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  1. Be a start if the temple desexed all the unwanted cats and dogs.
  2. Know what I really hate? When someone responds to a lengthy comment and duplicates that same comment unnecessarily.
  3. Already over 5 years old and never one problem, only replaced the battery.
  4. Any day of the week you can probably find the same levels of evil in just about any western country. Just have a look at the USA's record of serial killers, and Europe and the UK don't fare any better.
  5. The alcohol ban has been lifted, at least here in Pattaya.
  6. giddyup

    Huai Yai

    Trying to get anywhere in Pattaya at rush hour is bad.
  7. giddyup

    Huai Yai

    Yes, roadworks long finished, it's an easy run now. Never done it at peak hour mind. The bars are still closed at present.
  8. Not sure if this could be called Munchausen. It seems this woman was deliberately poisoning the children so she could appeal to the public for donations. Looks like an out and out scam at the expense of the poor little kids. She's an evil monster.
  9. giddyup

    Huai Yai

    Ten years ago I nearly bought a house at Huai Yai, so glad I didn't, there's not much in the way of shopping, restaurants and bars in that area. Instead I bought on the Dark Side, not far from the Elephant Village, plenty of restaurants and bars, also a couple of decent supermarkets like Tops at Khao Noi and Fresh on SCC road. I agree Mapbrachan is too far, but I'm only 15 minutes drive from Makro. Huai Yai felt a bit too isolated for me.
  10. It's not difficult when people will stick to their guns even when proven wrong. Not sure what I'd classify your comment as, flaming perhaps.
  11. A Isuzu SUV? Because I'm talking about the Captiva, not some stripped down pickup.
  12. And no one (perhaps except the son) knows how long he has been here.
  13. OK sorry, so why did you mention the grandfather clause?
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