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  1. His career involves making B grade movies now and has been for a long time.
  2. A question Google could have answered so easily.
  3. First episode of the Brit series War of the Worlds didn't cut it for me, too slow, male lead a bit of a milksop, I won't be watching episode 2.
  4. I have watched the odd Marvel movie in the hope that there might be a decent plot, alas after watching the latest Spiderman my fears are confirmed. Garbage! The screen is so full of CGI effects that it will give you a headache.
  5. Is that how you justify your cruel and inhumane method of disposing of jingjoks?
  6. My point is that they pick and choose on who to enforce their regulations, which is totally wrong, and you still have to do a side visit to the bank to get the passbook updated, and only a teller can do mine, sometimes requiring a lengthy wait. Not the end of the world, but the same rule should apply to all.
  7. One of the cruellest ways to dispose of anything. You have to be a real sadist to use those.
  8. The problem is even Jomtien isn't consistent, some get the letter to show the bank update after 3 months, some don't. It also seems that those who use an agent to obtain their extension are exempt, for obvious reasons.
  9. Wrong. The 90 day report has nothing to do with the extension of stay. I made the mistake of thinking this when I did my first extension ten years ago, and was fined accordingly for a late report.
  10. You want to show me where I said that? Besides, what does how much money I have in the bank have to do with Immigrations requirement? I'm not sure you even know what this thread is about.
  11. It still requires a visit to the bank to update the 800K book.
  12. Yes, an unchecked requirement would be a waste of time, but then, Immigration is famous for this.
  13. What's the point if Jomtien is the only office in the country doing it? If that is really the case as HHTel stated.
  14. This is a new model, hopefully there will be an improvement. Although after reading some local reviews it seem the new Captiva falls short in a few different ways.
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