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  1. Already said either the Jazz, Yaris or Swift are better looking IMO.
  2. Our LG 11kg washing machine has stopped working after 8 years of use. LG technician quoted around 5000 baht to fix it, this is without actually coming out to look, only going by the symptoms the missus described to him. The machine cost around 10,000 baht new so I don't know if it's worth spending 50% of the new price to fix the old one.
  3. Ever hear of non-alcoholic ginger beer? Still called Beer. Pretty sure it doesn't contain hops either.
  4. Yeah, you can get struck by lightning, but what's more likely, that or being killed on a motorbike in Thailand?
  5. No way you'd ever get me on a motorbike here, living on borrowed time.
  6. Not sure that's a good reason to make it ugly. IMO the Jazz, Yaris, and Swift are all nicer looking.
  7. I thought it was a bit average to be honest. Kudos to the 89 year old Eastwood for directing and acting though.
  8. i was already receiving the aged pension before I moved to Thailand at age 66 and was told by a Centrelink staffer that my pension would stop immediately I left Australia and that it wasn't transportable. I told her she didn't know what she was talking about and that she better familiarise herself with the rules before giving out false info. She did a quick search on her computer then apologised for misinforming me, but the kicker was she stopped it when I left Australia anyway out of spite and I had to ring Centrelink international to get it reinstated.
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