex problems, (the problems are not complex at all, but parties disagree way too much) reality shows it ain't that easy. it was said above that leaving with no deal has no credibility, maybe so, maybe no-deal is no threat any longer, can agree with that the real threat, which would really take the piss out of EU is if UK decided to remain, and then trigger a new A50 and EU would enjoy couple of more years with so called negotiators from UK and not least circus Farage in EP. That would really piss EU off, big time. The importance of avoiding no-deal has diminished over time.
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