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  1. how does antisemitism within Labour become visible, how is it expressed?
  2. so? shifting from MP to the upper house is considered a promotion? I would tend to call such a sideways shift in order to get trouble makers/failures out of the way
  3. re cheap drugs: My experience, Bangkok, the cheapest place I have found re drugs, by far: Next to Siriraj hospital, that is where they treat the royal family, it is huge and it is good. Situated on the western bank of Chao Praya. A wee bit south of Bangkok Noi canal. A wee bit south of the Bangkok - Kanchanaburi railway. To the east of the Arun Amarin road. From Arun Amarin road along the southern perimeter of Siriraj hospital and down to the Chao Praya river runs a soi which is packed with pharmacies - medical supply shops - street food stalls. The pharmacies have huge stocks and they are very low cost.
  4. It was said in a post above that in Thailand so called prescriptions serves no other purpose than being a shopping list. Medicine shops sell whatever they have if you can spell it out. That may be so. But, if we are talking drugs with narcotic components, like very heavy duty pain killers for example, then I thought a proper prescription was needed? (yes, pharmacies have such drugs, I have asked about this - and they say yes)
  5. I really dislike buying medicine at hospitals, (private or government). Why? One issue is the price, but more importantly; in a hospital I get a plastic bag with some pills/tablets inside no information about what the medicine is for no information about how the medicine works no information about the chemical composition of the medicine no information about known and possible side effects when I buy drugs in a pharmacy I get it in proper packaging with a rather large information leaflet covering the issues I listed above my preference is to know what I am eating and why .... when I say this to physicians in hospitals they understand and agree with what I say and give me a piece of paper with drug name and dosage
  6. French piss? Hmm, they do some pretty decent burgundy in France. Yes, Villa Market sports some wines from Chile. BigC has some fairly cheap red and white Chilean wines, 399 baht range. Discussing taste is somewhat tricky. Taste and matters re taste are a bit similar to a bum, split in the middle. Portugal? (whites, greens, fortifieds- yes / reds -a bit so so) Have been several times to Punta Arenas (not a big city) in the very south of Chile (Patagonia), the seafood - just incredible. The first time, I almost collapsed when I looked through the wine menu in my hotel. I was wondering hard how I could possibly do some significant sampling of various wines during 2-3 days. Trading with Chile isn't a bad idea. Chile is more straight forward and less focused on ass licking than many other countries in South America.
  7. dunno what May is up, hoping for miracles as she fiddles red lines and Backstop texts or just spending time hoping for a situation next month when she can press parliament to accept her shot down deal having said that, in multilateral talks it is not uncommon that it loosens during the 11th hour when things look triple dark to expect win win would be too much, but maybe ok ok
  8. I thought May had already gone public with her plan to not lead Tory at the next planned GE.
  9. according to what I have read in MSM May will pop over to Brussels this week with new proposals. (UK Brexit minister was in Brussels yesterday discussing with Barnier.)
  10. If you refer to the Bonneville, haven't the foggiest, sorry.
  11. enjoy Portugal is an excellent place to while away, in addition to wine, they also have a formidable fish culture
  12. Re Bonneville, just exchanged a few emails with my friend. He says, maybe 68, but the owner said 67. He will check the registration leaflet when he gets back home. However, he said the bike is an import from the US. Might be the cause of slight differences from European models. (front wheel brake and also details on the tank)
  13. Chile has got absolutely excellent wine and excellent fish.
  14. nope, nothing stops UK from establishing trade deals outside of the OMC environment OMC is an offer, not a strait jacket. No, they will not be snap of the finger but brexiteers think they will be. They believe the world is dying to trade with UK.
  15. easy? snap of the finger rest of the world just can't wait for the UK to leave EU so they can establish large scale trade deals WTO trade must wait though, silly UK doesn't have her WTO stuff ready and agreed so far come end of March satang will be draining on the foggy islands
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