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  1. I've just finished watching BB again, and the problem is it sets the bar so high than everything else just seems ho hum. Give me enough time and I'll be able to tolerate the mediocre again.
  2. It seems they are determined to turn their host country into the same sh*thole they came from.
  3. Pity there isn't a dark rum like Captain Morgan.
  4. When I said "forum" I meant Thai Visa, but I think it was probably in Farang Pub.
  5. Malaysia has often been promoted as a better place to retire than Thailand on this forum. Were all promoters Brits, don't know.
  6. Nope, couldn't get into GOP, or better Call Saul, Westworld first season was OK, gave it a miss after that.
  7. Watched all the seasons of Breaking Bad again, followed by El Camino, a Breaking Bad movie, now I find I just can't get into any new series because nothing else compares. Looked for high rating series on IMDB and downloaded things like Sons of Anarchy, Weeds, GOT and Homicide-Life on the Streets, tried them all, but not a patch on BB. The series that I enjoy like Ray Donovan, Billions, Get Shorty, Dexter etc aren't producing any new episodes, which makes it a wasteland for me now.
  8. Be interested to know how you cope with dentures initially. Some people adapt quickly and others have problems. Why does it take 2 months to get dentures made?
  9. My Thai partner is 56, never had a filling and has perfect teeth, doubt if she grew up with fluoride in the water. I think it's more to do with the sugary drinks, biscuits and cakes etc that the west gives their children.
  10. Then you must have grown up in the US, it certainly wasn't common practice in rural Australia, and the Brits didn't exactly have a reputation for tooth care, and I never saw floss in the 60's, so it may have been available, but commonly used, I doubt it. If the parents didn't practice tooth care they are hardly going to teach their kids to look after their teeth.
  11. I was suggesting he was prolific in the porn industry because it both paid well and he was in demand for a period of time.
  12. I'm a bit hard of hearing myself and will always look for movies or TV shows that have subs, but if they don't, there's always Subscene to find and attach the subs. Rarely they don't have the subs I want.
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