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  1. heard an interesting discussion on the wireless earlier this week, political analysts discussing the separation of Scotland from UK; they seemed to agree that the surfacing of the Corona virus had significantly increased the interest for separation in Scotland
  2. did read the piece from BJ looks to me as if the new system will make life easier for consumers in the UK end if and when this sinks in with the phletora of mom/pop businesses in SEA questions will surface who will answer? are embassies to eg LoS staffed to handle that?
  3. with all this interest pommies have in the colour on their passport covers one may wonder why the UK changed to reddish
  4. if this Free from the corrupt failed mafia EU is your best desciption of EU, properly reflected within your intellectual horizon, I struggle to see coming brightness for UK if there are many like you around not solicited, but still, can't resist offering a quote of one of Kumbel's Gruks: My intellectual horizon is like a circle with radius zero that I call my point of view enjoy today's roast
  5. splitting Europe into several time zones will not adequately address the problem that the twice yearly shifting of time is supposed to address
  6. when in a situation with potentially ill effects on one's breathing the order isn't that weird; consumption of alcohol has a direct effect on the heart muscles, hampers the pumping of blood resulting in that cleaning out of CO2 and uptake of O2 will be reduced
  7. do I spot a possible opportunity for an entertaining wager here? BJ and Macron entering into their personal U-turn contest mebbee bring out the Stig!
  8. doubt your dream will substantiate in the near future, ditch him in return for what/who? could prove somewhat tricky to find capable replacement that are willing now not a good deal to take over as PM now
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