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  1. Well, he certainly wasn't pushy as far as installing a safety breaker, so I'm not sure what his reasoning was behind that. I'll ask him tomorrow.
  2. Will do. Probably won't appreciate me telling him his job though.
  3. I have the German electrician coming around tomorrow. I already buy the Schneider for 2800 so if he charges me 1000 baht to install so be it. Done and dusted.
  4. That's 300 baht a day, not per 5 minutes. He lives very close to me so travel isn't an issue, but the job does require an expert so I guess I need to pay for that.
  5. Pretty sure the PEA is some distance from where I live so not sure that's going to be practical, but I'll ask around.
  6. How can I do this with a phone call to the PEA? Will they connect me to an electrician who I can ask?
  7. Not sure if the PEA actually supplies people to do private jobs.
  8. Yes, main breaker replaced with the Schneider. 1000 baht seems pretty high to me as well.
  9. The electrician quoted me 1000 baht to replace the existing circuit breakers with a Schneider, that doesn't include the cost of the breaker, I will buy that myself. Does 1000 baht seem a bit high for what appears to be a pretty straightforward job, ie turn off mains power, pull out old breakers and replace with the Schneider breakers.
  10. Have decided to go with the Schneider circuit breaker. The electrician said that if I buy the unit he will charge me 1000 baht to install, does this seem fair? I know he has to turn off the power at the meter, but after that it's pretty much pull out the old breakers and replace with the Schneider, 1000 baht seems a bit excessive to me.
  11. What is this "hours or days in immigration lines"? I spend a max of 2 hours once a year to get my extension. That includes a visit to the bank to get my letter, plus no more than an hour, sometimes 30 minutes in immigration to present the paperwork. Obviously your time is so valuable you are prepared to pay thousands of baht to save yourself this gross inconvenience.
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