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  1. Who are we to tell them how to run their country, isn't that what you said about falangs interfering in Thailand?
  2. My point is, she's hurting nobody, and if she feels she may bring about some change, good for her. Many changes have been brought about by one persons actions, but it is easier to just stick your head in the sand and do nothing. You have your opinion, I have mine. End of.
  3. We don't throw our sh*t in the street for a start, and I don't think she's lecturing one little bit, merely encouraging.
  4. You're definitely a glass half empty kind of person. You know they used to empty their chamber pots into the street in London a couple of hundred years ago and public hangings were common. Governments can change and sometimes people need change forced upon them.
  5. I'm not surprised. My point is people can change and change can be brought about in various ways. Singapore used to be an absolute sh*thole, not any longer. Wonder how that happened?
  6. Do you think the world has remained the same for 10,000 years?
  7. Stupid statement. Somebody who is making an effort and leading by example is deluded? So why don't we all sit on our ars*s and let the place go to hell. Just move on when this dump is full.
  8. She doesn't come across a being bitter to me, quite the opposite.
  9. Explain how it's insulting? Asking people to help clear up their own mess is insulting?
  10. She's leading by example and encouraging the Thais to help, she's not preaching in the slightest. If things don't change Thailand will just be one huge garbage dump in 10 years, but I guess some people don't mind living like that.
  11. This "ugly rustbucket" just sold for $1.15 million.
  12. If a woman shows the merest hint of cleavage, it's pixellated.
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