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  1. Are you serious? You need to get better informed .
  2. I have Firefox installed on my PC plus a couple of tablets, but when I try and install it from Google Play it shows the icon already installed, and if I try and do it via Google Search it just refers me back to the Playstore. I had the same problem with a Sony Android Smart TV, Firefox is not even available through the Playstore.
  3. Cage like Willis will take any role that pays the bills these days, no matter how crappy the movie. I know Cage is down to 25 million, so he's suffering, but Willis is worth 250 million, so hardly struggling.
  4. For those who like their humour a little off-beat, Season 6, Episode 1 of Inside No.9 is available on 1337X, probably other places as well.
  5. I only watched a little of episode 1 before I realised I'd seen it, but is episode 2 a totally different story?
  6. Hasn't this been out for some while? I downloaded the first two episodes yesterday and realised that I'd already seen it.
  7. I just bought my first smart phone, is using fingerprint or facial recognition just an option or mandatory? I'd prefer not to have either, just a swipe to open.
  8. Right, mine just has an on/off switch, and it's really not in the most convenient place if you wanted to turn it off quickly. Some of the electrical tools I see on Lazada look positively dangerous.
  9. You don't, but it has a bearing on whether you fill out a form or not.
  10. In Jomtien they only remove the report date which is stapled in your passport, and add a new one dated for the next report. No mention of where you reside.
  11. I was talking about doing a report in person. You never mentioned making a postal report.
  12. Whenever I got this message before it involved just sliding a bar across to be able to carry on. Now I get a Q Code, and I can't use it because I don't have a smart phone, which means I can't search on Lazada. Any solutions?
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