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  1. Ireland is part of the CTA...Common Travel Area so Irish passport holders come under and have the same "authorisation".... "rights" as the uk Nations (Scotland,England,Northern Ireland and Wales).as well as the ..Isle of Man and the Balliwicks. plus a few others.. However if Flying in from Thailand and Not via a red stop/transit...then you still have to self Isolate either at home or in a packaged hotel..however...it varies between the "home "Nations"...check them out...changes almost on a daily basis..
  2. Both BA and IATA...are on the case...https://www.iata.org/en/programs/passenger/travel-pass/....All British Airways passengers arriving in the UK can use the VeriFLY app from Monday.....https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.daon.glide.person.android&hl=en&gl=US
  3. Just giving them a try...Usually Khun wife when returning from travels...brings back loads of different types from the hotels we visit in UK/EU...complimentary at the breakfast..tables.help yourself...she takes that literally..PG tips...Tetley...Yorkshire ..Fairtrade...Typhoo..Twinings..Scottish blend...flavours .Oolong..Assam,Earl Grey, Dargeeling ..dont go for the "erbals"..or greens...just the everyday...normals..Sometimes add milk others best with lemon or limes...No sugar ever..Get the kettle on....thirsty work...
  4. Coffee in 7/11 is disg.....g... how ever after a night in Town dont mind the odd cheese and ham..toastie... On a similar vein..Local MKro CM appears to have run out of T-Bags so just had a box of "yellow.".delivered via Lazada [email protected] Bt...we live 40 miles outside..Now just need to pick a lemon.../ lime..
  5. SputniK V ...is the way ahead...fly me to the Moon and way above the stars...take me on a trip....to...etc..hic
  6. IN the CM immigration last year wife was talking to Immi Officer...very friendly.. when she asked her...I was there...whats your husbands pension.?...She replied your joking ..hes Scottish..no idea....and the whole place started laughing.. Needless to say we got the Marriage Extension...
  7. Suppose its all relative..time and space...Khun wife told me she could at one time as a kid get a breakfast for 50 Satang in Bangkok...probably a bowl of Bamee...but why not.. My best Ex change was in the glory days of 97 sitting in the Honey Hotel Soi 19 ...and getting yes ..97 Bt to the Pound..and one old boy with us ...changed 5 K for half a Million..told this story before..so apol...if you heard it .Dropped quickly afterwards but fortunately bought our...her land in CM at 72 ...so now at this wonderful 42 and a half still looks sad ..but as they say ...better than nothing..init..yes
  8. Just had an email from my Local Health Authority in North London inviting me for my second ...dose../Jab...of the Vax...next week.. Really appreciate their enthusiasm however since I havnt had the first one yet and am still in CM...since last May...will have to sadly decline..Wife was speaking to her Thai friends over there (in the smoke)and they have all been done...good old NHS...mai pen etc..eh
  9. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-test-to-release-for-international-travel You arrive in England on Monday. Tuesday will be your first full day of quarantine. You can take a test no earlier than the 5th day after arrival in England - Saturday. You must continue to quarantine while you await your test result. also.fio....https://www.citystayuk.com/quarantine-apartments/
  10. The "get out of jail card" is available in self Isolating Hotels. Many in London are offering 5 and 10 day packages...including airport pickup..meals and booze...check the internet..including a free 6th night while you wait for your [email protected] 650 quid..
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