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  1. hmm, right, the rest was OK at any rate as we say in Yorkshire, about UK moves ahead in concerted action now, leaving EU or not leaving EU - time to move ahead
  2. agree, why the heck should EU offer UK any further special deals? UK already enjoys a handfull of specialties for pommies, suffice those does. There is no point in developing the European project in direction of the "EU and UK association", UK should take what she has agreed to or <deleted> off, although - seems the peeing cannot bring her ut - maybe her pecker is pointing in the wrong direction am thoroughly disappointed with UK and also somewhat frightened/scared maybe the moorings should be cut and you can freely drift off into the North Atrlantic and sink when it suits you - but keep a watch so you don't bump into the Irish lands and hurt 'em on the way yes! let Britain be great again and surely all the ice melting going on will bring around some riplles you can rule.
  3. he doesn't have to disturb 'em by calling he can just paste it on some twitter or facebook <deleted> that befits the UK PM
  4. who to blame? ain't hard to point a finger ---> the UK plebs, just cannot stop voting for Tory and Labour enjoy the mess
  5. no, it is not 555 if the PM determines to shait on the national assembly, that is pretty serious brats like BJ shouldna run states
  6. don't think so, guess both Tory and Labour will receive quite fat support there is a saying that humans do not learn from the mistakes of others, they need to do the mistakes themselves before they learn, brits are different, any number of gross mistakes do not hamper their ways, Tory and Labour will enjoy an interesting future well backed by the plebs
  7. that may be so, but they appear to have ample supplies of stamina, they are not tiring of playing the games
  8. UK is getting pretty close to banana republics now about time you start overhauling your election system and political governing system, both are pretty dysfunctional me thinks
  9. no, Cameron did not say it was binding, he said that the gov. would implement whatever the plebs decided, there is a difference there did a runner? lots of pommies think so - hard for me to understand in my view the pommies should be very gratefull that Cameron <deleted> off very swiftly, well done no point in having him around after that loss, clout gone
  10. I do not agree with that In general I think referundums/da would be a good idea on the foggy islands, you have an archaic electoral system which almost guarantees that the composition of the national assembly will not reflect the will of the voters a referendum should get the wishes of the plebs to surface a GE also clarifies the wishes of the plebs, but the resulting parliament does not match the wishes, very BIG SHAME on foggy islands
  11. hmm BJ as lawmaker rather than lawbreaker . . . will increased support result, HA!
  12. or boils down to the way voters waste votes by voting for nitwits
  13. right, it is important to remember that whenever this referendum/membershp issue is sorted r rectifying "inner workings" and the electoral system requires a lot of effort
  14. yes, the impossible ain't easy to serve on a plate is a totally arcaic governing system from the middle ages part of the problem? this Brexit process has uncovered a bunch of shortcomings in your governing system . . . .' hard work ahead if you want foggy islands to surface in a modern world
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